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[14] Master
In broken english let me state
That some of those Cas are great
Really fresh and inventive
With use of ExEq much creative
Gotta love that Tv set
And hilarious is the ent !
The cleric is adorable
But of more rimes...i am unable,
I hope you liked this review
which i conclude without further ado


[09] Warrior
I've been using imgur so much I hit the image limit for free accounts. Is tinypic really not working? If not, I'll just go make a new imgur account.
Oh they're fine, i was just offering an alternative if there were any other problems. :-)
Also, i haven't said it yet but i really like your stuff n.n


[14] Master
~Ode To An Empty Wallet~

Apparently's it's amateur poetics hour?
I hope my rhymes won't make things sour.

As Pas returns, a cause for glee
I'm certain that he's sure to see,
I'm not exclusive to the box of X,
I've spread my wings and flown the nest!

And so my friend I'll see you when,
you add me soon on PSN.​


[13] Hero
wow!!! that is na excellent pack!!! great job
but that Stanimir is simply magnificent!!! I just love that creation... glorious like a great general... PERFFECT


[13] Hero
I'm glad you guys enjoyed that last batch. I have a new one to share today. I'm not in a rush, like last time, either, so I can afford to be more descriptive this time around. I have here an updated design, two recreation 3Ps, and five semi-originals, inspired by enemy boss designs from the RPG I'm helping with.

This self-insert design has gone through so many revisions and updates that I've lost count, but that's what happens when you leave a design without being completely satisfied with it. I'm not completely satisfied with this update, either, but it's a lot closer to what I'm shooting for.

- The epaulets consist of buttoned pocket stickers and bolts. The stickers were placed looking down from the opposite of the shoulder on which they are located so that the sticker doesn't bleed through the arm and smear onto the side of the torso.

- The stickers on the waist wrap are the griffon emblem sticker, a pair of wings laid over that, then an inverted star sticker to blend the waist with the Student's Coat.

This design can be considered a joke 3P, along with the other joke 3Ps I've made. Even still, I'm left unsatisfied with the lack of detail on this design. The problem is that there's only one surface, the unitard, to layer everything on. You can only do so much with four stickers.

- The four stickers in question are two denim pocket stickers to cover the torso and two rounded squares to eliminate the bleed of the aforementioned pocket stickers on the arms.

- A modified Ball emulates Bomberman's hood and allows for the use of the 2P hair, which in turn emulates Bomberman's head ball thing.

- Bomberman isn't known for using arrows, so I stuffed an Apple in the quiver trying to make the arrows look like bomb fuses, instead.

I'm not one to advertise streams, but I'm a fan of Video Game Championship Wrestling (VGCW). It's basically a running stream utilizing WWE 14's CAW function. As the name suggests, it's about various video game characters participating in a wrestling league. This design is based on a personification of the Announcer's Table who has come to be known as Table-san. Her character is that of a stereotypical female anime lead, so for CaS purposes, it really needs to be a Pyrrha 3P as opposed to its own original character.

- The entire upper body is all technically one piece: the unitard. An inverted denim pocket sticker forms the vest, while two rounded square stickers from the sleeves that poke out from underneath and cover the bleeding from the pocket sticker.

- A square sticker covers the pattern on the skirt, except for one stripe, while another square sticker forms the red border.

Most of these boss characters don't have a name yet, but they were based on different game stat parameters, hence the names they have here. This one is a succubus with a trickster's character.

- Her left arm features Ivy's 1P, a pair of bat wings, and a zipper sticker. This complex represents a limb suffering from the effects of an out-of-control font of chaotic power.

This character is the caster of the group.

- A Scroll and Crescent Moon form her wand.

- An inverted butterfly sticker and a max-size snowflake add detail to her skirt, while the rose-on-a-stem and the tribal tattoo-esque crescent moon form her emblem.

This is the tank of the group.

- The torso mouth complex consists of a Voodoo Fauld, Fundoshi, two eye stickers, two pairs of Long Horns, and the forest stream sticker.

- The head is a Close Helm, a mask, and a Ball to cover the face beneath.

- The patch sticker around the neck is intended to be paired with the Wildling Gauntlets to give the impression that this character's shirt was violently torn apart in a sudden Hulk-esque growth spurt.

This is the damage dealer of the group. You'll notice he looks quite scrawny for someone who's called "Strength," but the name is more of an allusion to military strength, a strength associated with command and authority.

