Summer Jam 5 Official Results

Summer Jam 2011 is now over! Woahhzz from Philadelphia takes the singles event in a stunning runback against Mick in Grand Finals! Team "Nothing-Common", aka "Team lolo and 2 scrubs) takes the teams event. This was a huge tournament with a great turn out, and we're hoping that North East Championship 2011 can be even bigger on December 4/5!

Videos will be uploaded throughout the week.

SC4 Teams: (11 teams)

1: Nothing-Common (Woahhzz, Ramon, lolo)
2: Broken (Mick, RTD, thugish_pond)
3: The Three Amigos (OOFMATIC, Eli123s, Partisan)
4: MTB (MTFighter, Human Typhoon, BlackMamba)
5: Upset (LostProvidence, Hawkeye, KrayzieCD)
5: EEEHHHHH!!! (Goofus, Nightblade, Lasercakes)
7: WashedUp and Random (BrewtusBibulus, Jaxel, KidDZaster)
7: Scrubs (PhoenixIvan, ZeroEffect, Saion)
9: Hanbark (Alucard, Hanbark, OneEye)
9: Philly (FightClubHuBBs, Sporko, Malice)
9: ACHookers + Jian (Rekki, OmegaXCN, Jian)

SC4 Singles: (41 entrants)

1: Woahhzz
2: Mick
3: Thugish Pond
4: lolo
5: MTFighter
5: Fundraiser (LostProvidence)
7: Unidentified26128 (MaxxDreamkiller)
7: RTD
9: NDK
9: Partisan
9: KDZ
9: Oofmatic
13: JustKill
13: Rekki
13: Sporko
13: HumanTyphoon
17: Last Dragon
17: Lowsweep
17: Saion
17: BlackmambaMoan
17: Hawkeye
17: Eli123s
17: Sephalump
17: Ramon
25: Malice
25: Goofus
25: Bibulus
25: Hubbs
25: Gr8 ONe
25: Kikaleek
25: Syphon
25: ZeroEffect
33: Lasercakes
33: Honkey Kong
33: JRWR7
33: Jaxel
33: Jian
33: Mark
33: Patrick Jones
33: Arctic Komodo
33: OmegaXCN

Old School Vs New School:

Old School: BrewtusBibulus, KrayzieCD, MTFighter, Goofus, RTD, Jaxel, thugish_pond, Mick
New School: Partisan, MaxxDreamkiller, LostProvidence, NDK, lolo, Kikaleek, Woahhzz, Ramon

New School wins 8-7


Partisan (Cassandra) defeats Bibulus (Voldo)
Dreamkiller (Amy) defeats KrayzieCD (Mitsurugi)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats LostProvidence (Setsuka)
NDK (Voldo) defeats Goofus (Voldo)
lolo (Yoshimitsu) defeats RTD (Apprentice)
Kikaleek (Yoshimitsu) defeats Jaxel (Talim)
Woahhzz (Mitsurugi) defeats thugish_pond (Amy)
Ramon (Sophitia) defeats Mick (Xianghua)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats Partisan (Cassandra)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats Dreamkiller (Amy)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats NDK (Voldo)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats lolo (Yoshimitsu)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats Kikaleek (Yoshimitsu)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats Woahhzz (Mitsurugi)
Ramon (Sophitia) defeats MTFighter (Xianghua)



That. Shit. Was. Awesome. I had a great time and I am terribly sorry I couldn't say goodbye to so many people (I was under the impression I was coming back).

However I heard a lot of the people are staying until tuesday so I'll try and head over sometime tomorrow for some last casuals and what not. I'd head back now but I have to take this dumb cat back to my dads in the morning so I figure i"ll just come in afterwards.

Ok, so far as props go

First off, I wanted to say props to LostProvidence for fifth. I have seen that dude make a fuckton of progress over the past year and a half, and his set with woahhzz was *hot*.

Hawkeye-sweet revenge, suckah. We should do another set as soon as possible. If you're still around tomorrow maybe we can do a FT5 or something.

RTD-Mad props on having your kid representing *both* of the world's finest in only two days. Also props for beating me so bad in teams that you had to make excuses *for* me, haha. Seriously though, that kid was amazing.

Woahhzz-you magnificent bastard. I didn't even get to see your clutch comeback, I'll have to watch it when it's uploaded.

KDZ-shoutouts for pulling the same shit Krayzie pulled off at FSAK, switching to Asta after the first match and then apologizing to me. Thanks so much for letting us crash in your room, compadre. That was clutch frienderizing.

Krayzie-Shoutouts for making up so much trash talk that I never actually said, that had me *rolling*. You are a funny fucking dude, it's always good seeing you. I know you wanted to get a set in too, so hopefully you're still around tomorrow.

Bibulus-The amount of people you know tends to make all tournament after celebrations that much more fun. You are like a nexus between communities.

Zero- not your day in calibur, but good job almost getting out of pools in MK. And good job taking a match on Michaelangelo.

Greatone-keep hatin' on that Voldo. Also don't worry about matchups so much, you were way more effective with your Mitsu

Goofus-You brought that hot Voldo vengeance on me in teams, and brought me shame. Well done

NDK- I didn't even find out you were a Voldo player until I got home today, that makes me sadface, for real. We need mirrors at some point.

Malice-You, sir, always bring the hype and bring the noise. And you also brought RTD dat' ass whoopin', and you are my hero now

lolo-props to not being on stream when you gave me that righteous Yoshi beatdown.

