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8WayRun.Com Updated to XenForo 1.1!
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I've just finished upgrading our forum to XenForo 1.1! There are lots of new changes, so I figured I would make a new announcement thread to go over it all.

Before I get started though, I'm sure a lot of you are already wondering what happened to the dark skin. Well it's not gone permanently, I'm just waiting for an update to get issued for it and then it will return. Don't fret, it will be back in no time. In the meantime, there are a lot of changes of which you guys should be made aware.
More update notes after the break...
Official 8WayRun Podcast Finally Coming?
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Yeah, we've actually been wanting to do this for a long time; but with the lack of news in Soul Calibur IV, as well as the inability to get people together, things just never came together.

Well now its 2 years later, and a new Soul Calibur is coming! New information is coming out regularly and interests are peaked. The first episode of our new podcast will be recorded live over Justin.TV sometime after E3 this week.

Naturally, the topic will be the recently announced Soul Calibur V; what we can speculate, our hopes and what this really means for all of us. The planned speakers during this first episode are set to be myself, and Idlemind over Skype. The system I have put together works on Skype, so in the future we could potentially do some conference calls; hopefully with Project Soul and Namco themselves. If you have any topics and/or questions you would like answered, feel...
Limited Edition 8WayRun.Com Military Hats!
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They've been a long time coming, and I know people have been waiting patiently... I have a large order of hats coming in during the next month and those hats will be readily available for purchase. However, for a limited time only, right now I have 10 of these "limited edition" military style hats! The normal hats will be your standard multi-colored baseball caps.

These limited edition hats also feature a different logo than the baseball caps. The baseball caps feature our older logo, which is better suited for the average square front of a hat. Since these "military style" hats are flatter, we have decided to use our new logo by ExMachina!

Continue… Is Closing

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To all those who called CaliburForum home at one time or another, the site will be closing its doors for good in a month's time. You can click to read the announcement here, but on 1/28/2011, will shut its doors and redirect to

You can also go here for more information. It has been 2+ years since the split from occurred and created. With a new project in the works, we could not move forward with the rift that still existed. It was also not good for those new to Soul Calibur and looking for information, but become lost due to not being updated and other issues, and with the active community here on 8WayRun.

If there is information on that you need, grab it before it is gone for good. I'm glad that a middle ground was achieved. In the end, it...
Continue… Now Running The Xenforo Beta!
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You may already notice... 8WayRun.Com has been updated and completely overhauled! I think we can all agree that the upgrade to vBulletin4 a few months back was a mistake; it should never have been done and it did nothing but hurt this community. Thankfully, some new software has just entered it's beta stages, and it's already so polished that I'm taking the risk and upgrading our community to it.

With any new software, there are of course some changes you will have to get used to. The biggest change you will notice that when you click on a thread name, instead of it bringing you to the beginning of the thread, it will bring you to the most recent unread post (as far back as 28 days). It will take a bit to get used to this, but before you know it... you'll be browsing other forums and wondering why the feature is missing! There are other small changes that you will figure out in time.

The chatroom has been temporarily replaced with Mibbit IRC until Addonchat brings up support for XenForo. The Wiki is also relatively empty as I will be working for the next few days in converting our data to the new format. The Events RSVP system has also been completely overhauled... in which case, all existing event information and RSVPs has been lost. If you have an upcoming event, just make a new event thread, then send me a message and I will merge the old thread with your new one.

You may also notice that "premium" membership has been disabled. I'm working on ideas for the new premium membership system that will give higher incentives for people to join... things like physical goods and prizes, as well as true motivators. If you are a current premium membership and wish to get a refund for overpaid months, message me. Of course, I ask if you would instead kindly chalk it up as a donation for 8WayRun.Com and let it go.

Warning! Server Upgrade Incoming!

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For the past two months, I've been hounding our host, complaining that our server has seen a message performance decline, doing everything I can to see what they could do to tweak our settings and boost performance. But at this point, I've come to the conclusion that we've just been growing too much and now our current service plan can no longer support us.

So today I put in for a server upgrade... We'll be going from a 512mb plan to a 768mb plan; a full 50% memory boost. So the server may be down for a bit later today during the upgrade, but you probably won't notice because of how bad our server has been acting for the past few weeks...