Four New Characters Revealed!

Last night, Namco had a press event in San Francisco. At this event, they revealed four upcoming characters for SOULCALIBUR VI. In addition to the expected staples of Nightmare, Xianghua and Kilik... we also got our first look at a brand new character: Grøh.

Since SOULCALIBUR VI takes place before other titles in the series, there remains some questions about a few of the characters in this trailer. Obviously with Nightmare and Kilik. Are Siegfried and Nightmare still one person? Is Kilik currently being possessed by the Kali-Yuga; though he appears to be wearing the Dvapara-Yuga. Screenshots to follow.

25_sc01.jpg 25_sc02.jpg 25_sc03.jpg 25_sc04.jpg 25_sc05.jpg 25_sc06.jpg 25_sc07.jpg 25_sc08.jpg 25_sc09.jpg

Screenshots added January 26, 2018

groh.jpg kilik.jpg nightmare.jpg xianghua.jpg

Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_002.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_003.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_004.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_005.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_006.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_007.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_008.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_009.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_010.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_011.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_013.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_014.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_015.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_016.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_017.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_018.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_019.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_020.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_022.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_023.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_024.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_025.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_026.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_027.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_028.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_029.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_030.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_032.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_033.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_034.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_035.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_036.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_01-26-18_037.jpg
Jason Axelrod


Getting 4 character announcements makes the long wait definitely worth it. Thanks Namco/PS/whoever.
Now about those characters...

Grøh: Not gonna lie, when i first saw the artwork in the beginning of the video i immediately thought it was Alpha Patroklos... but THANKFULLY, that's not the case. He seems like a mix of Z.W.E.I & A Pat when it comes to the looks. I like it, honestly. Gameplay-wise he's very interesting too. He's got a pretty neat-looking moveset(s). Can't wait for more gameplay footage.

Nightmare: Nice to see Nighty back. The first thing that stood out for me, from the ENTIRE trailer when i watched it for the first time was his Critical Edge. Holy fucking hell, that was beautiful! I'm probably not gonna play him either ways 'cause he's never been my kinda fighting style, but i totally appreciate the idea and work put into this that CA animation. Makes me wonder what they'll do with the rest of the characters.

Xianghua: Nice to see another classic character coming back. I was never into X or her movelist tbh, but it's definitely nice to see her back instead of her daughter.

Kilik: A similar case to X, i was never into Kilik but it's nice to see him back and not as a mimic. About malfested Kilik, am i the only one who thinks that that's just an alternative CA? I mean, he was regular kilik who transformed in a CA-like animation and initiated the punch. I don't think it's an entirely different fighting style.

All in all, this was an awesome reveal and i can't wait for more footage from EVO.
4 Characters is interesting, meaning the roster have 6 characters so far, makes me wonder how many characters they will reveal, batches of 4 seems too good to be true
Nightmare looks fucking incredible. The horse blew me away, never though I'd see something so cool.

They didn't show much (and why would they choose to showcase his side throw of all things?) but the good news his grim stride is back at 1:11 in the trailer. His 3(b) NSS b:A is back as well. Looks like they put his 22k into GS. And he has his old 4B back with the GB properties!

Nightmare looks sick, real happy they've further developed his Azure Knight look with the torn cape and a phantom horse which he then proceeds to rush people with. Also loving that his moves are based from his more unique SCIII - SCV incarnation. If it's just Nightmare, then I'll take what I can get since I also main him, but I'm hoping that Siegfried, with a revamped look of his own (with a cool looking cape as well?) plus his modern moveset will also be on the roster.
Overall I like nightmare's look, but the chest spike looks weird and the cape doesnt look like it belongs. Also going by his previous designs, shouldn't the cape be red?
Nice to have them back!

About Groh, I was a little underwhelmed by his fighting style tidbits tbh. :/

Same goes for the animation of Kilik's CE...seemed kinda stiff to me.

Love Nightmare's cape!

What's it about the concept art, though? Has it been confirmed that it's Takuji Kawano's work? To me, perspective seems a little off in Sophie's (head), Groh's (arms) and Kilik's (arms) artworks...
I usually don't like to get my hopes up, but fuck it, they're up! They're WAY UP! This is feeling like Soul Calibur again!