Viola Frame Data Discussion


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The frame data will be completed by tomorrow.


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hey Mage, let me help yourself with this
also, the official notation for Viola's stances that we agreed upon is ORB and SET


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It might be char spec. Try vs NM on Raphs map into corner. I'm using my phone right now though so cant get link but when I get home, very soon I'll put the link if it allows me to(8wayrun on computer rarely lets me post)


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I'll quote myself from quite long ago.
You can connect 6K after SET A+G. So either the former is i19 or the latter grants +20.

It turned out that the throw is +20.
Only range prevents 44A from hitting, what he says is 100% possible and a really good find.


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it really does work near the wall/edge. I have done a thorough testing today:
SET A+G gives +20, because 6k lands and 66B(i21) doesn't
44A is i21 because i couldn't punish neither Viola's 1B nor 44A with it, and i could punish her 1A+B
6k is i20 but... i couldn't punish Viola's 1B and 44A with it which may mean 1B and 44A are -19 on block and everything goes to hell. Im too stupid for that shit
SET backgrab gives +24, +25 or +26
my spreadsheet is already updated
why SET A+G 44A works near the wall is beyond me

ok, 1B and 44A are -19 on block because Aeon can punish them with his 3B(i19) and he cannot punish them with his B(i20)


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You're messing stuff too much.
SET A+G is +20.
44A is i20, and therefore works.

if a move is +X frames, then you can follow up with another move that comes out at iX or faster


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A+G 44A doesn't work if there is no wall, dude. But truth is my previous post is partially bullshit. 44A punishes -20 attacks (tested with Omega's 2BB). The only logical reason beyond that that i can think off is that 44A hits a frame later when on tip range. With that, i pretty much have this shit tidied up.


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Reading is tech :)

Once again. Normally A+G doesn't combo with 44A, even though it's +20. The reason is range. Against a wall, opponent is pushed away less, and therefore ends up in 44A range. It's that simple.


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you sound like 44A whiffs after A+G without wall. I tested on Aeon and Sieg, it doesn't whiff, it gets blocked.


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Hey guys could someone post the
recovery frames and frames regarding recalls
seeing as shits are wising up to viola, gonna have to devise less well know frame traps etc
or tell me how to work out frames