Fresh new moves lacking?


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Can you please list/describe the core moves so far that are fresh and never-before-seen in any previous SC game? It doesn't seem like there is many - except perhaps via Soul Charge? Even then it might only be 1-2 new moves per character?

95% of Taki's moves seem not original - except for her projectile bomb?

What does Maxi have that he didn't have before? Any new stance moves you've noticed?

For Ivy it's worth noting what SC2 stuff has returned, otherwise might she have anything fresh?

It seems like Project Soul have done a lazy job this time, hence the reason they are able to incorporate more favourite characters from past games and mostly just tweak them based on existing moves.

Projectile bomb


Soul charge string - 3 hits


1 or 2 maybe?

RLC - 2 new attacks?



Too early to tell?

Two hit vertical, reminiscent of SC3 22BB
Downward ground stab into SBH, guarantees SBH k(BE); also a Just Frame
SCH (A) (?) ~ SRSH- Two hit move, high low. Uses first hit of SCH A into NBS bA
SCH K(K) ~ SCH - Mid High. Now using the second hit of SC4 SSH K, leads back into SCH; new online scrub killer is SCH K(K) ~ SCH K(K) ~ SCH K(K)

3(B) ~ SCH k(BE) ~ New Vertical ~ SBH k(BE)
SBH B ~ New Two Hit Vertical ~ 66B

I guess Yoshi might have the most additions?


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Tons of inputs have changed. A number of moves from previous games that were removed in later versions of the series, returned. Several new mechanics.

Tons of follow-ups have also been integrated. Sieg's new 6AA for example used to be just a 4A, and 11B is now 6B with additional follow-up in 6BB. Every character also has a new AAA and BBB.

Keep in mind that the Soul Calibur cast once had some of the largest movesets in fighting games and were gutted and re-organized in SC3 and SC4. Moves that once existed in SC2 home console ver. never showed up again in later iterations of the series and SC5 implanted a huge number of new moves and strings into the game.


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I've seen a couple new things for Zas

He gained a two part attack when BT, that hits M L
His toe stab (sc IV 2B+K) has gained the follow-up mid hit, like in scIII, and the ability to initiate time-stop afterwards. (I see a big combo coming up from a low when your opponent is fully cursed! ^^)
B+K pimp hand has a different animation and applies curses.
He has a new dual slash horizontal that seems H M
66A+B can be followed by time-stop.
A new guard break downward Mid during Soul Charge.

That's what I can remember from the little gameplay we've seen so far. I'm excited though :p


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How much of this stuff can he still do I wonder?

Also, can he put the sickle down on the floor in an upright position? (Not sure what the move was called - 4:28 above)
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The move you are referring to is what I described as the toe stab. I saw him perform time stop right after it in a recent video. So here's hoping it's a natural combo with time stop, that can lead to something big. He never had good low mid mixups in sc IV so that would be welcome :).

From what i've seen they elaborated mostly on his scIV incarnation. He changed quite a bit from scIII to scIV, apparently a change that was already initiated with the scIII AE. He lost some mix-up ability, but gained the draw property on a lot of his moves.

As for changed moveset in scVI, I remember a few more:
He has a new BT A that kinda looks like the second hit from scIV BT B+K
scIV 1K and 4K are fused in a string, probably 1KK which hit L M


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The floating orbs are applied with what is probably the new B+K, like a fast get off me move, often referred to as 'pimphand' in scIV. The orbs are consumed when you use a time freeze move, we've seen it so far after RE B, old 66A+B and toe stab. More orbs means longer freeze time and it will probably lead to guaranteed combo's. In Zas's announcement trailer he followed up with his old A+K slow horizontal guardbreak, and it was guaranteed.