SOULCALIBUR 6: WishList Thread


[10] Knight
This might not be realized until a second season pass. But I would like to have Patroklos/alpha, Xiba and any other styles from existing games. But instead of bringing the character they use existing NPCs borrowing their styles. This could be a CaS bundle instead of a character.

Also: this could alter chapters such as CoS2 Kilik vs Disciple(Xiba). Or open "side/secret" chapters such as aforementioned, Kilik vs Xianglian(Lexia)


[01] Neophyte
Display of Frames in the Dojo mode.
Somehow improve the netcode.
Make there a set limit to the number of Nightmares/Sophitias that can be played ever to zero.
Steam Workshop mods that allow you to edit out all the weeb nonsense.
Change the damage scaling so that combos do around the same amount of damage but don't require the same length (why do these games need to become more and more like Tekken?).

Oh, and remove guard break.

Never gonna happen.
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[09] Warrior
I want RE to cost meter not grant meter. It's too abusable otherwise. And ridiculous too.
Also guard impact to not hit throws, like wtf.

Also what's with that mid screen unbreakable throw from Ivy, it's ridiculous, it even rings me out sometimes, not to mention her insanely abusable CE (safe, because of the pushback AND with some auto GI window)

Did I mention the fact that nightmare basically has unlimited soul charge? Like, what, he can just randomly explode and charge up all the time, what?? So insanely abusable... It makes Voldo's infinite look weak since you have to be BT to make it (which doesn't happen after block since he gets put back facing forward after hits)

I generally don't like the soul charge insanity that makes the last round so random, but at least it's (sort of) balanced-ish except for Nightmare and Astaroth. Actually just fully getting rid of SC/RE/CE would be great, the game doesn't need that... But not gonna happen haha.


[03] Disciple
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this game, it's the most fun I've had with a fighter since Rival Schools and it's infinitely better than SFV in every way imho. Having said that, here are some requests for things I think could be kinda neat:

Guest characters:

1. Haohmaru or Genjuro or Ukyo from Samurai Shodown (and the timing's right because SNK needs publicity for their new SS game)

2. Basically anyone from Onimusha but probably Samanosuke the most (and Capcom's releasing an Onimusha remake soon so this one also has good timing)

3. Scorpion or somebody else from MK; we need some big names to get more people playing SCVI and honestly Scorpion's style and overall persona would fit in nicely in the game


1. Honestly, a more colorful background for the character select screen and possibly a revamped GUI down the line. I leave the game running at my office so people can play it but they usually choose DBFZ over it simply because it catches the eye more even when they don't know anything about DBZ

2. Country flags for players and a way to send in-game friend requests after a match is over right from the rematch menu... mostly because it's very hard to find anyone geographically near me

3. More customization items


Just keep up the good work, this game is a work of art


[03] Disciple
1. More customization for lizardmen+ability to fully recolor body and apply patterns to it.
They are the only race that has crazy restrictions on armors they can use and don't have not fully recolorable skin.
2. Option to change characters default expression, just like in "Take Picture" mode, but usable everywhere.
3. Option to make 3 custom costume parts unremovable due to lethal hits.
4. Frama+range data in training mode.
That's all!
Game is perfect otherwise in my opinion.
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Rusted Blade

[13] Hero
Team Battle, including for online player matches. I cannot for the life of me understand why this ever went away and why it has never been resurrected. Mind you, as a longtime fan of the franchise, there's no fewer than a hundred features I'd like to see returned or adopted for this entry, but this one would take an utterly insignificant amount of work and resources to implement. This mode was always great for casual play in many, many respects and now that there is a not insubstantial portion of the consumer base obsessed with CaS who could showsacse their selection of creations through this mode while enjoying a classic Soul Calibur formula, I just don't know what could be holding this up. This victory will strengthen the soul of....people who remember couch play!

Rusted Blade

[13] Hero
This might not be realized until a second season pass. But I would like to have Patroklos/alpha, Xiba and any other styles from existing games. But instead of bringing the character they use existing NPCs borrowing their styles. This could be a CaS bundle instead of a character.

Also: this could alter chapters such as CoS2 Kilik vs Disciple(Xiba). Or open "side/secret" chapters such as aforementioned, Kilik vs Xianglian(Lexia)
Sorry friend, but I can virtually guarantee you that's not going to happen. Creating a skin for a character is (in relative terms) pretty simple with regard to time, man-hours, and resources expended. Creating an entire moveset, producing all of the animations, designing and implementing every element of timing, hit boxes, and attack qualities and dynamics, and then balancing that moveset against the rest of the cast...that's the truly exhausting part of the process, and probably 95% or more of the production cost.

