Woof-Woof: Ultimate Guide to ZWEI

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King of Hundred Swords

General Information

I use * for BE.
I'll be using ] for hold from now on.

ZWEI seems to be a pretty strong character, but very difficult and even frustrating to new players, as using him require a very well thought out, flexible and diverse atack flow, which is next to impossible unless you're playing the series for a couple of years.

+ Very strong rush down, with a lot of frame traps
+ Good ability to Break Guard
+ Powerful throw game, as long as you have at least 1/2 bar
+ Good mix up between 4B and throws.
+ Good damage

- Poor ranged game
- His faster moves lack range and his ranged moves lack speed.
- His throw range is very short, thus his strong mixup is difficult to set up
- Poor ability to punish, both on block and wiff. Has no real way to take advantage of deep matchup knowledge.
- Has to rely mainly on CH to deal damage.

Best Moves (in no order):
4B - great mixup and punishment tool, which can be BE'd on reaction on hit. Semi-safe (-14 and ability to enchance with BE)
22_88K - step,TC, tracks both sides, good range, fast. great damage even on NH.
4A] - a very powerful move, with good damage potential both on hit or block via delayed EIN.
A_B+G throws - both ZWEI throws are very strong, they lack range, however so be careful placing them
B] - good on block, good on hit, a very potent move. Second hit is difficult to step, so even BB become a mixup
1B] - excellent in combos and controlling distance
66A+B - very strong wake up tool, and its possible to delay EIN hit.
A+B and 66B good moves with good wake up on hit

I've never been a fan of top10's actually, as I think most moves have their role

Natural Hit Combos (NC's)
AA (26)
3AA (34)
BB (32)
4KB (26)
1B],K only two last hits (42)
8A+B (42)
6B+K,B (55)
66BA (55)
44B (51)
66A+B (53) allows for a combo
44B+K (63)
3A* (36) allows for a combo
4B* (26) allows for a combo
1K* (29) allows for a combo
66A* (57) allows for a combo

Natural CounterHit Combos (NCC's)

A] (34)
B] (44)
1B] (41) allows for a combo
1B],K (59)
22_88BB (41) allows for a combo

Normal Hit Combos

Disclaimer: Notes, wherever 1K* is listed, you can extend those combos by doing as much 1K* consequentaly as meter allows. Every 1K* can be followed by either 1K* or CE or A+B. The A+B ender allows for Ring Out forward. Thus, I am not listing some combos, not to overload this list.

4A] (second hit only)
  • A+B (62)
  • 4B*, 66A+B (76) (can be extended with CE near walls)
  • 66BA if EIN hit is even slightly delayed (76)
  • B] (74)
  • 1K*, A+B (79)
  • CE, B+K, 4A+B (101)
  • B], CE (129) only near walls/edges
  • A+B (56)
  • 1K*, A+B (78)
  • 1K*,CE,B+K,4A+B (122)
  • 1B] (39) good for resets
  • 66A+B (72)
  • 1K*,CE,B+K,4A+B (85) (use A+B instead of CE if you're looking for RO)
(1B]), K (second hit only delay EIN so it hits together with kick)
  • 1A (64) can be timed to tech catch right roll
  • CE, B+K, 4A+B (114)
CE, B+K, 4A+B (120) char dep

1K* (see disclaimer)

  • A] (44)
  • B] (60)
  • 4KB (52) allows for wakeup (see wakeup section)
  • B],CE only near walls/edge
  • 4B, 2K (39)
  • 4A] (34) leaves at +8, you can also use this to set something up via delayed EIN
  • 4B*,66A+B (slight charge) (72) if opponent is left close to you CE etc (124)
  • 4B*,1K*,CE,B+K,4A+B (85) (use A+B instead of CE if you're looking for RO)
  • BB (57)
  • 4B*,66A+B (78)
  • CE, B+K, 4A+B (93) char dep
  • 1A (78) tip: delay 1A for tech trap (see more in tech traps section)
  • CE, B+K, 4A+B (112)
  • 1K*,A+B (75) inconsistant
  • CE, B+K, 4A+B (96) inconsistant
  • 1B] (38) + wakeup
  • B+K (46)
  • B+K (38) may wiff on tip range hit and char dep angles
  • 1K*, A+B (62) may wiff at angles and char dep
  • 1K*, CE, B+K, 4A+B (81)
  • 1B] (34) good for wakeup/framtraps
  • 2K (36)
33B* (tip: you can hitdetect if 33B hits, before BE)
  • 4A+B (95)
  • A+B (78)
44B (second hit only)
  • 4B*,66A+B (71)
  • 4B*,1K*,CE,B+K,4A+B (102)
4[A+B] (90)
dash 8A+B (84) wakeup options
CE, B+K,4A+B (110)

