Taki's Replacement Revealed?!

This week Daishi has been teasing that he might do an early reveal of one of the two silhouettes posted about a week ago. He's been asking which of the two silhouettes people want to see most, and today he gives us an early look at a brand new female character!

new character.jpg

Daishi has been rather glib on whether or not Taki would be returning. However, with the reveal of this character, it can be assumed that Taki may only play a secondary role in Soul Calibur 5.

Thanks Daishi! Comic Con 2011 is only a week away, stay tuned for the next reveal!


Whoa. O_o
We have another interesting female character. Either she is like Setsuka and not a native of Japan, or maybe she was born from Japanese/European parents. But anyways, I like her.~ :)
It's a little confusing... She looks like she fights like Taki (Ninja) but her personalty doesn't look very Ninja so... Whatever I love SC Ill take it!
Too bad Taki isn't returning, but maybe this new one will cheer me up. :)
Btw, doesn't she kind of remind you of Setsuka? I mean, she and Setsuka live in Japan, yet they look like they aren't native to Japan. It'd be interesting if the two met each other, but we aren't sure if Setsuka is returning for SCV. Guess we have to wait... <_<
Judging by her hair she looks like the wild type though I also consider Taki a wild ninja.

Something also tells me she's gonna be one of those cutsy silly anime girl types like Mai and Ibuki.

Speaking of which her dress sorta resembles Yuffie's.
The thing is this is going to be the new Taki. Taki concept art has a more serious and mature tone. And now they are replacing it with another anime archetype. We already have X, Talim, Amy, Tira, etc... all with an anime feel, do we really need more. I don't want SC5 to become anime fan service.