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The one possible spark to something new here appears as a just frame flash at 16 seconds in.


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Wow I am pleased. I like the emphasis on stance loops rather than whatever we ended up with in SC5

Looks like the wishlist thread is paying off.
The one possible spark to something new here appears as a just frame flash at 16 seconds in.
I see two sparks

1) When he goes from RO stance immediately back down to BL stance. A Green spark with yellow radiating from the center.



2) Once he enters BL, and he inputs an attack, his whole body seems to glow slightly green as he has a "powered-up" attack causing a LH.
Maxi.Spark.BL Attack.jpg

Maxi.Spark.BL Attack2.jpg

Thirdly, pay attention to the ground below Maxi during his Soul Charge state. It has an energy circle underneath him when he "cancels" his attacks!

The sequence I'd describe as
Soul Charge-->
6A~RO A (ground glow) SC4's 6A+B (Ground glow) SC5's BL kBE

Are those special cancels only accessible during Soul Charge ?
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***Looks like WuHT beat me to it as I was editing the HQ gifs so they were high quality which took some time***

Anyway based on the new stuff I've seen below are my thoughts and what I observed. I wish this forum supported gfycat as the gifs are high quality, you can slow them down to view the clips frame by frame, and you can even pause. Now that I look back, they took a ton of moves from every iteration of Maxi throughout all of the games in the series to make this one.


Here we have what looks like 66+A,B (Horizontal attack followed by vertical) that transitions to a Hunch Over Stun then goes to Behind Lower. We can see that Zas recovers after it so the follow-up B from BL I do not believe is guranteed; however, if it hits it transitions to LO and it looks by the video LO+B,K seems to be NC like it was in SC1.


We start with Maxi's SC4 44+A,B->RO~PSL1->BL~B(This attack is the second B from the Maxi's BL,B,B in SC5)(stun?)->RC~A,A(The second A is a new horizontal attack that causes a spin stun) followed by a transition to Left Inner and finished off with (SC2) Left Inner A which then transitions back to Right Cross


This looks like Maxi's reversal edge option that beats out horizontal attacks which transitions to (SC5) Left Inner A

Soul Charge 6A->RO~A(SPS)->B~BL (BE) K

Looks like the 6A seems to CH when in SC state?. After the hit the opponent is in a spin stun then the Right Outer A transitions to what looks like Maxi's SC4 6A+B. The weird thing is that after the Right Outer A there is no stance transition, so it seems like it's either a string or NC. What's even more incredible is after the 6A+B hits it transitions to Maxi's SC5 Behind Lower K Brave Edge
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What's even more incredible is after the 6A+B hits it transitions to Maxi's SC5 Behind Lower K Brave Edge
Off memory I also didnt' think SC4 6A+B led to anything.
I think you were used to 6A+BG, while 6A+B naturally led to BL stance.


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here is what i see guys i dont know how correct it is but this is things that look plausible.

The first thing looked like a 1A with B to follow which i think is new and looks very fast looks like 1AB>BLB>LOBK i dont think that will all be NC but i think parts look like they might have NC properties individually.

The bit where he says am i too fast for you looks like 6A>ROAB>BLKK which looks like it is probably NCC the speed it comes out. Also i think the BLKK part of the 6A>ROAB>BLKK could possible be only when in soul mode (or whet ever it is called) as his animation has additonal detail around his feet which dont show during any other BL stances

The bit in the middle is a bit more complex there is a stance cancel in here seems to start 44AB > RO cancel to BL B (which seems to have some crush properties in there) > RC AA and then what looks like a While Rising A but it cant be so im guessing LO A.

obviously just conjecture though untill we can see some more gameplay.


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Its being speculated that when maxi loops either PSL1 or 2 his next stance attack will give Lethal Hit counter or w/e. also Lo B K looks to be blockable like all the other games even if LO B hits. Will be testing at CEO if maxi is available stay tuned my brothers detective IRM is on the case.


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Reminds me of SC3 Maxi which is no surprise cause of Oosakas influence but this would make this Maxi uninteresting for me since I do not like to play a heavy string based Maxi


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Ok lets focus on the new stuff and what I observed from the latest footage. Remember you can slow the gif down frame by frame (use the "+" and "-" buttons next to play button). Also please do not officially quote me on the notations and commands as I'm trying to describe what I'm seeing or what I think is happening. Things may be completely different in the final version of the game.

It looks like SC5's 6B,B,B is back and it seems stopping at the second B transitions to RO. We also get to see the auto GI mechanic is back from SC4 and what either looks like a reversal edge or the B follow-up. This auto GI stance (B+K from any stance) seems to have a dedicated move for each button from SC4 unlike the same cookie cutter back fist from SC5.


