Soulcalibur V Patch Announced for March 21

We asked and Namco Bandai has delivered. They released information about an upcoming patch to be released next week March 21st. This is going to revamp the ranked matchmaking and most importantly address issues that we the consumers have voiced about gameplay as well as character balance!

Their facebook page also says they will be releasing a list of changes, which is a huge relief to people who test game mechanics.


I think some people should start giving the fact that SC5 is a part of SBO's lineup more attention; not only is it the first console game at SBO but it's also one of the ones the West can show up and do relatively well in (which would serve only to help the community further).
Patch! I'm both happy and depressed they are going to release a list of changes. Sometimes it's fun to "hunt down what has changed". Regardless, I'm excited to see what changes will be made! Gives you a good idea off the bat how the game will look going for the long haul.
I'm glad MLG is not using the patch. 3 days is not enough time to feel all changes, specially for this big an event.
One of many things that needs fixed is Patroklos' 66B+K whiffing after a successful 66B if at an angle or close to a wall occasionally. Sure, that's just one of many things - but I figured I'd re-comment incase anyone reads it... :P
feels kinda early for me. But hey! project soul is finalizing (if not already finalized) their changes so you better tweet daishi sooner than later about bugs you found.
It does seem early. But there's the possibility that some of this is stuff they intended to fix during development but ran out of time.
I just hope they've been taking feedback from the right folk, because we definitely do not need capcom balancing.
The patch comes a little under two months since the game has been out. I think that is perfect.
I haven't heard specifics about this patch, but in most cases patches have to be submitted for MS/Sony approval at least a month in advance. If that's the case here, it would be less than one month after the game released.
Mmm... I don't know, I feel that every char is good in this game, of course Zwei needs a buff, but he would need to change drastically, some whiffs problems that might don't be corrected at all and just a little damage nerf to Natsu.

Now, if they want to make me happy, give me back Tekken moves, so everyone can cry that Yoshi is broken, lol.