Zwei Video Thread


The Alpha
I picked up Zwei again after such a long time and decide to upload this since I'm bored. I didn't think I had enough time to block the CE but I guess I did.



[08] Mercenary
Thanks for these excellent offline matches! Though casual and stuff you can learn many things from them.
Come to think of it good offline videos are very rare these days.

PS. you're hot too :)


[09] Warrior
Looks like you forgot his {B} tech traps near the wall. 3B, W!, 3B, W!, 1{B}, 6A, {B} into something like A+B/ CE (vs some characters)/ 3A~etc./ 1K (for sleepers).
1{B}(max charge)~44*11*77A, EIN > is a great setup but I get 44A blocked most of the time.
I liked the B+K BE, 11K, EIN steup the most, looks very deadly near the wall, I'll be looking to implement it (even though 3B/ 66A/ A+G/ 4B BE are about the only ways I get a consistent enough wall splat in matches).
If you're at mid range after B+K BE, 11K, EIN, W! you can RCC into 1{B}, and if RCC is not your strong suit or even if you didn't expect a W! you can always combo into WR B for good damage as well.
66A+B usually never wall spalts for me and is untrustworthy, might be a character dependant thing.
I like Zwei's {B} on Grd pressure near the wall, mxing it with his Throws and 3B with the opponent jammed in the conrner must be terrifying for them!


[09] Warrior
Good matches. At some points I was amazed at the reads. My main training partner plays astaroth so I got a few tips to make your game even tighter:

-Punish all his 6Ks so he's hesitant to throw them out there.
-Focus on pushing forward as much as possible against Asta. The Asta player's range game wasn't too scary but at high levels it will prove to be Zwei's worst matchup because of the pushblock and Gauge damage done to him.
-I would forget throwing out 1B mixups. They may work on the Asta in the vid but every Asta should be bullrushing on reaction. Its useless against him.
-You JG'ed pretty much all the BE Bullrushes and that's great but the Asta should have thrown that out a lot more on wakeup especially when he had the lifelead. Would have negated a lot of your rushdown more often. When Zwei gets close he has almost nothing to rely on to lock Asta down except weak pokes for Asta's BE to eat up.
-Finally I'd suggest not using throws after Zwei's BE B+K. You might as well do a move for blockstun so you know you're always getting something out the of BE. Between throw breaks, fuzzy ducks and Zwei's pathetic grab range it leaves little use for the throw.

Other than that. Good stuff!