- BT B+K, BT A+B (81)
- BT B+K~G~1K*,A+B (110)
Counter Hit Combos
3A (second hit only)
  • 1K*,A+B (69) not very consistant / char dep
  • 1B] (36) good for resets (actually good b/c in most combos with 3A damage scaling makes damage difference insignificant.
  • 1A (50) tech trap
  • 66A+B (60)
  • 1K*,A+B (69)
  • CE,B+K,4A+B (88)
B] (second hit only)
  • 2K (45)
  • 1K (51) only on very close hit.
1B hold
  • 6A, 66A+B (84) char dep
  • 3AA, 1K*,A+B (98) not very consistant / char dep
  • CE, B+K, A+B (100)
  • 1A (max range hit)
22_88BB (or nh 22_88BB second hit only)
  • 1K*, A+B (84)
  • CE, B+K, 4A+B (106)
Guard Burst
  • No meter = iWS B, BT B+K, BT A+B (81)
  • 1/2 meter = 1B],3A*,B] (88) (rather questionable if its worth it, really, not sure if its the best option too.
  • 1 meter = 6K, CE, B+K, 4A+B (120) character dependant
Post GI
  • No meter: 66BA (55)
  • 1/2 meter: 66A*,1A (78)
  • 1 meter : 6K, CE (120) character dependant
Advanced/EIN release combos
1B] full hold
3A, EIN, 6K, CE, B+K, 4A+B = 156 they can escape by back tech unless close to wall
3A, EIN, CE etc = 131
3A, EIN, 3A*, B] = 110
3A, EIN, 66BA = 91

You can reach them with throw right away here so
A+G, EIN,6K, CE etc = 156 I think they can escape by back tech unless close to wall
A+G, EIN, 4B*, 66A+B = 92 dmg
A+G, EIN, A+B = 76 dmg

- 4[A] (player mash button, just release it directly) CH EIN hits, 66BA (easy to confirm) for 90pts dmg
- 4[A] (player wait then react to you unblocable setup) CH 2B (TC and i16) EIN hits 4[A+B] 100pts++ dmg (I think its easier to do 66BA instead = 90 dmg + oki)
- 4[A] (same situation) CH 6B (STN) EIN hits (STN follow due to STN system) 88BB 1K BE CE B+K 4A+B
- 4[A] (opponnent step) 88K (STN) EIN hits 4[A+B] or dash 3B A+B or even 88BB 1K etc...
-4A] opponent step 66B,EIN,3AA, 1B setups (84) or 1K* for extra dmg and RO (107+)

66K,EIN, 4A+B] (85)
66B EIN,A+B (73)
214B,A+B (84) (see unblockable traps section too)
66[A+B] (opponnent step) 88K (STN) EIN launches 4A+B

214B, EIN, CE etc (154) (see unblockable trap section too)
66B,EIN, 1A = 103

If you hold a little B+G but not to the max, you will still hit but have much more frame advantage, allowing you for techtraps.
- 2A will !TT allside
- 1K will be ground punisher
- 4B:BE 66A+B will !TT Right/Back/Front (character dependant)
- and ... CE will be ground punisher (character dependant, not working on Leixia)
Ring Out
1A (also RO's to your left very well)
33B* from quite a distance
4KB if used in combos (22K or wall)
4A+B outside of juggles require opp close to edge.

In combos:
Every 1K* combos can be ended with A+B which is forward RO
3B, A+B
CH 1B],6K
66A+B, delay A+B

Left (to your left)
1A (also will RO forward)

