Mortal Kombat 11

I'm not buying MK11 (yet). I will when the DLC's sre good. So far with the story and Kombat Pack 1 leak... NO. There are simply more cons for me than pros so far.

*may contain spoilers*

- beautiful graphics
- long and interactive story mode
- Baraka, Noob, and Jade are back from MK9
- Johnny and Kano being extra entertaining
- Erron looking handsome

- Krypt grindfest
- many modes only accessible online
- many missing favorites like Kenshi (I know the Krypt thing), Smoke, Mileena, Ermac, Reptile, Rain, Tanya, and the rest
- compare the missing characters and then realize that Jacqui is in the game
- no human Smoke and Takeda (big con for me)
- boring costume designs even with the gear system
- Mileena's sais given to Kitana. I'm not even a huge Mileena fan but this is just TERRIBLE
- story mode in general with badass characters turned into jobbers for the Special Forces characters yet again, x chatacter getting killed by x character, the ending.... *eye roll*

Unknown stuff atm which I believe will be bad too
- online netcode
- game balance

After weighing things in, there's only a few things that seem like I'll enjoy. I might as well skip the game and watch story mode on Youtube. I'll just be on the look out for SCVI's season 2.
*Let's pretend no one knew she was in the game.* Kappa

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I'm actually a little disappointed in the opposite direction. I would've liked to see more new characters and PS2 era characters given a second chance. I hated Frost in MK:DA and MK:A, but here she looks promising with the Cyber SZ take. I disliked everything about Skarlet from MK9, but absolutely adore what they've done with her in MK11 (though story remains to be seen). I would've liked to see similar new takes on characters like Li Mei (one of my favorite characters from that era and MK overall), Nitara, and Havik. As we've got it it's mainly just characters from the first three games and MKX newcomers, and if the Kombat Pack leak is any indication it'll be more of the same plus guests. Give some of these veterans some rest, especially if they're going to treat them like in that spoiler.
Frost is quite a nice surprise, wasn't expecting anything or excited about this character but she seems one of the best character in this game from what i've seen.
There's no denying that MK11 is very divisive even on an individual level. I mean I can recognize the strengths it has but I also have some extreme negatives about it. I'm really fucking salty over Noob Saibot's new design and new voice actor. I know Mileena fans are annoyed about her being missing from the game but at least there's hope that NRS won't fuck up her design if she's not in it.

Even Gameplaywise?

Gameplay is pretty good in the right hands. See this stream for example.

Gameplay-wise it looks really good, and I like some of the design choices and new VAs, but if the only things left for single player after story mode is "RNG Krypt" and "Pay-to-win Towers" then I want no part of it. It's a shame, because I love this series (it's my second favorite fighting game franchise after Soul Calibur), but with these rampant microtransactions and how the game is tailored to be a grind fest otherwise then I'm leaving it here.

Say what you will about Soul Calibur VI being kind of unpolished and the questionable balance as of late, but at least it's not trying to nickle-and-dime you at every turn.
I'm curious can you use Liu Kang in his Fire God form? LOL seeing him transform after Raiden gave him his powers and he looks like a snack.
I notice plenty of the weapon animations look a lot like the ones in Soulcalibur. Liu Kang’s looks a little too similar to Maxi’s and I’m sure Jade does the legs and groin staff attack Kilik and Mi-Na do.

As an aside, in Fire Emblem Fates one of the crit animations for the samurai class tree resembles Mitsurugi’s Bullet Cutter.