Introducing the 8wayrun Player Wiki!

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I have been working for a while on getting this on the website, I hope you all love helping to create/read this as it evolves. The base idea is to get a database of players and their accomplishments along with bios and other personal stuff they want to put up. I hope this becomes a repository of some of the best memories we all have of the FGC :)

Here is an example of a player wiki page We don't have an index yet, because we only have 1 player in the database so far... Expect one next week as well as a weekly listing of new players.
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The Armory III (Weekly Media Roundup) 5/10/12
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Welcome back to another Armory. I'm glad you guys are digging this stuff. Just a few shoutouts, UnseenWombat has organized a 16-man online tournament and the finals will be broadcasted by Fahros this Saturday at 6PM EST. Fahros and Bibulus will be commentating.

The Armory is a collection of community content released every Thursday.
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Interview Time! Episode 2: Trace_AFJ
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Interview Time! is back. This week's special guest is a dedicated Viola player. Yes - even though SOULCALIBUR V is quite new and 1.02 began the Viola bandwagon, there are players who picked her up earlier. One of these players is a former SCIV Setsuka player, Trace_AFJ from Spain.
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Guest Speech: Bibulus on Commentary
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Time for another guest column, kids! I’ve had some family obligations crop up recently, as well as a dire need to make some deadlines with my other writing, so Hate Speech is going intermittent for a while. I’ll still be posting articles from time to time, but, in addition to that, keep your eye out for these guest pieces as well as some other types of new content coming your way. –Hates

When I was asked to do this piece, the first thing I thought was Day9 or djWHEAT should be doing this. Then I realized that with fighting games there is such a different pacing that the tactics for casting have changed to fit the format.
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SoulCast Episode #5: Hawkeye
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Continuing the Hawkeye-fest that has been this last week or so, we managed to get some time in with the recent MLG victor for a more elongated interview. We asked the Chicago native about, of course, MLG and SCV, as well as bunch of other stuff.

It gets, shall we say, colorful at points. We also caught him during one of Chicago's weekly gatherings, so there are some interesting moments with the peanut gallery in the background.
The Armory II (Weekly Media Roundup) 5/4/12
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We’re back again with more media and the Armory is fully loaded. Before we get into the thick of it—a contest announcement. “Calibur Heroes” is starting up soon; you’ll submit online/offline matches and the community will vote for the best fights.

The winning matches are analyzed and commentated on.
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