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By Jaxel on Dec 9, 2017 at 2:27 AM
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    Yesterday was The Video Game awards, where SOULCALIBUR VI was officially announced for the current generation of consoles. Today however, was the beginning of the yearly Playstation Experience convention. During the event, they released a new gameplay trailer for SOULCALIBUR VI.

    What we learn from this trailer is that SOULCALIBUR VI is set for release sometime during 2018... which of course means, in less than a year! In addition to that, we have some new gameplay which you can all try to break down and speculate. We will try to get more news to you as quickly as possible.

    SOULCALIBUR VI PSX Gameplay Trailer
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jaxel, Dec 9, 2017.

    1. AndyrooSC
      It's so beautiful :,)
    2. Norik
      Looks like the new RE mechanic functions as a focus attack of sorts. You can see it breaking at 0:35 and 1:16. It absorbs attacks of any height, but has a limit on how much damage it can absorb before bursting. There's also a new hyper mode, activated at 0:44 and 1:13, and of course supers at 0:48 and 1:18. All very interesting developments for the game, very different from SCV but obviously still having some sort of comeback mechanic. The question now is whether that's meter or rage.
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    3. weshookhands
      multi-level armour break confirmed in Sophie's super.
    4. taffertier
      Going from 4 to 5 i didnt see much of a visual improvement but seeing what 6 has it looks like such a bigger leap, mostly in the environments but even a little in the models.

      Combos look sick, mostly Roogi's because he was doing so many different things like that low into a launcher along with the attack from stance that combod against an airborn opponent, while Sophitia seemed to be doing a mix of Pyrrha and Oprah stuff.
    5. Sylfas
      I am prepared for a comeback.
    6. Soul
      Holy crap, Sophitia's CE *-*..... Gorgeous!!!
    7. taffertier
      Also looks like there's two different guards going on. At 1:09 Mitsu is guarding like normal for the first hit and then his weapon shines for a quick second and then weapon glows red, looks like either Just Guard or the game's new form of it? Could be a new mechanic all together as well.
    8. weshookhands
      perhaps this indicates that the meter is full an ready to use.
    9. Violent Vodka
      Violent Vodka
      It honestly looks more like the weapon glowing red is your guard gauge. @:31ish, Sophitia's weapon is glowing red and then it breaks when she blocks.
    10. HogisGuy
      Damn, Sophi!! You're an animal! Can't wait to play her.
    11. Ramus
      El Fortune (A+B) is back, the animation seems to indicate he suffered a guard impact, which means it could be back, even if in the way it was in V.

      Her Angel Step looks like Pyrrha's which makes me wonder if she will get TAS, I miss TAS.
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    12. Frayhua
      Of course, Sophitia's A+B is intact. SCVI will have a normal command list unlike Lost Swords. A+B as a super and no While Standing moves suck.
    13. Soulcaliburmaxi
      Yeah I agree. Big fan of the costume designs too.
    14. Ramus
      To be fair, is widely known that Pyrrha and Oprah are basically what a split simplified Sophie would be.
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    15. optymuss
      The stages look beautiful in SC6
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    16. mokamoka827
      I can't wait to see what the other stages look like. What we've seen so far are fantastic!
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    17. ShadowZone
      It is a good day to be a Soul Calibur fan.
    18. mneme
      Look at the end -- PS4, XBox One, and -Steam-? Are they going to release it for PC?
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