So in essence, you're just making a wish as to which characters would appear in a season 2, since what most players care about is the style, not so much the skin. And (for reasons that you can find detailed at length in the SCVI discussion/DLC speculation threads in the casual forum, but some of which I would think would be obvious) I think it is deeply unlikely that any V styles/characters will make it into SCVI--certainly not in season 2, if we are fortunate enough to see one. Not while there are no fewer than eight SE through SCIV faces still missing, half of them with very devoted fan bases, and all of whom would flesh out the class Soul Calibur narrative being rebooted for VI. Some four of those characters will definitely constitute season 2 if we get one (or rather, probably three and a guest, I tend to believe).

Mind you, I'm just speaking to what I think is very likely to happen, but I want to make clear that at the same time, I very much like your idea. While SCV had a lot of missteps, particularly in tone and presentation and other superficial design choices, I think those movesets (as reduplicative as they were of the styles they replaced--and often inferior versions in my idiosyncratic view) should be preserved. If they could be stripped of the goofy characters they were often associated with and thus circumvent the fact that those characters come from a later era, some of them would be undoubtedly popular, as indeed they were for V. In a perfect world, where they were able to release four, five, six season passes of four characters each, I'd love to see some SCV styles return, alongside the predictable ensemble of the remaining classic series stalwarts, numerous guest characters, and maybe even some new original characters; I'd love to see a style or two return from SCIII's bonus character selection (aside from Amy, Hwang, and Li Long that is).

But realistically, we don't even know for certain if there will be a season 2 and I just doubt very much that the inertia for this model is going to carry into a season 3, let alone the season 4 and beyond that you'd probably need (presuming four characters per season, which seems likely to guide further seasons) before you got to the point where the devs felt comfortable adding back in SCV styles. I would gladly keep buying characters at five to ten dollars a pop as long as they kept making them (provided the quality remained consistent and strong balancing work was done. But the average consumer will not pay nearly that much--certainly not for long. And this multiple seasons for fighting game casts model is still new. Realistically, I think we have six more characters coming to us reliably--Amy and Cassie and second season of four. Maybe if players cared a little bit more about the core gameplay mechanics and didn't make every development company feel like they are walking into a landmine on an elaborately produced story mode (that nevertheless was destined to be silly, melodramatic, and utterly forgettable because of the source material, quality of the writing, and the goofiness of the underlying premise) we'd have a more robust roster, but the situation is what it is--Project Soul and Namco only have so many resources, and alas, no Soul Calibur in this generation was ever going to be like the new Smash Bros. bringing in the entire legacy cast. More's the pity...

Edit: Changed some wording since I guess I ought to recognize that this is someone's wish in a fantasy scenario, not a predicition on what will occur. Nevertheless, I'll leave most of the message as original put: I love the idea, but I don't see it happening.
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[10] Knight
I hope Bamco give us back the damage scale reset on Tech-trap on next patch. I think that Tech-trap is useless on a combo more than 2 hits because they add combo scale on Tech-trap.
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[07] Duelist
CaS NEEDS the colour Orange on all color palette.

You've probably noticed that when editing the colour of under garments you don't get the same colour palette as you do with everything else and can't select the colours that fall between yellow and red, aka orange and all things alike.

My best guess is that they did this to prevent players from using skin tones and thereby creating nude character model. The problem with this is that some of the undergarments actually function well as substitutes for some of the top layer items when combined with other items. Ivy and Taki's outfits are good examples of this and actually now that I think about it just about every female fighter is designed this way including the most recent 2B so it doesn't really make sense to not include a colour for some of the most iconic CaS pieces such as Sophie's or Xianghua's dresses.

Point being, Orange.


[10] Knight
There are some issues on buffering A, B and K cancel. If you buffer them and hold G right the way, the cancel doesn't work. You have to press the G button in a specific timing to cancel them. That make A, B and K cancel not practical and playable.
I hope Bamco fix them.

