Most Esteemed One-Shot Contest Thread.


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I'd like to thank the Academy.

Seriously though I'm grateful for all y'all votes, I struggled a bit with the effects on it but I'm glad you liked the way it came out.

As for the next contest theme, I thought I would go with Chronicles of the Sword.

Soulcalibur V was slated for its lack of single-player content, and one comparison I always hear is to Soulcalibur III. So I figured some people might like to see the return of some of the bonus characters that appeared in SCIII.

The rule is simple, and that's to try and recreate anyone that appeared in the Bonus Character slot in SCIII. That's it! There are plenty of pictures available on this website's very wiki, so go ahead and get creating! Feel free to enter any that you created before, too.

  • Abelia
  • Arthur
  • Aurelia
  • Chester
  • Demuth
  • Girardot
  • Greed
  • Hualin
  • Luna
  • Lynette
  • Miser
  • Revenant
  • Strife
  • Valeria

I'm not sure what a good due date for this would be, any suggestions? I'll be posting my entry soon, I've got a little something I've been working on.



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I've done a lot of these in the past, but I don' like posting the same CAS twice.

So for this, a few tweaks here and there, because I always see stuff I don't like in my old CAS (plus, these were long deleted, so it had to be recreations of previous versions anyway).

Number 4 and Number 5 for the contest; I'll post any other updates in my thread.




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My two entries. They're kinda altered as "if they aged in SCV yet keep them young-looking nonsense"

Lynette: Welcome to Cepheus Store. We sell all kinds of equipment just for you.
Lynette (2).png

Lynette: This Chicken leg is worth about 1000 Gold. It's perfect for eating.
Lynette (5).png

Lynette: If that doesn't suit you, there's always this magical fish bowl. Perfect for the fairy lovers.
Lynette (7).png

Lynette (10).png

Lynette: Forgive me! I didn't mean to say that!
Lynette (9).png

Lynette: Oh and this heavy looking sword is actually Soul Calibur. To atone for my sudden outburst, I'll sell this sword half price. It was 1000000 Gold, now it's 500000 Gold.
Lynette (11).png

Lynette: If you don't have a thing for swords, then feast your eyes on Kali-Yuga replica. Based off Kilik's legendary weapon, it's sure to make you dedicated!
Lynette (12).png

Lynette: I noticed that all you do is look at me. Are you gonna buy anything?
Lynette (3).png

Lynette other pics
Lynette (1).png
Lynette (6).png
Lynette (8).png
Lynette (13).png

Design notes: I figured rather than to put her in her traditional stuff, I modify her a bit. Gave her freckles to enhance quirkiness and cuteness, longer hair for more girly looks, puffy outfit to emphasize innocence that's like a child. I'll admit she does look a bit like Pyrrha's long lost cousin....
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Lastly is Luna. It was strangely easy to make. I didn't have to sticker it up nor pattern it to death.

I only threw a sticker on the shoulder pads, used pattern 1(the purple, pink, white) triple tone for her shirt and pants(hard to notice). I did try to add extensions to her hair. Hope you like.

Luna (1).png
Luna (2).png
Luna (3).png
Luna (4).png
Luna (5).png
Luna (6).png
Luna (7).png
Luna (8).png
Luna (9).png
Luna (10).png


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Damn you, Pocky. I was gonna make Luna, but I can't really beat that one. Ah well. I'll find another subject/patient.


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My vote's for Pocky's Luna. A lot of technically accomplished creations this round, especially from Gatsu and Quinion, but somehow I really like Luna's old school animu-girl appeal. Turquoise and pink rarely look this good together. Great job!


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I didn't think I'd get votes. I'm kinda ecstatic that it delayed me to respond right away haha. However, my vote goes to friggin Gatsu. I'm not gonna explain why because the CAS themselves tell me a story.


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Voting's now closed. An unprecedented 3/3 tie between @Pocky-Yoshi and @Gatsu this round. Cheers to the both of you! If either of you have a particularly good feeling about a certain challenge, we can all roll with that. Just keeping things flexible for now. Please let me know if you need any help on this matter.


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8/8/2015 is when voting starts. Theme for today is Dream CAS. You know pics like these right?


Create a 3P (or more) for regular characters. You can do your best to recreate the outfit ideas in the sketches, or create a brand new one on your own. Simple for some, tough for others. How will people play this out I wonder? I'm already thinking about messing with Hilde and a few others.