Bandai Namco Entertainment Symphonic Concert

Bandai Namco is partnering with Orchestral Memories to perform their music live on February 4th in Paris, France. If you don't know who Orchestral Memories is, they are a live symphonic orchestra that perform video game music and are made up of about 80+ musicians.

You can expect to hear songs from Dark Souls, Tales of, TEKKEN, SoulCalibur, God Eater, Ace Combat and more. Go Shiina who is a music composer at BNES will be present at the event as well.

For more information and ticketing, please visit


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Michael Stabile


More Soulcalibur promotion. At least they're not forgetting that it exists.

Just 1 step closer to SCVI the way I see it.
I went to the Tokyo Miku Symphony & really loved it.

Great tunes & live sound!

There are classical concerts for different gamez etc. I've seen ads for Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest. In the old dayz they had Space Battleship Yamato.

I suggest that anyone interested get some tickets & check them out.
Their youtube page has the main Namco trailer as well as the soul calibur trailer (no other games has an exclusive trailer). What does this mean ?

Any guesses on which pieces will be performed ? Hour of Destiny? History Unfolds ? Thanatos ? Healing Winds?

Also, isn't Junichi Nakatsuru the main composer dude for the Soul Calibur franchise ?
This is pretty cool actually. I went to a Legend of Zelda concert in Stockholm, Sweden last october and it was wonderful. I could definitely see myself going to this one too for SC, Tekken and Dark Souls if it ever would play in Sweden.