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New file, new data slots, new CaS. Let's go. Tonight, we have a request from Left4Dead, a historical remake, and a really bad idea I came up with a while back.

I'm sorry I couldn't make Dudley; I don't see a good way to make his hair. I do have this Mike Bison/Balrog, although he's on the plain side.

Design notes:
- The Boxing Trunks are incompatible with a lot things they shouldn't be, so I had to use the Simple Half-Pants. Three light blue square stickers were used on the white-colored shorts to create the trim.

- Without a belt, the bottom part of the Linen Shirt hangs out of the shorts. None of the belts really looked right, so I settled on the Championship Belt. I don't know if Mike Bison/Balrog ever won any titles, though.

- The jersey over the ripped sleeveless shirt was created with three circle stickers placed by view, one on each shoulder and one around the head.

More flag waving and hyperpatriotism. Lapu-Lapu was a chief on Mactan Island in present-day Philippines during the early period of Spanish contact. During the Battle of Mactan, Lapu-Lapu and his warriors, armed with melee weapons, faced off against Ferdinand Magellan and Spanish soldiers, armed with guns. The result was a victory for Lapu-Lapu and his men, as they ended up killing Magellan. Nowadays, Lapu-Lapu is celebrated as the first Filipino National Hero.

Design notes:
- The Turtle Shell is used here as a shield. I used the tiger stripe pattern to give it a wood grain texture. Also, it has to sit high up from the arm in order for it to cover the actual shield.

- The Arabian Vest was given a three-color checkered pattern, then covered with square and circle stickers, leaving just enough of the pattern underneath exposed to yield a triangle pattern along the edge.

- Square stickers were to partially cover-up the multi-thickness stripe pattern on the Slit Skirt.

Here in the US, there's a line of frozen seafood called Gorton's. Their mascot-logo dudeguy appears on each bag or box of their products, as seen in this commercial, so he's more-or-less an easily recognizable figure for Americans. I don't have any problem with their products, but I personally prefer to cook my own seafood from fresh fish or shellfish.

Design notes:
- A Turtle Shell was set under the Chinese Hat to make the fisherman's hat. Then, I patterned both with the alligator/crocodile skin pattern to help the Turtle Shell merge with the Chinese Hat, which wouldn't have happened otherwise, due the the shell's native texture.

- My idea for this character came from the amount of sea creature-related weapons there are in this game.

I think everyone knows about it already, but just in case, I recently started a CaS challenge/contest: Distant Worlds: an SCV Regular Cast Alternates Contest. I want to have a lot of entries to judge for this contest and there are already some really good entries, so please give it a look-see if you haven't already.


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So, it seems people are upset about the DLC again, which is actually somewhat understandable. There are just a lot of conflicts. I, for one, am quite disappointed by the Swallowtail Suit; the hip section is just too wide, especially on guys. I can't say I hate this latest batch, though. I've been waiting forever for these swag wizard coats, so I'm definitely going to have fun with these.

Anyway, three more CaS tonight. The first one is an entry in Pocky-Yoshi's Iron CAS: Archery Breast Plate challenge, the second an update to a fan favorite, and the third another update to an original.

Character Background:
Rosa is something of a living oxymoron. On the surface, she acts like a bubbly, happy-go-lucky girl. However, her past is shrouded in mystery; people have asked her about it before, but she always changes the subject or, if that doesn't work, finds a way to make a quick exit. She's somewhat clumsy, so she's not very good at many things. However, she is an excellent thief and uses her skills to make a comfortable life for herself. In fact, when investigators scout out her latest scene of the crime, they always find a trail of rose petals, hence her name, as a calling card that outlines very clearly how she was able to take what she was after and get away with it. However, that's the limit of her aptitude. She's not much of a fighter; she's only just managed to live this long by sheer luck.

