Win a Qanba Obsidian Joystick SOULCALIBUR VI Edition!

SOULCALIBUR VI is only a week away, and Qanba is honoring it's release, with a special edition of their ever popular Obsidian Joystick for PS4/PS3/PC! I personally believe this to be the best looking SOULCALIBUR related arcade stick I've ever seen. The stick officially releases during the week of October 22, but you can pre-order the stick right now on Newegg or directly from Qanba. We here at 8WAYRUN will be raffling off at least one of these beautiful arcade sticks.
qanba1.png qanba2.png

Entering the raffle is very simple. Firstly, you need to have an account here at 8WAYRUN. Then you need to go to your account preferences and configure your "Default Character Header". Simply select your favorite character, and they will be placed above the fold when you are browsing this website. That's it! If you're previously configured these settings, then you are already entered! At the end of the month (till October 31), we will see who the most popular characters are here on 8WAYRUN, and we will select a winner.

The screenshots below will help you out if you can't find the correct settings:



This raffle is open to US/Canada residents only, but you can still select your favorite character even if you can't win the raffle.

Get an additional entry to this raffle:

You can get an additional entry to this raffle by linking your Twitter account here at 8WAYRUN, and then retweeting this tweet:

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Jason Axelrod


so only those with the most popular character headers are eligible ?

Ivy / Talim / Nightmare are safe bets.