Good Games Thread

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Hey, Bifordus, you should play me once you get your PS3 fixed. We've played before, back when I was a scrubby little Nighty. Now I gotta get revenge for all the facepalms you put me through.


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Hilarious game to that lv 625 siegfried I met on ranked today - Sorry for making you a victim of Lagol, and thanx for all the hatemails;)

Was it aiyagirl or whatever his/her name is? Because she/he/it hatemailed me, telling I was lag abusing because I was "spamming Sophie's hard front counter."

How the hell am I supposed to be lag abusing by block punishing?


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GGs to darkfender, daurek and Sakon_is_back.

Epic games to Kvalsternacka! Just shy of 40 games of toing and froing.

Maybe the best online session I've had in the past two years. :)
Good games to a LOT of people I've played in the past few days.

Especially Neverdies14. Fucker just couldn't resist that last RO with Ivy when he had no health left.

Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
GGs to PSN, bad games to the laggy hell that is XBL

I wanna get some matches in with you NDK, I know you got some Maxi strats down (I seen that vid of you and Krazy..funny fuckin shit)

Im on xbl but Im in so cal...I get good 5 bar connections with Hajime and Uber, I think it be fun....hit me up!!



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GGs to Death, Xeph, and others ive played past few days.
BGs to iiDRiiS, SoulSetsuka, and all of his other accounts he has.
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