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    I'm usually available evenings EST. Wanna say like... Monday, 6pm EST?

    I'm usually available evenings EST. Wanna say like... Monday, 6pm EST?
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    Anytime you're ready. PSN id: AngerBunny

    Anytime you're ready. PSN id: AngerBunny
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    This may seem like a silly question... but I'm looking for stats/opinions with this 'option' I guess. Is it quicker to 2B+KG for the stun at tip? Is it safer that say 11_77B? It seems quicker ((2B+KG)). Less Damage, but you can still grab the tip stun into 6K or 66A+B for comparable damage and...
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    Yus. is owl.

    Yus. is owl.
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    XD Nice. It's all cute and cuddly, huh?

    XD Nice. It's all cute and cuddly, huh?
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    Who takes more skill? Time?

    Mina has little to learn about her other than you need to keep people into that magic distance away from you. She's difficult to master in a competitive sense due to the fact that she's pretty readable and slow. So I'd say in a competitive 'I wanna win' sense, she should be near the top of...
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    Setsuka Combos

    Sexy Setsuka Combos I know it's shakable, but... 4K -a:gB, (You can be a little further away than you think and you can link other things into this. I like ending it quick with aB but the timing's all funky.) -bA (Decent damage for 2 moves.) I dunno. didn't see them listed.
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    So tommorow is the end of the world

    Wow. I wrote a short-story about something like that. But i doubt it will be large enough to compress the entire world into an infintessimal spec. Or, I hope, rather. Who knows. When it happens, we migh have an even horizon and just be frozen doing the same thing for eternity. Or it'll happen so...
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    So tommorow is the end of the world

    ....What are you talking about?
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    SCIV Online: Good Happy Games

    Actually, Yesterday I met up with some decent players. One Killer Soph/Cass, and someone that basically just played random. But we talked strats and tactics. frames, online gaming... it was great. So, if anyone's looking for a match up... Find me. Just send me a friend invite with 8wayrun in...
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    Tira Stance/Move Study

    Oh. GREAT. I suppose I never noticed because most of the time 2 and 8 8WR are usually the same moves on most of the characters I've been using. :/ ... wow I feel dumb. I've been trying to nail down some combos using those two and it's the first I recall it being switched up that way. But...
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    Soul Crush Study - Flashing Red Bar

    Also... the soul gauges are tug-of-war like. Meaning that GI aren't the only thing to replenish it. Do more damage to your opponent and it starts to replenish, although it seems to come back much slower than it depletes. For instance I was flashing red, then landed a nice 'panic' string, and my...
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    Things for a total SC noob to practice to become good?

    To Build Muscle, you Must cause the muscle damage. Tearing, roughly. Muscles tear a bit with use. Under strain. Like lifting weights. But. Every repair causes growth. Same with getting better at these kinds of games. Gotta take your medicine if you want to get better. As for online? I've...
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    Tira Stance/Move Study

    Also. Something that should be mentioned and hopefully fixed... in a patch... The PS3 Version seems to reverse two moves depending on which side you're on. P1 side (GS) 88B and 22B are reversed on P2 side. (22B launches. 88B crushes.) Just something I haven't seen anyone bring up. Mebbe I...
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    Character Selection

    I always used to play Mina and Yun Because I'm Half Korean, Myself. Just some kind of pride thing. And In the previous games, I liked Mina's Move-sets. In IV she just seems like a slower half of Kilik. Her Moves were shuffled around... And I dunno. She doesn't seem as interesting. I Miss X. I...