In combos:
Wall Combos

3B!, 1B],3B!,3B,A+B (105)
4B*!,3B! A_B+G (78) wont work on some characters
4B*! 3B! 66A+B,4A+B (87)
9K!,3B! 1B],3B,A+B (96)
A+B!,3B!,1B],3B,A+B (113)
66A!, 3B!,1B],3B,A+B (95)
44K!,BT 2B_2K
66A+B!,3B! 1B],3B,A+B (114)
A+G 4B BE W! 3B W! 6A 66A+B slight charge CE B+K 4A+B 2K 133dmg
3B W! 3B W! 1(B) iR 6A 66A+B slight charge CE B+K 4A+B 2K 150dmg
A+B!, 3B!, 1B], 6A, 66A+B](small hold),CE,B+K,4A+B,2K = 167 dmg (161 w/o 2k)
1B] full hold. CH 6A, EIN!, 66A! 3B!(high wallsplat):
  • - 1B] hold,K,EIN, CE,B+K, 4A+B,2K (152 dmg)
  • - 3A*,B],CE,B+K,4A+B,2K (177)
4A] full hold, 22K hit, EIN,3B!:
  • - 3B!, 1B], 6A, 66A+B](small hold) CE,B+K,4A+B,2K (185)
  • - 1B],3B!,3A*,B],CE,B+K,4A+B,2K (197)
B+K*], 3AA, EIN! , A+B!,1B],3A*,B] 193 works when opponent is in front of you back to wall
B+K*],3AA,EIN!,3B! 1B],6A,66A+B](small hold)CE,B+K,4A+B,2K (222) works if you are aligned towards opponent right side.

Wall Reset:
4B*,3B (high wallsplat), B+K*,2A (46) into a guaranteed throw attempt:
Should opponent try to guard its a free backthrow for 70dmg (total dmg 116)
However, if opponent tries to duck the throw becomes side-throw (65) which is possible to escape. However its still 50/50 to deal 111 dmg. Even better, rcc A+B for another wallcombo if you think they are going to duck. This will bring total damage to over 135 dmg for only 1 bar.
Wake Up / Okizeme
Moves that hit grounded
1B no tracking
2B no tracking
(1B]) K , tracks all
B+K - tracks all
66A+B - tracks right
1K - tracks all
2K - tracks all
1A - tracks all
44B - no tracking
44B+K - no tracking
CE - tracks all

Moves that allow good wakeup on hit:

Note: most of the time if you want to punish them for staying otg heavily, you can risk 1K* as it will catch all normal rolls, but if they tech any side you're wide open. I try to list mostly safe or good mixups, but keep 1K* in mind as a last ditch effort to steal a round, RO, or whatever.

Tip: On wake up DO NOT dash. Just hold down the forward button. Usually you have enough time to make your next mixup uninterruptible should opponent choose to techroll. Dash, on the other hand, almost never cover enough space to reach opponents teching backwards.

1A otg hit (i.e. CH 6A,1A combo)
66A+B must be blocked

B+K will hit all normal rolls, safe on wiff (vs side tech), uninterruptible
66A+B same as B+K but can be punished on wiff
Once they're content to tech roll you can run up for uninterruptible mixup

66A+B cannot be interrupted, will hit otg, backroll, launch against right roll, if they roll left and get up, they cannot interrupt EIN atack, leaving them at huge disadv.
They can double roll to the left to escape EIN hit, but if you delay 66A+B a bit it will track double and triple roll. If they tech left, they can punish 66A+B with launcher.
Once they're content to get up you can run a bit for an uninterruptible mixup for all techrolls

However! If you use 4KB in combos, such as 22K, 4KB the knockdown is different 66A+B can only be doulbe rolled to their left side. So 66A+B / 1K* will become a potent mixup.

2K must be teched (cannot be blocked/rolled)
214B will track all tech rolls, after back roll its possible to GI but not JG

66A+B must be blocked (+15 on block!) unless by double rolling(not tech!) to opp left. see 4KB for more detail on that.
If A+B hits on max range, 66A+B can be escaped by backtech, delay EIN atack when necessary.
CE will hit all normal rolls

B+K hits all rolls, if they techroll its a wiff, but you are safe
if 66B hits on mid-close range 1K* _must_ be teched - they cannot block it.

This is a good opportunity to set up B+K*, since even after 66B hit ,B+K* you are left at advantage on wakeup. You can also react to what they are doing while using B+K*. If they stay otg you can interrupt their pokes with your quick pokes. Should they tech roll it gets really messy, as B+K*,66BA all hits must be blocked. Should they try to atack it all combos for over 90 dmg!
But there is more to it, actually:
After 66B kd, B+K* if you do another 66BA the fastest possible moment it cannot be interrupted, eventually they will stop trying to atack or they might want to JG or GI it. So here is something: If you delay 66B just a bit, you dont have to do 66BA, as, with just a small delay EIN comes back about the same time your 66B gets blocked, which leads to more frame advantage on guard and where your next 66B cannot be interrupted or even stepped! Of course you are free to create even more devious set ups xD

1K otg hit
66A+B can be interrupted but must be blocked. First hit may wiff vs left rolls.

