Why do most pro players love to do them overkills?

Overkills, good or bad?

  • Veeery, very, very... Good... I'm a monkey. ⊂((・⊥・))⊃

  • Bad. Simply appalling! Ever an outrage. Damn it all!

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[08] Mercenary
I do it for mind games. It gives you an advantage if they rage because it throws them off ;). Or simply I don't like the player and want to troll


[08] Mercenary
Haha no joke though even when we play in house we never skip replays with each other. Getting everyone off of their game is a nice bonus though


[08] Mercenary
When I play SC5 with other people it's mostly to goof off. Winning and losing are pretty low on my list of priorities. Pretty much everything I do revolves around goofing off. That includes overkill. So whether or not I do really depends upon who I am using. For example, if I am using Mousy, I usually just bounce up and down saying, "ME WIN!! ME WIN!!" If I am using God then I will sometimes overkill them with very outlandish sword moves saying stuff like, "you will KNOW my name is the LORD when I lay my vengeance upon thee."

Even so, overkill is only part of the joke and I know some people dislike being over killed at all, so I respect those people's wishes while other friends are in on the joke and often do the impersonations themselves. LOL