Tekken 7 is a thing...


Chikara Sashimi
Unreal Engine 4 as its base so probably PS4, and XB1 only maybe PC depending on... Well Namco.
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Did he actually leave on a jet, or is he still waiting through Smash?
Sheesh, if they bring Kazumi back from the dead, she better not have the classic Mishima fighting style... Otherwise it's another retcon
No fucks given on Lars or Jin.


Also they better not include anymore pointless fanservice shit.
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no fanservice?

ha. ha. ha...

come on. you know better.

give me hwoarang. give me king.

I'm good.
I like Lars and Jin. Lars is proof of Heihachi's pimpness.

Alisa Boskonovich can go dive under a train though. Too Japanese for my liking. Way too Japanese.

Also final battle? Really? Come on now Namco.