Design Notes:
- Like with any secret ingredient, I wanted to push the capabilities of the Archery Breast Plate while letting it fulfill its intended function, so I was happy to see that the Dancer's Breastplate clips through certain upper body equipment, including the Tight Shirt, in this case. The Tight Shirt itself also clips through the Archery Breast Plate, which provided even more embellishments that helped me materialize a character concept.

- Speaking of the Tight Shirt, I used the sections that clip through as the leaves on the lotus flower sticker. They were colored simply through the use of a square sticker. UPDATE 6/18/12: lotus flower sticker switched for flower special equipment and rose sticker, color on Archery Breast Plate pattern changed

- The butterfly wings sticker was used to add some much needed detail around the collar area to her tight shirt.UPDATE 6/18/12: butterfly wings sticker color changed

- A max size buttoned pocket sticker was used to add texture to an also very plain Cowgirl Skirt.
Now that we have some proper full-length coats from DLC, I wanted to update this design.

Design Changes:
- switched to Cervantes' 1P coat, Sea King's Gambeson, and Leviathan's Pauldons. Ice-colored scale pattern on the coat and ice-colored snowflake pattern on the pauldrons conserve possessed-by-soul-calibur theme.

I know it's a tux, but I really, really wish that bowtie wasn't there. We already have a bunch of different bowties in the neckwear section as well as another one in special equipment.

Design Changes and Notes:
- Baihu Coat, Slacks, Leather Shoes, and Tiger Lily Gauntlets swapped for Tuxedo Coat, Leather Pants, Tuxedo Shoes, and Rocker's Gloves


- Heaven theme conserved with gold phoenix sticker on back. Additions: folded wings sticker on lapel, lotus flower sticker on front, spread wings sticker on inside of coattails.

- Cardigan undergament exchanged for back and arm wounds on armor break.
There weren't very many parts released with this latest batch, so I hope we get a lot more on the next one. There are a lot of parts left on the thumbnails that I'm really interested in. I'm just wondering what's taking them so long to release them if they're already done. Not looking for more things to make incompatible, I hope.


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man... I think I told before... but I really loved that Armando Castilho!!!! great design
Haha, I'm glad you enjoy it. I didn't know how people would receive the update; some people are afraid of change. Not that it would've mattered, anyway. I still would've kept the updated design. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoy it and your feedback is always welcome here.


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Nice updates you've made there. That tuxedo is actually not bad on Pascusio. I think that if you want to hide the bowtie though, you could make a crevat of sorts with the angel's feathers. Armando really looks like the Soul Calibur equivalent of Pyrrha Omega(not Nightmare though because he would have to be fully armored.)


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Nice updates you've made there. That tuxedo is actually not bad on Pascusio. I think that if you want to hide the bowtie though, you could make a crevat of sorts with the angel's feathers. Armando really looks like the Soul Calibur equivalent of Pyrrha Omega(not Nightmare though because he would have to be fully armored.)
You're right, maybe I could try a few more things with Pascusio's bowtie. The feathers are an interesting idea.

As for Armando, that's pretty much what's going on with him. You're a writer, so you probably read the character background the first time I posted this character. If you could get that specific of an impression from the design, I'd say I hit the mark, haha.


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The reception to this last batch of DLC seems negative in general, but I quite enjoy it. My biggest gripe is the incompatibilities, but I think it's still worth seeing how you can work with it. If you're creative enough, incompatibilities aren't that big of a deal. Besides, it seems some incompatibilities have been lifted for other parts. This needs to happen big time with Jun's shawl and I have some hope that PS is working on that.

Speaking of Jun's shawl, I was able to update one of my recreations of the old cast. I also have an update of a regular cast alternate who's late for Independence Day, but not for the Olympics.