Here we see what looke like the auto GI mechanic again but with the K follow up. 3A->BL~B+K and the K follow-up looks like the SC4 RC KK or 88_22 K,K

6+B->RO~(B+K) B->RO~B->RC,PSL6->RO, K

Keeping up with the auto GI trend we see what looks like Maxi's new RO K looks like the dragon kick (SC4 LO K iirc).


Here we get a new glimpse of what looks like the new RC B.

Both kicks look like the standard RO KK like we're accustomed to; however, if you slow the gif down frame by frame (use the "+" and "-" buttons next to play button) you will see the LO to LI transition and what may be a possible PSL transition before what looks like RO K,K comes out.


Next up with WL moves are back, and here we see what looks like the new RC K

Finally it looks like the opponent has enough time to recover and GI ROB even after 6+A hits on CH.

4+A,B series looks slightly different

33B->BL is back (Possibly only available from Soul Charge?...I sure hope not though)
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First thing the PINGS on Maxi Stance rotations NEED TO GO.
- The Game now looks like a polished SC3.. its the same camera.
- The UI looks SC3 ugly.
- A,A ~ "RC B" is now "SC5 66B crush" into Li
- Li K is now [Ro K, K or K, A]
- Ro K is now SC3 Star Gale. Flying Kick
- SC3/4 Dragon Backfist 6B,B into Ro.. :sc2maxi1:
- WL K ...Mid. - WL A ..Low.
- SC5 3A is now WR A "Water Cutter" into BL. [Needs PsL 3:sc2maxi1:]
- "Backfist Ceremony." - "Tiger Slaughter." - "236 K." - 33/99 B "Mark of The Beast."
- SC2/4 3A [Lotus] into BL.. [Needs PsL 3:sc2maxi1:]
- SC5 44B
- SC2/4 236 B
- SC5 WR B+K & cancels into RO.:sc2maxi1:
- All RC A loops into BL. :sc2maxi1:
- Li B is now [SC5 Li A]
- Li A ~ RC A, A > Li A [infinite loop] [RC A, B old] [RC A, A new]
- New RC A. Transition into BL

- Weavering Lights Gi is back.
[A is SC4 Low] [B is SC5 BL B B] [K is SC3&4 Guillotine Kick]
- Im expecting you can still Wavering Lights into [B+K] Fury. You Can Wavering Lights Gi into Super...LMAO

- 4A+B is launcher still there
- A+B is now charge-able. Doesn't crush. Second hit is hold/chargeable
- 44K Low is in. - 88 A is in. - 4A+B is in. - 66B+K is in.
- LO A is the same
- LO K is now sC5 LI K
- RC K is now 33/99 K
- All SC2/3/4 Illusion Kicks are in. including [new Ak variation]
- SC2/4 Return of Fear [33B] into BL & Striking Fear [33Ba] into RC.
- SC2/4 Nunchaku Lick[3B+K] is now SC6 [1B]

- SC2/3/4 Snake Scythe 1A & Scythe Fang. WR 1A, B. L,H
- SC2 Serpent's Bind is back
- Its a SC4/2 Maxi Toolkit With SC5 Power-Polish
- SC3/4 Lotus 3A
- SC2/3 3B+K

On Soul Charge:
- SCV BE 6A+B major range increase goes into BL K, K
- 66A SC2 [TigerPounce]
- WR A+B SC2[6A+B] into BL
- Maxi Trailer: Soul Charge: 6A Ro A, A[SC4 6A+B], BL K, K

Maxi's Super should end in SC2 6A+B
Maxi should have SC3 Kiliks Taunt

This is SC4 Maxi with NEW RC B and SC5 PowerPolish. Im expecting *PsL 3 is Mandatory

Still waiting to see:
PsL LO>RO 8 way-walk.
SC2: B2
*PsL 3 is Mandatory
PsL4[Li] & PsL5[Ro]
236 A "Dandy's Surprise
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ty for gifs. Maxi is looking fun mans. A loop based maxi will be fun SOMETHING THAT WASNT TALKED ABOUT IN HERE WAS THE FACT THAT WS B+K HAS FUCKING RETURNED AND IS IN THE GAME!!! ALONG WITH B+K JF and also his SCV 44K is back and WR B is now the one from SC4 that goes into Li which will be great if its i14 punish a 2K on block into Li with all his new bells and whistles :D this is gonna be so fucking sick dude.


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6A+B is also back ! LO K is now SC5's LI K. Also in one of the vid, on the right screen, you can see Maxi's CE hitting without any animation after, a la Paul in T7. Strange !

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aK from sc4 returns as well. Always loved this move but had horrbile properties. Looks like it goes into RC now


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aK from sc4 returns as well. Always loved this move but had horrbile properties. Looks like it goes into RC now
You saw this one from the story trailer right ? I'm pretty sure it still goes into LO ! Also it seems it's not a stand alone move, as he looks like he's doing a SC2 2K just before. It could be an interesting string, especially if it's a NC lol
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