Yoshimitsu Combo & Tech Trap Discussion


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Has anybody else here had experience with 3B > Single A > Earslicer comboing for some reason? Idk if it's air controllable or not but I've found that if you mess up an earslicer and end up getting a standing A, you'll sometimes have enough time to land a second attempt at the earslicer.

I haven't taken it to training mode, but it has occured multiple times when playing against my friend who plays Leixia/Cervantes. For that reason I don't think it's a character specific thing whatsoever.
Yea, I usually only attempt it against a wall or if they're obviously inexperienced.
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I've been thinking of this force block setup for sometime now. I would like to get someone to test this would be great !

( Note: I want then to block the Poison Breath )

I'm pretty sure you guys know about 1K ~ G ~ 2A+B ~ Jump over grounded player ~ 2A+K for suicide tech tech trap. Pretty much if they try to tech here they are forced to stand up into it. Now, instead of doing suicide press G for a second time then A+B followed up with 6K. They might have time to duck but I think it might be worth testing this out. The whole piece together would like this 1K~G~2A+B~Hop Over~G~A+B~6K. Sounds useful when I think about in certain scenarios like by the walls or ring edge.
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If the wall is to the left 45-90 degrees, 3B 6KK is guaranteed for 88 damage, 98 with clean hit. They can't aerial control it because the wall's in the way. Surprisingly this situation seems to come up a lot. Though this is also where you can 6K and get a big wall combo.


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3B a:B+K DNK 2K is 73-74 damage and is character and range specific. The minimum range differs for each character. You can make it more consistent by buffering 665 after 3B to do a small dash forward before doing a:B+K. Buffering 66 is faster than 6 for very short distances and long distances (in neutral, 6 is often better due to input time, but that isn't a factor when you buffer). How much time you have to do this also varies by the character, and you get less time on side hits but you are usually closer than normal in those situations anyway since their body length isn't pushing you out. Staggering the timing of the DNK hits is required sometimes, and you want to space out the hits as much as you can in general to carry them as far as possible.

Characters that it works on at almost any range, especially if you 665 a:B+K:
ZWEI, Hilde, Tira

Characters that it only works if you're right in their face and do a well-executed 665 a:B+K:
Maxi, Siegfried, Algol (super hard)

Doesn't work on at all, unless you spike them into a stage boundary:
Aeon, Astaroth, Nightmare, Cervantes, Voldo, Ivy, Edgemaster

So to help remember, it works well on all the girls and skinny dudes, except Ivy and Maxi.

It doesn't work on big or evil guys. Or Siegfried or Edgemaster.

A final note on GI: you have time to move forward before 3Bing while staying within the 27 frame window. This helps get the full damage, making Yoshimitsu's post-GI pretty strong.