Design Notes:
- This is a recreation of Sophitia's SC3 2P.
- Pattern European 18 is used to loosely recreate the midsection tie.
- Two square stickers are used on the Pareo to recreate the main skirt and the front cloth.
- A gradient pattern was applied to the Pareo to give the effect to the front cloth.
- A jeans pocket sticker is used to recreate the left hip part of the skirt.
- Another jeans pocket sticker is also used on the Princess Gloves to make them look more like armored gauntlets.
- The Motif 24/butterfly design sticker is used on the front of the skirt for detail.
- The cogwheel on the hips is meant to recreate the belt from the original.
- The hair isn't accurate, but Sophitia doesn't need to be Princess Leia, anyway. Her trademark loosely braided ponytail looks much better.
- The clipping looks crazy bad in that last pic, but it's really not that noticeable during gameplay.

Design Notes:
- Nothing too fancy here. Stripe pattern on pants, stars pattern on hat and shield.
By the way, I turned the first post into a table of contents-of-sorts for this thread. If you ever want to look up a specific CaS, just go to the first post, click on whichever CaS you want to view, and it will take you to the post containing said CaS. However, there seems to be a temporary (I hope) problem with imgur, the picture host I use, so a good portion of my CaS won't be available to view. If the problem goes for a while longer, I'll probably transfer all the pictures to another host.


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So, uhh...
I decided to expand upon my regular character 3P joke CaS designs tonight and I kinda came up with some...out-there stuff tonight. The second one is all giggles and sunshine, but if you're easily offended, I might recommend not viewing the first.

As it turns out, Soul Edge has nothing to do with triggering Omega mode and its raging, destructive behavior. Pyrrha turns into a gigantic bitch for the same reason any other girl turns into a gigantic bitch: gigantic PMS.

Design Notes:
- Back in college, a friend of mine gave me some advice: if you bump into a girl and she looks like she just doesn't give a fuck about the way she looks, steer clear. She's on her period. I applied that to this design with the loose-fitting track jacket and socks+flip-flops combo.
- Blood stains were all done by placing the motif 88 sticker by view and coloring it red.
- Skirt design is two max size lotus flower stickers, one on the front and the other on the back.
- The top of the Basic Clothes was patterned with European 3 with the rest of the pattern blocked off by a max size square sticker to leave only the bottom. The pattern and square were then colored similarly to yield a soft pattern.

It kind of took me a while to figure out how I could make fun of Leixia through CaS, but once I noticed that her braids kind of look like cartoony mouse ears, I ran with the idea didn't look back. Besides, dressing up like a cute, widely-recognizable pop culture figure is definitely something a hyperactive 15 year-old Chinese girl would do.

Design Notes:
- Two white circle stickers on the front and two more on the back recreate the buttons on Mickey's shorts.
- An Apple was colored black and resized to make Mickey's nose.
- The use of the Calligraphy Brush is a nod to Epic Mickey. I never played the game, though. I just know it involves Mickey using a paintbrush.
I could tell you I'm a more mature person than these two designs suggest, but you would have absolutely no reason to believe me.

Oh, and on the subject of Mickey mouse, as I was making that CaS, I suddenly remembered this for its spectacularly brilliant opening line.


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I'm really liking all the 3P threads that are popping up, lately. We're continuing the regular character joke 3Ps tonight, but I may have gone too far, this time.

It was difficult to think of a way to make fun of Viola without bringing up the Amy theory, but the way she talks about the moon and how vague her statements generally are bring two archetypes to mind: mage and scientist. Given how much she talks about the moon and stars, I made her an astrophysicist. As you can imagine, her students find her lectures downright confusing. One time, a student came to her office hours to discuss a low grade in her course, talking about how the difficulty of the course is "killing" him, to which Professor Viola responded, "I don't care whether you live or die."

Design Notes:
- Things are pretty straightforward, as you can see from the design. The only things really worth mentioning are the use of the zipper sticker as a belt, with the crescent moon special equipment as a belt buckle.
- The two Balls of different sizes hovering over her hands are the Moon and Earth. They're set to her hands, so they look pretty cool twirling around her weapon, a model of the Sun.

