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You May Now Tag PLAYERS in the Media Library!

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So a couple of months ago, we unveiled a large rewrite to the Media Library here on 8WAYRUN. The core function of the rewrite was to build up a "filter" system so that videos could be more easily sorted based on the character usage within those videos. The filters work in a *booru-style system that allows you to add and remove character filters at will.

Well as of today, that feature has been expanded! Now, in addition to character usage, players can also be tagged to videos; provided that player has an account here on 8WAYRUN. So in addition to being able to search for videos featuring both Talim and Sophitia, you can refine the search to include specificity of players as well! For example, you can easily locate videos featuring: Hwang and Ramon!

Naturally, since this is a new feature, and there have been zero players tagged in the past; I'm asking you users to help go through the almost 6,000 videos already in the archives and start tagging players!

New Media Library Changes and Rules!

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The media library we have here at 8WAYRUN started with the best of intentions. It was supposed to be a place where users could find high quality and relevant videos to their interests. And at first, that's what it was; it housed tournament videos, skill projects and more...

However, since then, technology has changed. The ability to record and stream video is open to pretty much anyone. Buy a Live Gamer Portable for relatively cheap and you can get started in no time! Because of this, suddenly everyone is producing video and adding it to the media library, instead of just the high profile tournament organizers.
With all this though, we had a problem.

Today's 8WAYRUN Platform Updates...

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As you all have probably noticed, this website has been down for a large part of today. This downtime was in order to update the XenForo platform we use to the most recent version. This post is to explain many of the new features you will find, as well as try to explain the current known bugs.

This is a rather large update so please be patient with the changes.
Lots of Upcoming Changes for 8WAYRUN
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So just in case you haven't been paying attention the last few months, there have been lots of changes to this website. A few months back, I announced my intentions to expand 8WAYRUN into a network of websites; not just for Soulcalibur, and not just for fighting games. Since then I've been coding a lot of additions into the website in preparation for this expansion.

As I've said before, except for the forum platform itself, much of this website was coded in house. The event calendar, the live streaming system, the ranking ladder, the media library and the wiki were all written by me specifically for this community. My software has since been adopted all across the FGC on websites such as: VFDC, TestYourMight, FreeStepDodge, SkullHeart and Smashboards.
Site updates after the break.

Live Streaming Update and More Protocol Changes!

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By now, you should be seeing that the "Upcoming Events" block on the right side of this page is a bit different. Previously, the block would display upcoming scheduled streams; now this block works more as it's namesake and simply displays upcoming events, whether they have a stream or not.

In fact, it should be "not", since the streaming system built into the event calendar has been completely wiped out, and put out to pasture. In it's place, I have just unveiled a system built specifically around streaming, which is far more powerful and easier to maintain; easier for the moderation staff here, and at the same time, easier for you streamers out there.
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Wiki Updates and Protocol Changes!
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Some of you may have noticed over the past few weeks I've been making a lot of changes to our wiki software. In case you don't know, the wiki software on this website is built in-house, completely by me. Doing this has permitted me to add features to the wiki specific to our type of community, while shaving off all the bloat we see in most other wiki software.

I'm making this post to explain some of the changes you should now see, and will see in the future.
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A Letter from Jaxel, Owner of 8WAYRUN

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You know, 8WAYRUN was launched about 2 weeks after the release of Soulcalibur IV. The community's previous home was having issues and we didn't know how much longer it would be around. We were taking a risk with 8WAYRUN; since it was community funded, we had no idea if it would be self-sustainable. About 6 months after the release of SC4 we became the de-facto hub for all things Soulcalibur.

At first we struggled, but overtime, as real advertisers came in, this website became more than self-sufficient. In fact, it was doing well enough that we were able to get our own dedicated server in preparation for the launch of Soulcalibur V. SC5 launched and since then there has been little to no downtime. 8WAYRUN remains self-sufficient and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
Continue reading on the state of 8WAYRUN.
Post-MLG / Pre-EVO Ranking Ladder Update!
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MLG Spring Championships were this past weekend (as well as East Coast Throwdown 4) and the results are in! Congratulations to Keev for taking yet another MLG Championships (and Woahhzz for taking yet another East Coast tournament). With the results in the record books, the ranking ladder has been recalculated to reflect the new standings.

However, doing some research on the rankings, I'm seeing a few "quirks"; I wouldn't say they are "bugs", because the quirks are actually by design. They actually show not only the strengths of certain players, but explain a few "slights" people may believe exist in the current system.
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8WAYRUN Ranking Ladder Is Now Live!
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If you haven't noticed the new tab that at the top of the forum page, you'll see that Jaxel has made the new tournament ranking system, XenTorneo, available for use. With XenTorneo, tournament organizers can submit their tournament results which will get calculated into the ranking ladder for Soulcalibur V.

Along with the results, you can also submit further details such as character usage, bracket image, as well as embed the results within a forum thread. Check after the break to watch a tutorial on XenTorneo and how to submit your results to the ladder.

Introducing the 8wayrun Player Wiki!

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I have been working for a while on getting this on the website, I hope you all love helping to create/read this as it evolves. The base idea is to get a database of players and their accomplishments along with bios and other personal stuff they want to put up. I hope this becomes a repository of some of the best memories we all have of the FGC :)

Here is an example of a player wiki page We don't have an index yet, because we only have 1 player in the database so far... Expect one next week as well as a weekly listing of new players.
More about this after the break.