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    SELLING Jade trinket shop (03/31/18)

    Since it's time to raise money again, I've once again set my sights on this stash of processed jade items and also revamp the shop in the process. Ebay really isn't a good outlet for this kind of thing due to flood so I'm trying to sell directly to interested parties, priced to move. Note that...
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    Elysium - Ivy CE finish

    An old match steal combo that I realized I had never shared, for damage reference or whatever.
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    I need more Super Mario Maker in my life.

    I need more Super Mario Maker in my life.
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    Super Smash Bros Wii U/Nintendo 3DS

    A couple of you might have caught wind of this already, but the ultra spammy rolls and dodges combined with shield strength kinda makes the game unfun and overly defensive when people are legit trying to win. Or even in a casual setting where repeated rolls and dodges are stupidly hard to catch...
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    Wut is on hit advantage?

    When you were a newbie at fighters, did you have trouble understanding this concept?
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    The Legend of Zelda

    Zelda looking a lot like Xianghua in this
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    Soul Calibur V PERU Tira reset combo

    I was wondering where in what weird setup the BA property of CH JS 11_77B would have any impact.
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    Leixia Q&A/General Strategy Thread

    Quick reminder... what am I supposed to do when B+G Wall hits. Is anything better than 66K guaranteed? It's not in the combo listing, unfortunately.
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    Tira General Discussion / Q&A

    Addendum: JS 4K headache is 0 on CH instead of -7. Might be worth adding to the wiki.
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    Tira General Discussion / Q&A

    I only just now realized for myself that JS 4K is 0 on hit instead of minus when used after the stuns of 4A and 22_88A. The more you know.
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    Do you think characters having different health would balance the game?

    Give Viola half the health of the next lowest health character(s), and a dark mode for being KO'd with full meter at the end of a round. yeah sure why not
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    Random garbage about Clean Hits

    I did some tests a while back to zero in on actual Clean hit frequencies since "A, B, C rank" by themselves doesn't really say much. Elysium-Omega's clean hit ranks were also mostly undocumented, so I went out of my way to test those to compare rates with other moves that have known ranks...
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    Matchup Discussion: Leixia VS. Hilde

    3A working on the second attack of Leixia's 66BB series surprised me in particular because it vaguely looks like a stab. 66BbB is practically 3[A]able on reaction hit or block. D:
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    Matchup Discussion: Leixia VS. Hilde

    Beware using the second attack of the 66BB series on Hilde, as her 3A / 3[A] can aGI it for a potential 70+ damage.
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    Leixia Q&A/General Strategy Thread

    Pyrrha's AA range is o.o Also None of the hits in AA BE do more than 20 damage. Doesn't that mean that it is affected by critical health scaling?