Having been tainted by Soul Edge, Tira has stopped aging and lives on to the present day. However, her background of killing and assassination hasn't allowed her to preserve her sanity. She doesn't have the cognitive ability anymore to pull off an assassination or resurrect Soul Edge, but she still hates people and much prefers the company of birds. New Yorkers have reported sightings of the "Bird Lady" in Central Park, some saying they've been attacked upon approaching her and/or her birds.

Design Notes:
- Lots of very low saturation colors lends an aged, faded effect to clothing.
- Using the tiger stripe pattern and giving both slots the same color imparts a weathered look to clothing.
- Some stickers lend themselves very well to the smearing effect of place-by-view. These stickers were used in a couple places, here. For example, the...umm..."bird-related" stain on the hat.
- A scroll was flattened and given newpaper pattern to make the rolled-up newspaper in her left coat pocket.

Ever since we first got shots of Elysium, people have been commenting on how skimpy her outfit is. Having a penchant for hyperbole, I...umm...uhhh...

Look, I'm usually not this creepy, I swear.

Design Notes:
- Two Box special equipments comprise the censor bar.
- A pair of Rabbit Ears placed beside the boxes explains what happened: Elysium's bra had a critical wardrobe malfunction.
- The Bridal Shorts were patterned with Oriental 1, then the pattern was softened with similar colors.
This is my fourth consecutive post in this thread. I'm guessing I scared you all off with this craziness. It's okay. I'd probably be scared of me, too.


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I'm not too sure why no one has been commenting, personally, the craziness only entices me. You didn't go too far, go further, I say. Once you've crossed the line, you've crossed the line, so there's no harm in walking a little further.

When I saw 'crazy bird lady', I was almost certain I'd just be seeing a slap-on Jun's outfit, but I actually really like that edit!
I don't know whether the fact that you got from 'rabbit ears' to 'open bra' is genius or concerning. Probably both. Even still, the censorship bra bar is a wonderful idea and probably makes your outfit slightly less provocative than her original 1P.
I probably shouldn't comment on PMS Omega, but I kinda like it. I'm just thankful the special equipment wasn't used as a makeshift tampon... I'm giving you ideas, aren't I?


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I'm not too sure why no one has been commenting, personally, the craziness only entices me.
Awesome, I'm glad you're enjoying these unusual CaS. I guess that makes us brothers in sanity. Hah! Get it? Brothers in-sanity? Insanity? It's funny because we both like crazy things!


Tonight, I have another addition to the regular cast joke 3Ps.

So, who else thought Siegfried and Hilde were going to hook up after SCIV? I like to think that what really happened was that she put him in the friendzone, which crushed the soul of an already regretful Siegfried. Now, instead of working up the nerve to show Nightmare who's boss, he huddles in the corner, puts on some Bright Eyes, sucks down the booze, and bawls himself to sleep.

Design Notes:
- His messenger bag is made of two boxes fixed to his hips, sized to minumum width, and patterned with minimum size crocodile skin.
- The shirt has three stickers: a heart, a scar, motif 88 placed by view for smearing, and a rose. It's supposed to be some kind of "artsy" emo trash about how his bleeding heart is watering a rose, which is a metaphor for who-knows-what.
- His sword is also some kind of emo metaphor for his heart being encased in ice.
I've also made a small edit to my Viola 3P, which you can check out two posts before this one.


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Awesome, I'm glad you're enjoying these unusual CaS. I guess that makes us brothers in sanity. Hah! Get it?
OHH! I get it! It's another duck pun right?

I always get offended when people say to me stuff like "I can smell the crazy from a mile away", but I guest I'm just...
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Scent o' mental.

Also, that Siegfried thumbnail is the best thing ever.


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Ha ha... oh... Pas...

