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Now that SC5 has been released, we are going to probably have a lot of new users... especially today. In the Soulcalibur community, we have not had a major community website survive during the launch of a core title; even Shoryuken couldn't stay up during the launch of SF4. I've been optimizing our scripts for the past half a year in order to prepare for today. We'll see how it goes.

Moving on, with the new game and new players, there is bound to be a lot of new information. If you're a new player: welcome, we are glad to have you! Make sure you head to our New Player Arena and make a thread to introduce yourself. If you're a veteran, be sure to say hello to our new members; direct them to the right areas, and for the love of all things Soulcalibur, stop being a bunch of whiny little bitches! I hope to see you all attending tournaments in the upcoming year.


The online forum has been wiped! Don't blame me, it was all Partisan's idea! Online in SC4 was a major stain on the game, but thankfully the online in SC5 is probably the best online ever put into a fighting game to date. So the forum has been wiped and hopefully the future will be more about competition, and less about hate because someone beat you with abusable online lows.​

This is something they don't do on SRK, which I think is a mistake... From now on, the event system and the tournament announcement forum are for tournaments ONLY! The upcoming streams list on the front of 8WR is supposed to highlight tournaments and we want to emphasize them above all else.​
We don't need random 24/7 streams, casual sessions in some guy's basement or psn/xbl lobbies on the front page of 8WR. The only 24/7 lobby that will be permitted is the upcoming 8WR 24/7 stream. Any streams found violating this will be deleted and the author will receive an infraction.​

With SC5, I am remaking the tournament ladder system we had during SC4. It will take some time. For now, please hold onto your bracket/TIO files! The system I am making will be compatible with both TIO and It will probably not be compatible with because it does not offer an open API.​


Editing has been disabled for all but Administrators and Moderators. Moderators are free to edit wiki pages as they please, but make sure to have your content ready so that you don't have to be doing constant edits. Make your pages in notepad or something before you paste them into a wiki page. Administrators and Super Moderators are able to create new pages, so if you need a page made, be sure to contact one of them.​
There are new templates put in place for Soulcalibur V. Heaton has been working on the Mitsurugi SC5 Frame Data page, so feel free to look at that for examples on the new templates. You will notice that there is a new column for JG (Just-Guard), and the SC (Soul Crush) column has been replaced with GB (Guard Burst).​
New smilies are also part of the new wiki. In the past, if you wanted to code A+B into the wiki, you would have had to input :A::+::B:. The new smilies have some basic concatenated strings, so you can instead do :A+B:. Only universal concatenations have been added, so something like Siegfried's :a-small:::gA: would have to be done with :a-small:::gA:
You will also notice that there are a lot of images missing from the wiki, and there are no Soulcalibur V galleries. Please do not add any images on your own; I have strict guidelines which determines what images get uploaded and to where. I will upload images in due time.​

This is an issue that has always bugged me; but during SC4 we weren't that active so it wasn't much of an issue. Now with SC5, we have a lot of users, and everyone has the capability to upload their own videos. When you are adding your videos to the media library, please make sure to categorize your videos correctly.​
Your 8 second long combo video is not a "Skill Project"; nor is it a tutorial video. Stop kidding yourself. Mis-categorized videos will NOT be re-categorized by a moderator unless they are in a "gray area"; they will instead be deleted! You lose, you get nothing, good day sir. Repeat offenders will risk infractions.​
Also, please remember to add the appropriate character keywords to your media.​
Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod

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I feel ya I'm still waiting on my copy from winning the IGN Twitter contest a week or 2 ago also not having a job sucks as well.
Ooo! You were a winner? Congrats! Too bad it didn't some with a stick but now you have the 50-80 bucks you didn't use to buy SCV!
I have been playing the game all night. I was able to pry myself away from it for a bit. *u* ho-ly-shit this game is awesome. Hopefully, this game has a much better run than 4 did.
Umm... we have an "upcoming streams" list on the front page of SRK.
Yes, I know... I wrote the upcoming stream block for SRK.

What I'm saying is that their stream list is unmoderated. They let any stream get the front page space... even casual non-tournament streams. When I was still an admin there, I moderated the space; but they removed my admin status last month for some reason.

For instance, right now there are THREE 24/7 XBL streams at the top of the stream list on SRK. They do nothing but take up space.
Everyone who's a veteran around here should feel a bit obligated to go to the New Player Arena and greet all our new players. If you want to grow the scene you need to make this a welcoming place.

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