The Fall Classic 2013 Bonus Prize Poll - Vote for SCV!

You have the power... The power to vote!

It was recently announced that OneFrameLink would be providing various pot bonuses for the new and upcoming major "The Fall Classic" taking place in Raleigh, NC, September 14 - 16. As if that wasn't already extremely generous of them, they have also announced that the remaining amount of funds (SSF4 and UMvC3 amounts are already determined) would be divided based on feedback from a voting system OFL created just for this announcement. SCV is included in this vote so let's not waste this fantastic opportunity for our game and community!


Here is how you can voice your vote for SCV:

Tweet/ReTweet the following message:
It's that simple!

There is really no excuse not to show your support here! If you don't have a twitter account...make one!

Not only is this a great chance to hype up ANOTHER tournament that SCV has been added to but it would show just how dedicated and enthusiastic this community still is when it comes to competition.

So if you are still reading this and haven't tweeted yet, be sure to do so!

I would like to thank OneFrameLink for this opportunity as well as the TOs behind TFC for including SCV (and really all other events that support us) in their lineup! You will be able to see the updated results here as the voting progresses:

Voting ends on August 31st, so let's get this going!

For more information on OneFrameLink or TFC check out the following links:

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We only need 1740% more votes than we have now to just slither into second place.
We can do this!

Everyone find 16.4 friends and get them to vote, but remember to vote yourself!