66A+B otg hit if you charge EIN to the max you can:
11_77K for a difficult to block trap where low and mid hit at the same time.
214B for a guaranteed launch if they get up. Timing is a bit tricky.

1B] otg hit
if 1B hits otg then 1B]K is a forced block and a frame trap. If opponent try to roll it will launch. See frame traps section for more options.

8A+B in combos
KD untechable, 2K must be blocked


His best Oki option are B+K:BE and [B+K]:BE.

66BA/66B KND:
Opponent get up and block or side ukemi:
[B+K]:BE 214B (opponent wakeup and block) --> EIN inblocable free hit --> CE (timing is strict) B+K 4A+B, its like around 170 dmg for an inblocable setup.

- [B+K]:BE A+G (opponnent wakeup on standing Guard) A+B combo 103 dmg or CE for 167 dmg
- [B+K]:BE (strict timing) B+G (not easy to do but it will make impact EIN and ZWEI together for 70+ dmg for th B throw!)

Opponent wake up and attack
- B+K:BE 66B+K (opponnent wakeup and mash button) --> Zwei pass through and stun --> EIN hit --> BT A+B hit due to ground stun effect = 100-120pts dmg, and 66B+K is still safe due to EIN and increase Guard Jauge
- [B+K]:BE 66B+K (hit) EIN hits G to turn back CE B+K 4A+B for massive damage. Becarefull the charged version of B+K:BE here will allow the enemy to mash AA/BB after he block 66B+K before EIN arrives.

Opponent stay otg:
- EIN will hit also ground or if the opponnent roll... the only escape possible is to wait on ground and wakeup exactly when EIN arrive. But in this case, you will be hit by 66A+B.

Opponent back teches:
- A+B is a tech trap
- [B+K]*, 3AA will interrupt almost everything and prevent all step (113 dmg)
- B+K*,66BA cannot be interrupted or punished on block, can be stepped and interrupted with very quick pokes before EIN arrives. (100+ dmg)

B+K and B+K:BE

If you do B+K:BE and then wait a little and do B+K, your EIN will not be canceled and will appear much longer after B+K.

Here is some application:

B+K:BE (wait a little) B+K (hit) BB EIN (EIN arrive from B+K:BE lol) and it combo 66A+B/1A/CE
B+K:BE B+K (hit) 4B:BE EIN 66A+B/1A/CE
B+K:BE B+K (block) 66B+K (super TJ that escape a lots of stuff) EIN arrives for Combo if 66B+K hits or make it safe...
Tech Traps
  • 1A tech all
CH B hold, second hit only:
  • 3AA - tech all (sadly, there is no way to make them pay for not teching here)
  • 66B: tech left, back
  • 3AA: tech left, back at close and far hit
  • 1A tech all - do 1A right after EIN hits opponent. This is also guaranteed.
3AA during combos (i.e. CH 1B],3AA)
  • quick dash 66B tech all , will leave in throw range, except vs right tech, the timing for tech all is quite tricky, it is much easier to make it catch only left and back tech.
  • dash 3AA tech left and right
44A (this is a good one)
  • 66A+B : otg (can be blocked), cant be rolled normally, back&left tech relaunch.
  • Delayed 3AA : tech all
66A+B] in combos:
Release EIN when sword hits opponent - guarantee and tech all. Close to walls ground hit combos into CE.

B] in combos (such as 22_88K or 3A*)
66BA - trap all, Lexia can escape by ukemi right
1B - trap all, doesnt hit otg
3A tech all
You can dash and guaranteed 1K/2K/1B to force them tech.

66B and 66BA
A+B - back
66K - back
3AA - left

1A tech all

1A tech all

1A tech all

Frame Traps
- A+B cannot be interrupted, can be stepped or backdashed
- 3AA cannot be stepped, can be backdashed
- 66B cannot be backdashed, can be interrupted
- If you delay 4A just a little bit longer 3AA must be blocked.
This gets truly ridiculous once your opponent learned to respect 4A], as you can hold EIN and it acts as a shield, whether on hit using it to approach or on block forcing your opponent to back away.

