Aeon Combo Discussion


[08] Mercenary
33B, BT B+K, 8B+K, 44[K]-91 Damage This takes some extreme timing as 8B+K needs to land at tip range to avoid the jump back but it looks awesome lol.

Yeah it does lol. Finish with 44BAA for moar damage and RO too.

EDIT: And wall splat. Honestly even against tiny characters this 100ish dmg combo is working. When you mis-time/mis-space it and get the bounce off you still net a cool 60ish dmg
EDIT2: Ok. Taking 33K 33B tech trap (char-specific and kinda whacky) and adding your leap to it with 44BAA. 142 damage no meter lol! but very very unreliable

EDIT3: 33B, BT B+K, 8B+K, 44BAA is seriously my new favorite combo. Maybe after some low mixup with 11_77K I'll start throwing this out there. It's working on every character I try it on and the RO and wall splat capabilities are great. It's not that hard to do: instead of waiting until the last moment to BT B+K you wait for the first moment. If you screw it up you'll only do a little less damage with the 8B+K bounceoff than if you landed a regular followup like 66A+B

!%*# let's see if I can find the timing to do this after WR B
EDIT4: No effing way to reliably time it for WR B. Keep getting bounceoff (which still looks boss as hell, but does less damage than something like 66A+B)
EDIT5: But by applying the same principle of using the BT B+K sooner than later I can now easily combo in the 44BA reliably after the WR B, BT B+K. No more 66A+B for me.


[10] Knight
I've given up on the 8B+K combo off of 33B. It's not reliable as it requires an exact axis. Unless I'm near a wall, it's not worth the risk of whiffing 8B+K.


[11] Champion
I never posted in reply to whoever I originally told I was having trouble with it, but yeah, 44BAA is way easier then I allowed it to be initially. Just gotta do it early and you'll get it 100%, no real timing needed. If 33B, BT B+K, 8B+K, 44BAA is really that consistent, then I guess I got some lizard homework to do tonight.


[08] Mercenary
I've been using

33B > BT B+K > 66B, K - 93-103 damage

It's super easy to pull off compared with 8B+K that I'm seeing people suggest. Is there some reason that my combo doesn't work that I'm missing?


[09] Warrior
They can either hold G to stand up and guard the FLY K or tech to cause it to whiff entirely and then punish you hard.


[08] Mercenary
33B - BT B+K - 4b+kG is what I use. Untechable and pretty much guaranteed if the 33B hits.

WS B doesn't lead to a BT B+K if it hits at max range.


[08] Mercenary
I'm not digging the 8B+K. I've gotten it a few times, but the timing is way too tight to be worrying about in an actual match.

One weird thing that I found while I was messing around is that I once randomly got something like 33B>G>B,B,B for around 90+ damage while the Dummy was set to right ukemi. I haven't been able to replicate it. I was half mashing and not paying attention, so maybe I'm missing a button.


[08] Mercenary
I don't like using 44BAA in wall combos, as both As can cause a splat. It's very situational which ones hit and which ones miss. Sometimes trying a 44BAA off a splat will result in the B connecting, but Aeon ending up with his back turned when the AA come out.

It's all very wtf sometimes. Wall combos are just iffy with him, but they're the strongest part of his game (and really the only use for 6b$ and 1b$).


[08] Mercenary
didnt see it mentioned in here (granted i kind of skipped around)

how about 33B, BT B+K, 66BK

sorry if my notation is wrong, I havent played much SC


[08] Mercenary
Following up on the 8B+K combo
D_Matt_ma is right about the axes. Some characters are nigh unhittable with 8B+K when launched from the side. The combo is also further complicated by whacky hitboxes on a few characters like Nightmare. The combo is still doable, but the BT B+K window is very very small. In these cases it's simply not worth the risk.

I'm still going to use it in very specific situations (point-blank waking up) and against specific characters where it's easy to time (Pyrrah comes to mind), but it's definitely not the greatest combo ever. Though it made me feel like the greatest player ever when I landed it on a mitsu in an xbl match last night.


Holy Moly
I haven't really looked around at combos yet, so forgive me if these have already been found/posted:

4A 44BAA - 51 dmg
4A 6B - 36 dmg
4A 6B BE - 93 dmg
4A 33K - 47 dmg

*1A tech traps certain ukemi attempts post 4A

1B BE 66K - 87 dmg (94 with clean hit)

6(K) blocked near wall or ring edge guarantees 6B BE

Will post more as I find stuff.


[10] Knight
I forgot that Ring does not update the first post -_-. Updated it with Rico's post. Will do update when the patch comes out.


[09] Warrior
Ok so, notable stuff the new CH 4B combos into:
- 44BAA (actually a tech catch, but catches all directions)
- 44K
- 6B BE
- CE
You don't have to be close for the 6B BE to combo either. They sorta fall into it. Sometimes doesn't combo at max range.

4B also has a fair bit of pushback on block now. This has become a pretty interesting move.