Right now my solution is not doing A, B and K in buffer, but you have to know the recovery timing of move, block and hit well. -_-
Please make the G working any time.
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[10] Knight
Edit: Changed some wording since I guess I ought to recognize that this is someone's wish in a fantasy scenario, not a predicition on what will occur. Nevertheless, I'll leave most of the message as original put: I love the idea, but I don't see it happening.
I was an appreciated piece, something to reflect on. I actually see that kind of problem inside the game and plan on addressing it once I find the proper location. Seems Lizardman was scrapped from my speculation because of his character model couldn't even wear the CaS parts correctly let alone the style might have divided the fan base as those who wanted classic and the V version. I do believe that Soul Calibur isn't going anywhere. And it's media attention and PR has proved that there is a want for the game here. The game will never be balanced, because as long as there are A+Gud players out there whose purpose is to find a new way to exploit and break the game there will always be improvements. Also as long as characters are continued to be added, more balances will have to be performed. I would like to see a character be released along with a Soul Calibur V variant style. Such as Cassandra released with Pat's style. Setsuka with alpha Pat style. Hwang and Yun paired released, with who ever they plan on actually putting in the game. Aeon with Lizardman style. It helps the gender diversity.

But I'm back from a hiatus and I have been playing Libra and noticed that there is a female Hairstyle hidden in the game and something went wrong with Lizardman because there are the random encounter Lizardman that wears the Whiteknight armor. I can be confident to expect a second season to the game. But now that I saw some of these Lizardman issues myself rather just third party information that the style wasn't finished. I would like if Lizardman was pushed back to Season 2. And when he would be released in Season 2 that he would be also be released with a CaS re-balancing that allows him to wear the pieces. And the option to use his classic style since that work was already placed in the game. In a second season I would like them to focus more on original characters. Because as great as guest characters are, I'm going to progress with the game rather than continue playing an older installment. Geralt and 2B will not be in Soul Calibur 7. So when I create CaS characters using those styles I always have to not be too committed to those styles because they will not be returning. So I would like more in house Bamco, Project Soul work. Something that will have less politics to continue into future installments. I am actually over guest characters at this point because I want solid characters that will continue to evolve with this game.


[10] Knight
I would just like to throw this scenario out there. Since Inferno was stripped of his mimic style and took the Nightterror style. I would really like more Boss characters placed in this game, even if they are alternate timeline encounters. The situation I'm trying to bring in is that Elyssium could be a remodeled Inferno like female statue't that would have this void behind the veil. She would do her original projectile action to her Critical Edge yet she would start an animation of her flying over to you, warmly holding your cheek, saying something like "Place all your sins unto me." Pull away the veil and then your soul is just ripped out your body and into the abyss and you drop to the floor. But she could have some weird Style fusion of the girls that would be linked to Soul Calibur like Xianghua, Sophitia, Ivy. I don't know someone ship this to Project Soul and tell them to meditate on it.

I have more for another Boss. Bringing back Nightterror yet instead of being a su[er form of Nightmare, make it happen when Siegfried and Nightmare would have overcome the sientence of the swords yet their final Soul Calibur 3 battle ends in a draw, per-say. Nightmare, Soul Edge would get the last laugh bonding with Siegfried and his Soul Calibur body. The monstrosity formed would be the new Nightterror a fusion of their SC4 designs but no wings, a tail that hangs from the back rather than waist and use a boss upgraded Siegfried style. Siegfried's body would be exposed somewhere like his head and neck protruding out of the collarbone of Nightterror and the Soul Edge eye in the center of the chest. Firing the laser beam from it, and he would do Siegfried's "Axel head Upper" it would shoot a fire ball instead of a headbutt. Moves would make ice shards to shoot up. Yeaahhh, send this to Project Soul and tell them to think about this.

In the end we would have these characters as Bosses, Inferno, Edgemaster, Elyssium, Nightterror, Abyss, Azwel and Algol.


[10] Knight
I'd like to see added in a future patch:

Option to turn off the overdone depth of field effect, we currently have a blurry mess, the PC version is so much better in this aspect.

Purity of essence option to disable RE & CE if we want offline or for a casual lobby.

Option slider to adjust the width of equipment that goes around the waist, so we can eliminate floating.

Optimize loading times by pre-loading content, Unreal Engine is known for having terrible load times when not optimized as is the case in SCVI.


[14] Master
Option to turn off the overdone depth of field effect, we currently have a blurry mess, the PC version is so much better in this aspect.
YES. It bothers me so much that they’ve made these elaborate stages but you can’t actually see them because they’re smeared with this gross blur all over the place.


[10] Knight
Option slider to adjust the width of equipment that goes around the waist, so we can eliminate floating.
Yes if the Equipment didn't have to be connected to the body part sliders this would assist in cleaning up floating and clipping. It's also not consistent between male and females. I noticed that the Archangel shoulders are connected to the male pectorals so the smaller they are the lower the closer the shoulder plates lower, but it doesn't seem to be connected to female pectorals.