If they block the EIN hit and you end the series with K (1B]K), last hit cannot be escaped (unfortunately JG lets them punish you with launcher)
I dont think you get any free mixups here, so 1B is pretty useless outside of CH fishing, unknowing opponents or combo enders to set up unsteppable ZWEI attack.

If opponent blocks the second hit 214B is a forced block, this will allow you to deal quite blow to their guard meter. This also allows for a guaranteed throw, opponent cannot duck it.
if your opponent hesitate to step, you can delay EIN and hit 2K and EIN releas at the same time for 46 damage combo. It cannot be escaped at all. However, its more of a gimick it seems.

- 2nd hit cannot be interrupted, can be JG though.
- On block 66B cant be interrupted, will hit backdash and left step. hard to step right too
quick dash into 66A or 22_88K cannot be stepped
- If you delay EIN hit of 66A+B just a little bit, the EIN itself can be stepped to the left, However this allows for uninterruptible attacks. 66B is a true trap. It also helps A LOT to make them hesitate to move around. Once you've contained them to block you can run up and apply mixup.
- As you know, this move is mainly used on wakeup or combos, well, if first hit connects on grounded opp, you can charge EIN to max, while doing 11_77K or 214B. This will break through their guard and allow to combo.

You are left in mixup range
B] cannot be interrupted (unless they're Natsu).
3A cannot be evaded, but can be interrupted

A] and B]
There are no real frametraps, unless you've cornered opponent, in which case 2A cannot be interrupted or stepped.

B+K BE is also good with all ZWEI unsafe move (mid and low), like 11K (does like 80pts dmg for a low), 44A, 88A, 4A+B...

Ublockable Traps:
- 4A] full hold, 214B -> 3B
- 66A+B hold 214B -> juggle with A+B
- 66A+B hold 11_77K -> juggle with rcc A+B
- B+K*,214B -> 1A tech trap / 66A+B must be teched -
- 44[.B] max charge
- 66[A] max charge 44B+K (player have to mash button when you charge, but can be hit by normal non charged version on counter)
- 6[B+K] + Throw Attempt unblocable special timing

(c) Belial, 2012. This post is a product of intellectual property.
  • You may not copy, reproduce, republish, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, download, post, broadcast, transmit, distribute, lend, hire, sub-license, rent, perform, make a derivative work from, make available to the public, adapt, alter, edit, re-position, frame, rebrand, change or otherwise use in any way any of my posts and content in whole or in part on your product or service or elsewhere or permit or assist any third party to do the same except to the extent permitted at law
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King of Hundred Swords
Some minor corrections
Fixed description of 4A], 4B as 4B is out of reach on block so no hitdeteck there
Added tech trap from 6A to the section for completeness
Added new tech trap from 3AA in combos
Added new frame trap option (gimmick though) from 66A*
Added combo for CH 1B] at max range
Added wakeup option after 1A hits grounded opponent.


[10] Knight
Good shit Belial. More tricks to add to the repetoire. Seems like most of the oki options are can be escaped by left tech though. Did you find any effective ways to discourage the opponent from constantly left teching?

I do really like the oki set-ups on A+B and close-range 66B though. They seems pretty solid.

On the 4[A] traps, those are all referring to if you actually get the opponent to block the EIN follow-up right?
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King of Hundred Swords
Did you find any effective ways to discourage the opponent from constantly left teching?

On the 4[A] traps, those are all referring to if you actually get the opponent to block the EIN follow-up right?
If they techroll you get a free mixup, which in case of ZWEI is _very good_. I think thats discouraging enough.

Yes all listed frame traps are on block, of course.


[10] Knight
i noticed 1A otg hit only leads to forced block 66A+B in some situations. It can be interrupted after 1{B}K (EIN HITS) 1A.

Also, the damage on the 2 meter combo after A+G leads to 100 damage without clean hits, not 85.


The Wanderer
Good stuff. I was going to compile something like this but I guess no need to now XD. Well back to training.
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King of Hundred Swords
(3A) actually gives stun on last hit
WS B, BT B+K, BT A+B will RO to your back

Some combos turned out to be char dep'd:
for example 6K CE and B+K CE will not combo on Lexia.
CH 1B],6A will never hit lexia, CH1B],3AA, - 1K will always wiff unless hits off axis vs Lexia
This needs fix definitely.

