The Armory (Weekly Media Roundup) 4/28/12
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Hey guys, Spider here. Now that the community is fired up and information is flying left and right, it's getting harder to stay on top of what is relevant. In these articles, we'll compile the good stuff and bring it all straight to your front page.
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Soul Arena #6 Results & Archive
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If you are like me and missed the stream earlier today from France for Soul Arena #6, you can find the results, bracket and stream archives after the break. This is also a good opportunity to see Kayane and Keev compete before they fly back to the United States to compete at the MLG Fighter Arena this Saturday.

Special thanks goes to Hazu for streaming this tournament.
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MLG Fighter Arena This Saturday 4/28
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MLG has shared further details on their Fighter Arena which takes place this Saturday at their studio in New York City, NY. This thread has everything that you need in regards to the portion of the broadcast devoted to Soulcalibur V which begins at 2PM Eastern.

MLG will feature a main stream that can be viewed for free in SD and in HD for $4.99 which you can click here to purchase, and featuring commentary by our own BrewtusBibulus. There will also be a second stream featuring behind the scenes access hosted by Gootecks.
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TGN Presents Strike.1 This Saturday 4/28
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Tokyo Game Night present the first Strike tournament for Soulcalibur V this Saturday from Tokyo, Japan. Strike.1 will feature a singles tournament that has 82 signups with notable players such as Oosaka, Dekopon, and Itabashi Zangief who have entered.

Strike.1 will also feature a 10 on 10 where a dream team that Toilet is a part of will face Team SC, and a Create A Soul competition. And according to Daishi, Fuudo will also be taking part of 10 on 10 competition as well, so this event will be very interesting to watch.
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Hate Speech: The Hype Train Derails; Countless Injured...
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When I first sat down to write this week’s column I had something rather different in mind than what you’ll see here. I’d been called out and challenged to list my grievances with certain community issues, events, and so on.

It was to be my own version of Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses, though streamlined and updated for the modern digital era—a focused laser-beam of bitching—but then all hell broke loose. My topic slipped its tethers, busted out of its cage, and got water on itself while eating after midnight. I knew immediately that I was in serious trouble, but that’s just how hype rolls. . .
Best Of Soviet Calibur: Streaming Sat 4/21
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Update: Results

Captain Russia has gathered 8 best players from all over Russia to compete for wealth & glory in SoulCalibur V deathmatch.

Event will go live 21/04 on at around 6:30 AM EDT (GMT -4).
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