SOULCALIBUR VI Patch v1.10 Coming on December 17!

We've known for a few days now that a patch was coming soon for SOULCALIBUR VI that addressed some network and character creation issues with the game. However, we did not know how the upcoming patch would affect balance, or if it would affect balance at all... well now we do! Namco-Bandai has posted official patch notes, which you can find below:

Jason Axelrod


So basically..they nerfed the damage on the Nightmare moves that nobody was complaining about, and left the main ones the same haha.
They actually made his CE safer on block.

But for..some...reason.....they...removed the ringout on the back pancake...I mean...the ammount of sense it does not make is staggering, I can't even think of anything else to say........