Strike - Move Discussion


[08] Mercenary
I actually use LT/L2. I've gotten quite consistent with hitting agB instead of throwing out a grab, as I have default controls. I prefer LT/L2 over RT/R2 or RB/R1 because of how I'm sliding my hand down the controller. I tend to keep more control by pressing the left trigger.

MiZtA blu33

[09] Warrior
Does anyone get a weird stun animation with 66A counter hit, its a spinning stun animation idk if you can combo off of it but i've seen a few times.


[10] Knight
Yes and its very important.

33_99A give this on CH, but 66A does not.

Ok, so why is it so important?
Because it is +8 and can therefor be hitconfirmed into CE, which gives Alpha some meaty antistep.


[08] Mercenary
Situation dependent. This is my experience with a stick (madcatTE sanwa buttons)

If you are given the opportunity to prioritize on a buffer zone (I.E animations through a combo or block stun) then 2143aB will be faster and is the only option in some cases (214 b+g to JFT or shade thrust to JFT).

In terms of reactionary punishment, G3aB is a much more feasible/reliable option as it can be done near instantaneous with little technical difficulty. The twister will cancel the crouch animation and fire relatively fast all be it a frame or two slower (I think I was able to get it down to a 3 frame activation window using this method as opposed to a 1 or 2 frame with 2143aB). I use this when I suprise land a 3b, 33b and don't have time to buffer 214.


[08] Mercenary
Right now, I start inputting 2143aB shortly after the sword is pulled from the opponent's body at the end of 214B+G. I notice this sometimes makes me perform the 2143B move instead of a JFT even though the input log shows that I have input aB, not just B.

I am suspecting either input buffering only works for the directional inputs but not for the aB input, and I am inputting 'a' before I fully recovered from 2143B+G, and it only sees B afterwards. Or I am inputting 'a' slightly before the 3 in 2143aB, and the only thing it sees after 3 is B. Or could it be something else? Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks.


[09] Warrior
Random question did anyone know that if u cancel apat 44 a+b and press again a+b he dose huge back step im trying to upload the but i don't know how


[10] Knight
44A+B's is too short ranged, too linear and too slow to force step.

Also there is a huge amount of recovery after cancel to punish step.


[11] Champion
It's a bad UB.
Not only does it has no uses whatsoever, you can't cancel it early to mess with your oppponent.
Too bad ! I liked 236~4A+B:G cancels in SC4.


[08] Mercenary
Occasionally after my second 1B:B, the enemy is only pushed back by a bit, and I can easily connect to 2143B:B. Most of the time after my second 1B:B, however, the enemy is pushed very far back, and my connection rate to 2143B:B drops dramatically. How can I make sure my second 1B:B only push back the enemy by a little? Also, is there a way to improve my connection rate to 2143B:B even if the enemy is pushed very far back after my second 1B:B? May be I just need to execute 2143B:B faster. Any spacing, buffering and timing tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

Meanwhile, I'll just keep using 1B:B~2143B:B in my matches since it's so much easier to pull off :).

P.S. How often can you pull off 1B:B~1B:B~2143B:B and its subsequent combos (namely ~JFT~JFT and :A+B+K~8A+B~2143a:B) in training mode and matches? My rate is so low that it's embarrassing to even think about it :P.


[09] Warrior
I never even bother try doing x2 1B:B, since the 2nd jf is so hard to buffer, at least for me. However, x2 1B:B 2143b:B will always hit if you're near a wall/edge, care with w! though. + it's easier on big chars in open areas, it will most likely hit anytime then.
Tip: use 44B+K BE after x2 1B:B, if you're feeling it's hard to connect 2143B:B without it.


[08] Mercenary
Hmm... nice. 44B+KA+B+K~2143B:B actually connects after 1B:B~1B:B. Thanks for the tip.

However, I am still getting that problem with the push back distance even after 44B+KA+B+K.