New SOULCALIBUR Title at E3? *EDIT: Hah! Nope

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The rumor mills are spinning! With the Facebook Popularity Poll ending last week, people have been wondering if Namco was about to unveil a new SOULCALIBUR title this year at E3. After all, Lost Swords is over a year old now, and was single player only. A new mothership SOULCALIBUR title tends to come out every 3-4 years, so now would be the time to get this party started.

While E3 opens to the public on Tuesday, the event actually begins for the press on Sunday. With the Microsoft keynote airing on Monday morning, and Sony during the evening, we could know the details within the next few days. So be sure to stick to 8WAYRUN to hear the news; as we will try our best to keep you all updated with the relevant information.

In the meantime, lets talk. What do you want out of a new SOULCALIBUR game? What are your expectations? New characters? Guest Characters? A complete reboot to bring back the older characters?

Personally, with Talim winning the popularity poll; I expect her to be in the next title. Hell, the biggest reason I stopped playing SOULCALIBUR was because Talim wasn't in the recent game. Talim is the reason I play fighting games at all. muh talim @BrewtusBibulus and @NeoOutlaw used to come over to my place and play SOULCALIBUR on the Dreamcast; and I was just never into it. It wasn't until Talim in SOULCALIBUR II where I actually got into fighting games.
Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod

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My hopes:
1)Bringing back the classic characters.
2)Improving CaS system (It was amazing in SCV,but there's always room for improvement!).Please give us more than 50 slots.
3)Strong Netcode: SCV had a great netcode in XBL. In PSN,however,the netcode was trash.Hope they fix that.
4)Arcade/story endings for all characters.
5) remove unneeded stripping mechanics or make it optional to certain CaS.
6) improve the graphics, SCV and it's plastic physics made it looked like a PS2 launch title.
7) I don't really care that much but remove or replace CE with something more unique.
general : -SC3 style story mode but with character-specific interactions and command scenes instead of copypasting the same shit for everyone
- new chars: black ethiopian girl with an executioner sword OR spear and leather shield, indian character with a jeweled dagger, precolumbian tribal guy
- more occult and dark fiction tones, not 100% Edgy Realism™ just less anime leaning wank
- offline/1p modes, art/profile gallery and weapon demos like SC2/3, maybe even a mode similar to Tekken Force?

creation : take some hints from WWE in addition to:
- more face options and customizable eye/nose/mouth etc shapes, sizes and lengths if you don't want one of the premade faces
- more slots + more voice options
- more hairstyles, ability to change the texture, volume and length of a style
- option to make women equally as fat/muscular as male CAS
- no more color limiting bs
- make all equipment compatible so i don't have to ruin a bomb ass outfit
- this is probably nitpicking but make clothes fit better on the bodies
- dlc parts, if any, should be new and unique. who really wants to pay money for something that was free or default in a previous game?

- keep the fluidity/pace of 5 but maybe bring back the idea of a+k moves
- i don't have an issue with JG <strike>aside from being terrible at it</strike> , it can stay, just bring back the old command for GIs and don't make GI cost meter. in fact, just get rid of meter entirely. it's ok to be inspired by other games but it's time to move on. i think refining soul charge would be good enough.
- just stay faaaar away from the watered down oversimplified auto combo LS bullshit
- option to select directly from the other characters movelist in practice; if i don't play as them i'm not gonna know what to record (idr if this is already a thing my ps3 stopped reading disks like 2 months ago)

i just want a good, decently challenging, fully developed game.
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This time, I want them to take their darn time making SCVI.

No more CAS equipment breaking. I get tired of seeing cool male knights and beautiful female ninjas getting stripped to underwear. Other than that, keep improving the CAS and leave out the Lost Swords hentai junk.

Gameplay wise I like them to be on point to keep the game balanced. Heck, make sure to utilize the pros who know what they're doing and take constructive criticism. Implement frame data tutorial info in the game to help newbies and pros alike

Throw in some single player content just to spice up the casual values when chilling. SC2-SC3 had tons of single player fun to look at. Things like Team Battle, survival, the challenges(sliding around on ice ground, the hit the person and wait until they go boom, fighting a giant statue, etc.) Make sure to at least make the story somewhat bearable. Not like SCIV or SCV. More like the ones before that.
I'd like to see:
- A return to no meter, no supers.
- No just guards. In fact, let's cut back on all the SF3 mechanics Soulcalibur seems to have adopted in the last game.
- Viola, ZWEI, or other new characters with a similar ability to attack while doing other actions.
- CaS. SCVs was beyond satisfactory and I couldn't ask for more, beyond opening up some things that were previously locked behind hex editing, such as custom equipment breakage.
- Delays, cancels and lots of alternate ways to end strings. Some characters could do about 8 different attacks from basic a A or B in SCII, and I'd love to see that return.
- No BS execution based character, less randomly difficult to execute attacks overall.
- Give Raphael his personality back.
- Stances, stances and more stances.
- Oh, and something I'd wish for any fighting game, a good tutorial that teaches new players about the game, not combos.

I do wonder what we'll actually see, but my expectations are quite low to be honest. If we see anything at all at E3, I'll be surprised.
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2. Better story mode. Lets go back to the SC 3 with a bigger twist. (Especially if SC VI will be on next gen)
3. More single player game modes. Please dont bring back Legendary Souls.
4. Better graphics. Why not push Project Soul to have the best graphics? SCV's graphics were to die for! I know they can shit on Street Fighters & Tekken's graphics. Especially if they take their time no shade.
5. More face/body sliders for CAS
6.More Armor for offline players (Im just saying this for those who dont have XBL/PSN) There wasn't much to work with for offline players. I've been the person whi didnt have an online account and it sucks to have so little armor to use.
7. More voice options for CAS
8. More CAS fighting styles. Like from SC3 imo
9. Maybe bring back the Critical Finisher and keep the Critical Edge (This may never happen)
10. Maybe a new mode called Create-a-Sword. where we can make a sword based off the original character's sword (EX. Create a snake sword (Ivy's weapon) of your own liking & style to fight with)
11. Maybe the developers can do a voting on a new character(s) and what weapon he/she should use for that certain character(s)
12. More possibilities for next gen consoles.
I have so many ideas but this all that i could of. I know Project Soul has so much to offer. Let's show Street Fighter and Tekken that Soulcalibur isn't an underdog anymore.
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Please, no CaS movesets, just the ones listed above. also don't expect much from Project Hentai/Soul as they're not allowed to outshine Tekken once more.

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