Katsuhiro Harada Confirms Soulcalibur V Discussion!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jaxel, Aug 21, 2010.

By Jaxel on Aug 21, 2010 at 1:14 AM
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    Well for the past week, this website and several others have been ablaze, discussing the possibility of another installment in the Soulcalibur franchise. While Soulcalibur IV was hugely successful outside of Japan, the game was obviously designed to be the last in the series; especially since the word around the rumor mill is that Project Soul, the group responsible for SC3 and SC4 had been disbanded. Last week, Katsuhiro Harada, the producer of the Tekken franchise for Namco dropped the bomb that he would only look into another Soulcalibur game if it appeared to him that there was enough interest.

    While some may have thought Harada was simply trying to boost his twitter following; this community banded together, with the help of other fighting game communities to show Harada that the interest still exists. In less than a week, 3,000 people signed the Facebook petition to prove to him that we still want another Soulcalibur game! The petition is still open and people should still continue to spread the word about it so that we can show Namco more than just 3,000 people want SC5! But for today, Harada confirms in an official response in the Facebook petition with what we've all been waiting for!

    Yes I'll share this petition with my Staff, Directors, and SC Senior Producer / Leader Mr.Yotoriyama. I promise. ... Our team will be interested in your opinions that much if there are a lot of followers. ... Of course, it becomes the power of the number of these petition. ... I love fighting games. Thanks.

    Harada then goes on to mention that he would be willing to accept opinions and requests on his twitter (as long as you are a follower); but to keep the messages short and to the point as English is not his native language. While this is great, I am asking the community here to NOT post opinions and requests on his twitter. Yes, you should follow him, but instead of posting requests and opinions, just simply ask that he coordinate with the representatives here at 8WayRun.Com while developing the game. It would be much easier for a few representatives here to be heard, than a mass of people who may not know exactly what they want.

    While this does not guarantee Soulcalibur V, at least we know Namco hears us and knows we exist!

    UPDATE: Harada just tweeted the following:
    Yeah i found Soooooul Calibur !! I did co-director. My development team will be create new one .....?
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jaxel, Aug 21, 2010.

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    1. lostinseganet
      Hopefully, they will take some feedback from casuals, and not the hardcore fighting game scene lol. Most casuals will probably not be well represented by 8 way run. Which I do believe is a GREAT site, but a site for "the hardcore fighting game scene" It is probably better I just try to tweet to the Soul Calibur makers myself. Or am I wrong (^_^)

      Please tell me how you intend to speak for those who play Soul Calibur games for more than just crushing their opponents in the most efficient way possible. If such casuals are not preferred here tell me this too. Some site don't want to cater and some do this will be good to know if the prospect for another soul game starts to pick up speed.
    2. Jaxel
      @lostinseganent, I have to COMPLETELY disagree. SC3 and SC4 have already focused WAY TOO MUCH on the casual market; and thats why we were left with lackluster games. At this point, what the game needs is more representation for the hardcore players.
    3. Chickenwing
      QFT, yes it did bring in some more players, however they need to re-focus on the hardcore community again. Maybe with Harada working on this title he can satisfy both. maybe...
    4. Whodat
      Let's just hope that it's better than SC4.
    5. franman
      I believe the balance btwn casual and competitive elements is what will make SC5 a better game. These elements don't go by quantity.
    6. lostinseganet
      How about this. What if the makers of soulcalibur gave us an outline of what it takes to make a game. The Users of the this site then make a short of alpha version of soul calibur 5. Filled with input from both Casuals and hardcore.
    7. Malice
      At the end of the day, there needs to be a balance between the wants and needs of the casual and hardcore. However we are nowhere near the point of being able to talk about this since a new game has yet to be announced.

      What we need first is to get as many people as possible to support the petition, and when work on a new game has finally been announced, we need people to support working with a few representatives here that know the game inside and out to get our suggestions across to the development team. Thousands of people shouting out suggestions chaotically won’t be good for the game as a whole, especially when dealing with a language barrier. It will be much easier to pass along suggestions through an organized manner.
    8. lostinseganet
      Organization is helpful very helpful, but if the leaders do not represent the people who follow them why follow? Now the first thing many will come back with will be "well if you don't want to follow then get out...easy right." Not quite if you "the makers of 8 way run" want others to actually follow. Soo I am saying to prevent "Noise" that could be perceived coming both ways that a system for both to have their say needs to be made.
    9. Fuzzieviking
      I just hope they dont turn it into a tekken with weapons. i want the same controls :)
    10. Malice
      It's not that difficult to pass along suggestions to the developers, so there's no need for leaders and followers. But personally, we are still getting way ahead of ourselves. There will be plenty of time to discuss all these things. Let's get the game announced first, then get Namco behind the idea of working with the community. After that, then we can discuss whatever else is needed.
    11. Pocky-Yoshi
      The news bring a warm fuzzy feeling inside me. Yay!
    12. dtarchon
      It will be nice if it really happens. Hopefully there will be a arcade release this time.
    13. WuHT
      Agree. But sometimes people get too excited and blurt out things, without thinking of the goals long-term.
    14. lostinseganet
      Heh I'll drink to that :)
    15. BelovedChild
      I want this so badly. It's already down right IMMORAL that cross platform, carbon copy, sport/artificial wrestling titles get made every year with changes as little as menu boards and palette swaps......but SC5 requires "SERIOUS INTEREST BY SHOW OF SIGNATURES ON A PETITION" to be considered......

      ...It's more that SC4 is the most enjoyable fighting game I've ever played, and I've been playing them since Street Fighter 2 came out for the SNES. This is the only game of this genre I can really get into anymore...and this genre has to much shit talking asshole license/fun times to just rake my chips in and walk away.

      I hate "touching" anything to do with myspace/twitter/facebook, but if anyone can tell me/direct me to what I can do to put my signature on that thing...and get a bunch of local friends I know to pump it up as well...please let me know.
    16. Crazypsymon
      I have a feeling that this game will be very different than the others now we will see the results
    17. lise123
      :( I am slightly depressed after hearing this, although I am happy because there is a possibility for Soul Calibur V. Since Project Soul would no longer be making the game there may be some differences. However, this could be good for Soul Calibur.
      I have been playing it since it was Soul Blade so maybe it would be okay if Soul Calibur went back to the basics. Remember when you could read the character profiles and listen to the lines that they had in the game while they stood in there stage? Do you remember the weapon demos? Good times, good times.
    18. MasterLink123
      I agree with lise123, Being able to view the characters and listen to their lines, and having those in-depth character profiles I miss, and going back to the basics of what made SC fun would probably help it a lot. SC2 got a perfect rating, I don't recall any other SC game getting a perfect rating not even SC4 so this means two things. Namco is totally able to make a great SC game for everyone and that they need to look to SE, SC1, and SC2 as a guide for the up coming game if it's made. That's my 2 cents.
      lise123 likes this.
    19. lostinseganet
      Hmm soul calibur is getting a bit long in the tooth with the number 5. Making a soul edge 2 sounds pretty neat. Evil makes a comback :)
      lise123 likes this.
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