Dampierre Non-Gameplay Discussion - Oh come now. Take it easy.


Imminent Heel Turn
Interestingly enough, there are 33 lines of character name text. It makes me wonder if the Dampierre thing is a red herring or if it's substantive and they will have more characters than will fit on the screen as of right now (31).

For now, I'll just pretend that although they've muzzled Daishi, he found a way to sneak a message to the outside.


[10] Knight
You're right, his name is there. I wonder if he'll make a return? I hope so because I never got a chance to play as him [don't own BD], and I always thought he looked fun to play.


[09] Warrior
Siegfried isn't listed. Either there are gonna be more characters or this is just a false lead. :P


[13] Hero
I would like to give Dampierre a shot since all the veterens i need have been announced
EDIT: Damn forgot about Zasalamel and his sturdy black build


[13] Hero
Damn hackers.
Is it really that hard to wait?
People are going to spoil everything.
Like in MK, seen every character with fatality before i even had the game, lame.


[13] Hero
Lol i messed up totally anyway.
I thought people hacked this because of the pic but it's just captured from the trailer. Stupid me.


[14] Master
Funny how that Ezio leak early this week has left us speculating and now this Dampierre reference is leading into more speculation. I wonder if that leak was intentional just to mess with everyone's minds. :P