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22B BS 66K CE MCHT K was already noted.

CH BS WR A BS 6B6B 66B BE although combo is far from a good one for 1 BE so it wasn't noted.

You're completely right B+K combos and CH 66A+B combos are missing, I totally forgot about them since I don't use them.

Thank you for the feedback !


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Just some messing around with walls.

1K W! → 1[K] → BS 8WR B → 666B → 66B → 3B - 84 damage
1[K] W! → BS iWR B → BS 4K W! → BS iWR A → BS 4K → BS 8WR K → BS a+bG - 100 damage
1[K] W! → BS iWR A → BS iWR B → BS 4K W! → BS 4K → BS 8WR K → BS a+bG - 100 damage

So 1K will wallsplat from significantly further away than 1[K] at the price of losing 15 damage. Doing BS iWR A → BS iWR B in the 1[K] combo confers no additional damage.

Voldo also has some interesting resets thanks to 1[K] putting a wallsplatted opponent into backturned. I didn't test but I'm assuming if the opponent holds guard they'll have enough time to at least turn it into a sidethrow but stuff like 1K W! → 1[K] → BS A or 1[K] W! → BS iWR A → optional BS iWR B → BS 4K W! → BS 8WR B → 666B (no stun) could be promising.


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Here's a french work (from Bellus and myself) about Voldo, if you see anycombo that isn't listed just post it here, I'll add it :
Here's a few that were missed.
Slide. iCR A+B. -47 damage
66B BE. iCR A+B. -71 damage
1K. iCR A+B. -43 damage
6K. iCR A+B. -39 damage
A+B. iCR A+B. -45 damage Note: Only use if you don't hit confirm A+B.
BS B+K. iCR A+B. -49 damage
B+K. iCR A+B. -51-52 damage. Tech trap all directions.
Note: iCR A+B only does 1-2 more damage than 666B. 666B CAN Clean Hit and end up doing more damage. Keep in mind iCR A+B has no chance of whiffing while 666B does.


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Actually 666B only whiffs with the edge of the ring near (IIRC it can be teched right side).
I use 3B as an ender when 666B can whiff for -1dmg but 100% combo.

Thank you for those combos ! I'll add them.


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Hey Enkindu whatever happened to that combo thread sticky I posted the first day or two of release?

I didn't have any tech traps listed but I had a list that had at least 80-90% of Voldo's straight combos/wall combos, both the good combos and the inferior combos. If I recall I had them separated by total combo damage and how much meter the combos took but I can't seem to find it anymore.


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Voldo's CE is really far from a bad idea in combos.
Not only does it deals a bit more damage, you actually end up BS at close range, and you can mix up your opponent pretty easily for even more potential damage.


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MCHT K BS 2K is NC for 41dmg.

It is also tech trap and combo for 46-48dmg if they tech.

What's interesting is that BS 4K and BS 66K are tech trap against most of the cast.

- MCHT K BS 4K tech trap all side : > 95dmg
Patroklos, Natsu, Leixia, Ezio, Viola, Xiba, Ivy, Aeon, Tira, Dampierre, Algol, Omega, Pyrrha
- MCHT K BS 66K tech trap all side > 80dmg
ZWEI, Sieg, Cervy, Night, Mitsu, Maxi, Voldo, Yoshi, Alpha, Asta

PS :
1) Against the BS 66K characters, BS 4K can only be teched right side.
2) Asta gets BS 6B6B tech trap all side. But the full combo (BS 6B6B 66B BE) will only work if there's a wall or ring out close, since tech backward will prevent 66B BE from connecting after BS 6B6B in that situation.
3) Only Hilde doesn't get big damage tech trap (she only gets BS 4A).


You now have a big damage tech trap to prevent them from rising up.
It allows you to get the following options after MCHT K hit :
- MCHT K BS 2K for 41dmg, garanteed combo.
- MCHT K into BS 4K / BS 66K for a big damaging tech trap.
- MCHT K into BS iWS B for 51dmg against opponents that roll or freeze but don't tech.
- MCHT K into BS 2B+K for either good damage or big guard damage and good pressing. It can be blocked on reaction but it cannot be rolled. Against some characters, it will be forceblock if they tech depending on the side they tech.


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CE is, alas, in no way all side after MCHT K and shouldn't be used as a tech trap after this move.
Mostly, it catches backward tech. Waste of meter overall.


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You all know about the 1K] BS 2B] combo for +8 mix up.

> 1K] 4 8 BS 2B] into throw gives BT throws against :
Yoshimitsu, Ezio, Nightmare, Cervantes, Mitsu, Alpha

It's random against Patroklos.
Against any other characters, the throw will not connect or will give side throw or face throw.
The 4 8 BS 2B] needs a little training. Not that hard though. It's not necessary for some character but does helps for other characters.


66K BS CE MCHT K is combo/tech trap all side against :
ZWEI, Siegfried, Hilde, Nightmare, Mitsurugi, Maxi, Yoshimitsu, Astaroth.

Deals 80dmg if they don't tech.
Deals 138dmg if they tech.

Other characters can tech left.


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Wow, Maxou, you're an amazing study. In regards to 1(k) 8 2 BS 2(b)This is stuff I have seen happen quite often and never thought to see if it was character specific or if the opponent is required to do something to get the back throw. So it's a guaranteed back throw every time against those characters? That is very useful in those matchups. I wish this worked for Pyrrha as well.

EDIT: I just re-read it again, and picked up on the 4 8... So, if' I am understanding this correctly, you land the 1(k), then you backstep, then upstep, then BS 2(b)? My initial thought was you just needed to sidestep after the 1(k).
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After a little bit of testing, it seems like it will only give you the backthrow if your opponent is holding G after they get picked up. I could not get a back throw with the training dummy just standing there.

You also do not need to 4 8 either. You can just pick them up and input the throw.
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As I said, the 4 8 part is not necessary, but does help against some characters.
For exemple, Patroklos will get BT throw sometimes with the 4 8 but will not with BS 2B].

Never tried with training dummy without guard (but honestly, who doesn't guard haha?). I will test soon :)

Voldo is now my main character, so expect more finds if I can :)


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Okay, I made more tests and alas ... this doesn't work : it only works against practice CPU set as A1 : Normal A2 : Guard all.

I recorded myself testing it and I tried all the stuff I could with all the characters previously mentioned, and it's one of those training practice bugs... It only works against CPU.

Sorry for my enthousiasm and my lack of testing haha.

... oh well you only have BT throw setup after 66B BE W! 1B. It's still not bad.


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You can get the back throw off of 66B BE W! 1B eh? That's pretty awesome. I was noticing that I could not get a back throw after other attacks where 1(B) is a guaranteed followup, I could only get it after 1(K), and only if they held Guard after being picked up. This is odd to me. It might be exclusively to face-down, head-towards scenarios. I'll have to check in the morning when I feel like playing.
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