Patch Notes

Official Soulcalibur V 1.02 Patch Notes!
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Well we got hints a while back of an upcoming balance patch for Soulcalibur V coming this Tuesday. And of course, when it comes to any sort of significant changes to a fighting game, we all get a bit worried. Would our favorite characters get nerfed? If so, how hard will they get nerfed? How will this affect tournaments?

Thankfully, for the first time ever, Namco-Bandai has supplied us with an extensive list of changes! While it may be "extensive", its not exactly "comprehensive"; there is very little mention of the actual frames of changes. But none the less, this gives us all a point of focus for our research!
Patch notes can be found after the break.

Soulcalibur V Patch Announced for March 21

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We asked and Namco Bandai has delivered. They released information about an upcoming patch to be released next week March 21st. This is going to revamp the ranked matchmaking and most importantly address issues that we the consumers have voiced about gameplay as well as character balance!

Their facebook page also says they will be releasing a list of changes, which is a huge relief to people who test game mechanics.