Fan-made SOUL EDGE 2 Game Demo/Beta!

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By Jaxel on Dec 7, 2013 at 7:00 PM
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    A fellow member of 8WAYRUN @saki has been working tirelessly for the past few months on a fan-made version of SOUL EDGE 2. The game is based on the very popular M.U.G.E.N. platform, so naturally its a 2D, 6 button fighter. But this isn't just some simple M.U.G.E.N. mod; he's customized everything, down to the menus and the music.

    Since this is the first public version of the game, only a few characters are currently available: Cervantes, Mitsurugi, Taki, Sophitia, Siegfried, Nightmare, Ivy, Astaroth, Seong Mi-Na, Jin Kazama (Tekken) and Saber (Fate). There are also seven iconic Soulcalibur stages recreated in 2D form. Saki informs us that not all characters are complete (only 4 characters even have throws), and that this is strictly a beta.

    mugen000.png mugen001.png mugen002.png mugen003.png mugen004.png mugen005.png mugen008.png mugen009.png mugen010.png


    Instructions for use:
    1. Extract the first part named "Soul Edge II" to somewhere on your computer, "My Documents" is probably the easiest place to remember.
    2. Extract the other four parts into the "Soul Edge II" folder.
    3. If you've correctly done this your folder should look like this.
    4. Run the "MUGEN" application and your game will start.
    To navigate the menu use the arrow keys and "a" on your keyboard or "Enter" to select an option. You can configure your inputs in the Options menu to suit your needs. The default input uses "a" and "s" for attacking with your weapon or fists; "z", "x" and "c" are used to attack with kicks. To taunt you can use "f". To use power-ups, press "d" and "c" simultaneously.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jaxel, Dec 7, 2013.

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