Version 1.40 Patch Now Available!

Due out today, with little fanfare is patch version 1.40 for SOULCALIBUR VI! The majority of this patch is about Creation Parts DLC 2, but there are some additional significant changes for balance. The full patch notes are available below:

Jason Axelrod


What's interesting to note is that some of the 3P and 4P costumes make minor changes to the outfits themselves, and some of them refrerence previous elements of the series. There are likely more than this, these are just the ones I've found at a cursory glance.
I love the fact that they've added these. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have paid the same amount of attention to every character's recolouring. They didn't even bother to change the color of Yoshimitsu's glow. Still not getting why it isn't adjustable just like the generic CAS malfested glow... or why the recolours are not selectable as a base.