JR-shoutouts to hot wives

Hubbs-good shit even throwing this event in the first place, it's always a pleasure man. And I'm making it a point to get to your next Monday night session

Oof-for bringing that Vader bullshit on full-steam. I like to watch you play whenever it's not me getting force rung-out or some such shenanigan.

Mick-I think we've said like 3 or 4 sentences to each other, but good shit on second, you're impressive to watch.

Honkeykong- I have no idea who you are but your name brings me joy

MTFighter- Kudos for bringing the pain after an extended absence. Also, good job on apologizing for having a dick. It's about time.

NY guys- <3s. We didn't talk much this time, but good to see you as always

Canada folk-Good seeing you all again. Partisan, stop smiling all the time, I think you're up to something.

New blood-Granted some of you never showed up again after the first set, but it's still good to see new faces on the scene. The turnout for this event was awesome and you guys helped.

Chicago-the biggest accomplishment was the fact that you guys actually got here. Bout damn time. Also good job on the placings and yada yada, bullshit, etc.

NewEngland that didn't stay with me- good times all around. Kikaleek, get on that vacation kick you were mentioning, and Justkill, sorry for not recognizing you with the new bro-cut.

NewEngland that did stay with me, aka the White Spite Brigade: you came to me with liquor and friendship in your hearts, and good times followed shortly thereafter. Jian, thank you for debunking the racial stereotype of being good at math while reaffirming the racial stereotype that asians are bad drivers. And thanks for showing me Yomi, that game is tight. Tim, good job on being hi-fucking-larious. And last, but certainly only the least in some aspects, Idlemind....dear, sweet Idlemind. You are my nerd-brethren, and I thank you for getting so wasted that you gave me a contact drunk. This weekend was an awesome fucking adventure, the storm was a good framing for it.

To everybody else, thanks for making this Summer Jam something that will stick with me in my memories.
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats Partisan (Cassandra)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats Dreamkiller (Amy)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats NDK (Voldo)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats lolo (Yoshimitsu)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats Kikaleek (Yoshimitsu)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats Woahhzz (Mitsurugi)
Ramon (Sophitia) defeats MTFighter (Xianghua)
Holy shit.
Exactly. It was insane. MTFighter, show me your strats, jegus.
I hope people aren't surprised by MTFighter doing so well...This Dude is Beast, yet so humble...

And I called Woahhzz Winning, coming out of losers no less....
Despite not entering the tournament I still had a great time. It was nice meeting you all and finally getting some offline games in.

I'll write up some shout outs later.
Congrats to top 3! Special congrats to Jackie Chan on the even more important 1st. Props to PA for having what seems to be the best U.S SC4 player. I'm pretty convinced taking out all the notables yet again.

Congrats Woahhzz! You're amazing! You too Mick!
I was surprised to see RTD using a joystick. In all my years of playing calibur (10 years collectively) I have never seen him use a joystick. It certainly looked to be affecting his gameplay since he messed up so many FC 9K's with Apprentice. Still an amazing preformance considering the level of competition that was present.

Lolo, and MTFighter were amazing as well. You two deserve so much respect for your preformances over the weekend. You've earned mine, that's for sure.
So yeah, I placed rather horribly this time around... but I never had more fun at a tourney when I didn't win a single match in SC4. (almost got top 8 MK though) The hype for this was unbelievable.

And you know... after being on the stream for the MMs and challenges, I realized I actually love commentating. Maybe I should request to do that more often.
Yo, so who is still at the hotel? I was gonna head down there and hang out because Bibulus told me last night there'd still be people staying there until Tuesday because of rescheduled flights, but I don't have anybody's numbers except Tim's and I think his phone is dead.

I don't want to drive all the way back only to find out there's nobody there
I practically felt like a fangirl squealing at every moment. It was rather fun to sit and watch this tourney than go online to feel "exasperated". Not only that, I managed to watch some of my heroes rock Yoshi and Seong Mi-na well. Win or lose, I didn't care. Of course I also was rooting for everyone including my boy sephalump, Partisan, and others. Well done guys. Na-mu...

Pocky Yoshi

P.S. Stream name was Ikusa45 in case some people don't know.
man I am really sad I couldn't participate in that oldschool/newschool event, that sounds like it was really fun.
NY got owned by the hurricane; leaving me to a 9 1/2 hour trip home.. but it's cool because...

I actually had fun watching SC4 this weekend for the first time in like... two years. I got up, I got down, I clapped, yelled, made my O face, joked, shot the shit with Jaxel, drank with KIT, argued with KDZ, joked with everyone I could and overall was very happy to be indoors with the storm going on outside. It couldn't have been better, and in a way being stuck inside that hotel with the storm raging outside was a perfect backdrop for falling back in love with the community again.

I have the oldschool/newschool exhibition to thank for that. Very hype, very entertaining, and just too much fun. I think I'm going to start playing again.

I don't like props posts because I always forget someone; but I am gonna make an exception this time:

RTD's son; you are epic. I was in a shitty mood at first, but seeing everyone in the community take turns watching you while Rob was playing was the perfect metaphor for what this weekend was to me.
End of story.

This was one of the most epic SC4 weekends for me. Old school vs new school was just amazing.

I had a blast watching from afar. Good stuff guys. Cant wait for DEV