The AMAZING SC5 Online General Discussion Thread


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Heck, Maxi even appears in story mode. Not every character can say that. Therefore they aren't officially recognized characters.
Phew. Thank goodness Natsu is in one single storyboard frame and one match. Otherwise I'd be playing a character that isn't real.


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I believe he cracks a smile and talks a little shit to either Pattycakes or Xiba and then you have to fight him, Natsu, Xiba and Leixia back to back. It's been awhile though.


I don't know.
The more I play ranked, the more fun I have in it. It is a shockingly awesome way to get lulz and brush up on skills for those of us not yet fit to win serious tourneys.

The ragequits aren't that bad(though every A ranked ragequitter provides an epic lulzgasm) and in spite of needing to mute all voices on account of stupidity/trolling it's just...kinda awesome.
I needed somewhere to post this. I didn't make it for nothing.


Get it?

I love photoshop.
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Just got my first hate mail on online ranked as Dampierre!

It's from some A ranked dude named Widay who was really laggy and played Patroklos.

Widay said:
gd 1 i tught u didnt knew 2 play but gd technique of picking small ring

Funny thing was I picked Random Stage, just like I do every time I fight somebody.


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The following question was placed on my SCV youtube page - I roared with laughter when I saw it:

Hey Syn, would you say you are better than Woahhzz? Both you and him taught me some stuff, but I feel like you have better mix up

Just... Wow...


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Yeah thats one thing. But to just flat out spam the poor guy to death knowing very well what you are doing. Makes you no better than this CatSlut/AzurePoleSmoker person everyone hates.

I mean they have to learn ways around that sort of thing sometime. There is going to be a learning curve they have to deal with anyway so it is probably better to get the experience earlier rather than later. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong but thats just me.


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i love the fact that i steamroll people online with natsu while missing CH 22A, A:6 links, PO A:6 punishes and combos cant do 3B A:6 to save my life and have pretty bad inconsistency with A:6 block punish, all the while barely using bombs yet they would TOTALLY own me offline. get real son, i dont mess these things up very often offline and you would be even more free.


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I was called a try hard yet again, a spammer, and a disrespectful POS. Apparently I'll never understand how to play SC at a high level because I do throws and lows. I'm a try hard because I'm doing a rush down with Siegfried for the lulz instead of spacing. Lol...