- Boxing Gloves and Turtle Shells form this character's forearms. The legs from the calves downward also suffer from the same effect.

- The large sticker of the colored bushes was used as the military decorations on his jacket.

- The cap consists of the beret, a flattened cone as the visor, a rotated lotus flower sticker, and one of the tribal tattoo stickers as the emblem.

While Mind is the arcane caster, Soul is more based in the realm of spirits and ghosts. Given that theme, this one is my favorite of the group. This is technically an Algol 3P; I wanted to avail of Algol's floating movement to build upon this design's ghost theme.

- His silhouette is formed with the Mummified underwear and face mask. When taken to 0:43, 31, the darkest color in the palette, the seams become invisible and the entire form becomes one uniformly black object. I used the star pattern here to add detail to the silhouette.

- It's not shown well here, but a bump-mapped star sticker on the Gale Cape was combined with a helmet ornament to form a chestplate.

- Patch stickers on the Adept's Sleeves and the pants were used here to couple the items with ZWEI's 1P coat to give the impression that this character's robes had come apart at the seams with ghostly power upon transcending to this form.

Please make more outfits for Captain Fabulous.


Before he became a captain, our fabulous hero was a young exchange student in Japan, where he passed his days blushing under the beautiful cherry blossom trees and hoping senpai would one day notice him. Uguu.

- An inverted pocket sticker and two circles on the collar form the sailor cape thing, while a pair of Rabbit Ears and a Bow form the ribbon underneath.

I wanted to go back and revamp my original design with the techniques I know now. I'm pretty happy with the result.

- A buttoned pocket sticker covers most of the pattern on the vest and adds detail.

- Denim pocket stickers are also featured on the gloves.

- Two more buttoned pocket stickers on the boots allow for sectioning of color.

- Finally, a zipper sticker and a pair of Feather of Strength form the belt on the Hot Pants.


[14] Master
Something about "Mind" really appeals to me. Really has that arcane/mystical kinda feel to her, like an old-school sorceress. "Soul" also has alotta potential. I like how the star pattern + white patches make him look like a mass of rags floating in space. I would consider using a much darker color for the rags though, like purple. This will lessen the stark contrast between the rags and the star pattern. The open space around his chest is too square-looking, so I'd slap on some V-shaped white stickers like the shiny star or phoenix sticker. I'd also add a white patch to the cape so that it looks more consistent too. If it's alright with you, I'm proly gonna take "Soul" over to "Mirror Match" thread sometime.


[14] Master
Soul is easily one of the coolest looking things around, and really captures that idea of a complicated simplicity. If that makes any sense to anyone.

Sort of disagree with @brucege on the "darker colours" front though, if only because I feel the stark white/black colour scheme stops it from being generic. I'm not saying it's a bad suggestion, just that I feel it might harm the design personally. Either way though I agree with him on everything else.


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Hi. I have new thing. One original (used as an entry for the gothic lolita challenge in the Most Esteemed One-Shot Contest Thread), two slightly revised designs, one palette swap, and one 3P.

Creation notes:
- The side tail is a Crescent Moon patterned with the tricolor stripes pattern, with two colors matching the hair. The black stripe is meant to construct a hair tie.

- The Chiffon Skirt clips with the tail of the coat, but the tips are detailed with an inverted butterfly sticker, placed by view along the entire body.

original design

Creation notes:
- Very few changes. Mostly just switching the belt and adding a sticker to the shoes.

original design

Creation notes:
- Not many changes here, either. The belt was removed due to hovering. The sticker along the torso is a butterfly sticker at a very large size and rotated. The scale pattern along the Tonfa edges was removed; extensive bump mapping on a blade didn't make sense to me when I revisited the design.

- The talisman design was made with just two circles.

Compare with this:

Creation notes:
- Octodad speaks in barely comprensible blurbles, so it was better for this design to be a Voldo 3P than an original.

- The head consists of a Heart, the full face mask, a pair of horns, and two eye stickers.

- Boxing gloves are used for the hands. You can't see the scar stickers I put on them in these shots, though.

- Subtle patterns were used almost everywhere on the design to give the illusion of texture up-close.


[10] Knight
I have a question about your Kilik CaS, what kind of face do you give him? because i want to create my own Kilik CaS with Xiba style