[04] Fighter
I had this posted as it's own thread, however I removed it after finding this Wish List.


  • There are no themed stages for characters such as MITSURUGI, SEONG MI-NA, TAKI, SIEGFRIED, TAKI, XIANGHUA, IVY, etc. Some characters should share stages, such as RAPHAEL and AMY, SOPHITIA and CASSANDRA, or SEONG MI-NA and HWANG or YUN-SEONG. Additional themed stages would give the game extra polish on top of the gameplay.

  • Add retro-stages from previous SOULCALIBUR titles (SOUL EDGE, SOULCALIBUR, etc.) that reuse the old 3D and 2D assets and music. This is a relatively low-effort addition that can be made as an unlockable feature to be purchased with SOUL POINTS.


  • Re-introduce legacy LOCAL PLAY modes such as SURVIVAL (including options like 1-hit kill or unlimited SURVIVAL), and TEAM BATTLE. These modes are likely low-effort additions that can make SOULCALIBUR 6 seem like a more complete product. Players that reach Stage 50 in Survival Mode should be rewarded with a large amount of SOUL POINTS to unlock new content. BONUS MODES like the ones featured in SOULCALIBUR 3 will be harder to implement, and their implementation should only be considered after all else has been added.

  • Although SOULCALIBUR 6 already has an ARCADE Mode and a STORY Mode implemented, I believe adding a PROLOGUE and EPILOGUE for each character would be a fun reward for new players and old fans alike.

  • Implement classic ARCADE local and/or online ranking boards where you would enter your name or initials after obtaining a High-Score.

  • Update the MUSEUM Mode to include features implemented in previous SOULCALIBUR MUSEUM modes, that can be purchasable with SOUL POINTS:

  1. Update the Portrait Viewer into the Character Profile Viewer from SoulCalibur 1, 2, and 3 that showcases the selected character's 3D Model and Stage, Voice Actors, Sound Test, animation viewer, the option to change the time-of-day and/or weather of the stage the character is featured on, the option to view a Stage Biography for the stage being viewed, the option to view Combat Lessons for each respective character, and the option to change the music being played.
  2. Character Exhibition from SOULCALIBUR 1, 2, and 3.
  3. Add a 3D Model Viewer for the Weapon Compendium in the Library.
  4. Add the Relationship Tree from SOULCALIBUR 4, selecting a character can show an abridged biography and you can push a button to be sent straight to their CHARACTER PROFILE as described above.


  • Re-introduce alternative costumes as a feature. Characters that already have extra costumes implemented (example: Requiem Armor Set for SIEGFRIED, Cursed Bird Set for TIRA, Revealing Women's Clothing for 2B, and alternative costumes featured within MISSION: Libra of Soul and STORY: Soul Chronicle) can have their costumes updated to have the appropriate hair styles and broken equipment (example: [1.] Add Gelled Back Long Hair Style; [2.] Requiem Armor disappears when broken, add a broken variation for it.)

  • Add an option to determine whether Equipment pieces can be broken or not, and what Equipment or Hair pieces transition into when broken in battle.

  • Add an option to copy Equipment Color and paste it onto another Equipment Slot or Pattern Color Slot.

  • Add an option to copy Equipment Pattern and paste it onto another Equipment Slot.


  • Add an alternative option to determine what music track is played based on the fighters present within a match rather than the stage.

  • Add the option to change the music that plays for each menu.


[12] Conqueror
Getting way ahead of us here buuuuut Season 4 DLC I would like to see. No season pass but instead bigger, more expensive DLC projects. Less focus on new characters, more focus on the game's QoL:

-History Retold Pack: Includes all Main Cast outfits and hairstyles. Bonus wit update=All characters have 4 old weapons return.

-Future Sight Pack: Includes all SC5 Main Cast outfits and hairstyles. Bonus with update=Aeon Calcos Fighting Style (Dual Hand-Axes)

-Stage of History Pack: Remasters of a majority of the old SC stages and the ability to individually alter a stage comes back (stage shape,cages up or down,etc). Bonus with update=You can now change your stage, in Create-A-Soul

-Chronicles of the Sword: SC3 CotS returns to tell the side stories of the Story mode's side characters. Most of the old unique fighting styles return, with tweaked most sets. All old CAS parts, that haven't yet come back, return with upgrades. Would totally pay $30 for this DLC. xD