Added some wallcombos. More later (if I find any)


[10] Knight
Good job Belial, as usual !
Wall are a bit lacking, I know Hayate found some destructive one, I'll see with him to add them here.
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King of Hundred Swords
3AB*! B+K seem to be the best combo ((
On low walls 22K,4KB! 3B A+B (73) for ring out
or CE, B+K,4A+B for 94 dmg
I'll see if I can find something else.
I'm looking forward to Hayate's combos, Saitoh, thx!


[08] Mercenary
Nice guide!
Heres some crazy wall stuff you can do after 4[A] guard crush or if ein hits after the 4A.
3B w! 1B] (both hits) A+B w! 66A+B 2K. By itself it does 117 damage with no meter. After a ein hit its 137 damage!

A+G throw : 4B(BE) w! A+B w! 3B A+B 91 damage
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King of Hundred Swords
I think I found something really sick just now :p lol

4B*!, 3B super high wallsplat right
So some people follow it with 66A+B for ~87 dmg i think, but, this juggle is not very consistant I think.

so after 3B high wallsplat
B+K*, 2A , thats 46 dmg
now if you throw and they block its a free backthrow for 70 dmg
If they try to duck THEY CANNOT!!! but it will result in a side throw for 65 dmg.
And if you think they'll duck just RCC A+B for another wall combo (they will probably be off axis so its at least 85 extra dmg A+B!, 3B,A+B or 1B],3AA for at least 94 (against some characters even more) and wakeup.
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King of Hundred Swords
By the way,regarding previous post. I managed to make other moves, like BB hit instead of 2A , but it seems inconsistant (you need to step a bit before doing 3B) but this reset is amazing as is IMO. Just saying in case you'll need to tinker around with this in practice mode.

New updates:

Just saw that 4A,214B is unblockable trap, lol, never knew about this one. Doesnt seem extremely useful though. Any success with that, anyone?
After GB best followups:
No meter = iWS B, BT B+K, BT A+B (81)
1/2 meter = 1B],3A*,B] (88) (rather questionable if its worth it, really, not sure if its the best option too.
1 meter = 6K, CE, B+K, 4A+B (120) character dependant

After GI
No meter: 66BA (55)
1/2 meter: 66A*,1A (78)
1 meter : 6K, CE (120) character dependant


[09] Warrior
here's my wall combo when I use 4A], 214B

4A] > 214B-

No meter: 3B, iW, 3B, iW, 1B] (release after hit), 6A, 66A+B, 1B - 127-140 damage

1 meter: 3B, iW, 3B, iW, 1B] (release after hit), 6A, CE, B+K, 4A+B, 2K (the 2K at the end is character specific and will whiff on certain characters if they tech left ex. Natsu ) 150 w/o tech 161 w/ tech


[10] Knight
there's more unblokable traps...like 4[A], 214B.....

-66[A+B] first hit on block, 11K will open their guard, and let second hit of 66[A+B] go in.
-66[A+B] first hit on block, 214B...tricky.
-1, 44A, unblockable trap.
-1, setup for throws.
-B+K(BE), 214B...unblocable......you can mixup with 214A for sidestepers, or 44A.
-B+K(BE), 66B+K...sometimes hit.
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King of Hundred Swords
here's my wall combo when I use 4A], 214B

4A] > 214B-
Im not sure if you can get this often, also I dislike the idea of posting the same combos over and over again just for the sake of extra points of damage this rare setup provides.
If you really have to use meter at the wall here:
3B! 1B] 3B! B+K, CE etc (136 dmg) its 31 extra points of damage, so might be worth it.
It works after 4A] 214B setup as well and deals 157 dmg w/o 2K ender.
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there's more unblokable traps...like 4[A], 214B.....

-66[A+B] first hit on block, 11K will open their guard, and let second hit of 66[A+B] go in.
-66[A+B] first hit on block, 214B...tricky.
-1, 44A, unblockable trap.
-1, setup for throws.
-B+K(BE), 214B...unblocable......you can mixup with 214A for sidestepers, or 44A.
-B+K(BE), 66B+K...sometimes hit.
66A+B trap is interesting, however its not unblockable as CPU always seem to be able to block both hits if on "all guard"
I dont understand what you mean by 1, 44A - after 1B 44A is not trap since EIN hits high
for B+K (BE) I dont get it either. If 214B is unblockable why mix it up? Im confused. How can 66B+K hit, how did you test that?