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    Viola is Amy (CAS Inside)

    Viola is Amy. Proof that she's NOT Amy please? Also good job on the hair color on this character that IS Amy.
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    Taki's Replacement Revealed?!

    Where have you been since SC2?
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    [Aug 26, 2011] GVN Summer Jam V (Philadelphia, PA)

    Love how its boring as helllllllll.
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    [Philadelphia, PA] 1-800-GET-THAT-CHICKEN

    Soul Calibur 5 with guest character Shawn Hunter.
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    [Philadelphia, PA] 1-800-GET-THAT-CHICKEN

    Pretty sure I have one.
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    Return of the Jaxel-Dome! First Blood: Part Deux Results

    Those marvel results look fucking hilarious. GGs wetbucket. Fuck off Ivan.
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    Theory Calibur/Go to DEV/Like This Post Thread

    Scrubs get caught for murder and get put away for life. Good players grow up to be lawyers.
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    NEC XI is coming!

    Classy as always
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    Return of the Jaxel-Dome!

    Not so much borrowed as you threw it at me and told me to play.
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    Competitive Player Archetypes and the implication.

    I feel like this thread went no where near the direction the op intended.
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    Regarding FSAK

    Yoda is unlocked by opening your wallet.
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    FSAK - Post Tournament Banter

    First, everyone needs to give props to the following: HackerMike who was up at 5AM sunday morning entering results into the bracket Alicia who was entering results all day long. IdleMind who will soon weigh 95lbs from all the running around he was doing and giving the direction that got this...
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    3 Killed Over XBox

    Human weapons don't penetrate shields well and they could have used the car for cover to let them regenerate. I'd be more impressed if he'd sticky grenaded them. Fuckin scrubs.
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    Yakuza 3 review by actual yakuza

    Thats gay they cut of the mahjong and the happy ends for the US release.