-Pyrrha PMS- EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeewwww... But very clever...
-Micky Leixia- I like the idea, but you could have changed the color of the flowers in the hair (if possible?) and the paintbrush to make more of a color scheme.
-Ha... ha... Prof. Viola- I like the floating planetoids, and the thought of Viola being a cold remorsely teacher.
-Bird Lady- Reminds me of the pigeon lady from home alone, me like :D
- Censor Elysium- HA! Awesome! I wish I coulda thought of that!
- Heartbroken Hipster Siegfried- Love the idea of it! I lke how Z.W.E.I.'s pants look like skinny jeans!


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I always get offended when people say to me stuff like "I can smell the crazy from a mile away", but I guest I'm just...
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Scent o' mental.
Christ. There's no competing with you. I bow to a man with wordplay skill greater than my own.

-Micky Leixia- I like the idea, but you could have changed the color of the flowers in the hair (if possible?) and the paintbrush to make more of a color scheme.
Yeah, I see your point. The flowers wouldn't look right if they didn't have color and I think I'll try applying a black-dark blue gradient to the ink on the paintbrush, if possible.

I have more updates tonight, due to the recent DLC pack. I really don't want to believe this will be the last pack; I really want the rest of the SCV character equipment, as I'm sure most of you do.

This is a recreation of the RX-78-2 from Mobile Suit Gundam.

Design Notes:
- I suppose the only thing that isn't too obvious from the picture is the use of Earrings over the eyes to give them a more robotic look.

Whenever a game has a character creation feature, I'll make one that's supposed to represent me. Since Pascusio already does that within SCV's setting, this one is meant to be a current-day version. This is what I usually try to look like on a casual outing.

Design Notes:
- The design on the shirt is from the checkered European pattern. The rest of it is blacked out with stickers.

Algol on a jetpack. Pretty much that simple, haha. Looks really cool when floating from-place-to-place in a battle.

Design Notes:
- Update 6/5/12: changed Racing Helmet to Fighter Pilot Helmet
- Update 7/21/12: star pattern on racing helmet is a reference to namesake, fireman's jacket swapped for sea king's gambeson and latex vest, slacks and engineer's boots swapped for fireman's pants, duffel bag added with demon horns for boosters


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It might look like I've been on an extended hiatus from CaS and SC5 in general, but I've been spending the time revisiting my Leixia game and updating my original cast recreations. They were among the very first CaS I made with SC5, so I figured it was high time I updated them with some of the ideas I've learned since I made them.


Out of the remaining cast, Leixia's style is the closest to Hwang's. However, a male Hwang with Leixia's animations just doesn't sit right with me, so I thought it would better to make a female version.

Design notes:
- Hwang has tall, spiky hair. I thought the closest thing to that in the females' hair set is Natsu's 1P hair.
- You might not be able to see it, but I patterned the inside halves of the arm guards to look like bandage wraps.

Kilik is already in SC5, but I don't feel like having to play a mimic just to use the fighting style I want to use when I play Kilik.

Design notes:
- This is a recreation of Kilik's SC3 2P.
- Admittedly, I'm not 100% happy with this updated design, either, but it is an improvement.
- The only thing you might miss here is the use of the buttoned pocket sticker on the bottom of the torso to simulate the belt.

Design notes:
- A soft oriental cloud pattern runs across this design's Changbao.
- The second pair of nunchaku on the left hip is made of two scrolls and a chain.
- A jeans pocket sticker and a square sticker on striped arm bandages recreate's Li Long's arm guards.

Design Notes:
- Actual red shades aren't possible on undergarments, but this color works just as well.
- A mask special equipment and a zipper sticker are used to recreate the midsection armor on Taki's SC2 1P.
- A corner of the jeans pocket sticker is used to recreate the neck emblem.

I'm doubly fond of Talim, not just because of her fast and fluid style, but because she represents the Philippines, the country of my heritage, in the Soul Series.

Design notes:
- White and light yellow seem to be too difficult, if not downright impossible, on the sleeveless top.
- The bottom of an oriental patterned screw recreates the talisman on Talim's SC3 1P.
- The Centurion's Plume special equipment recreates the red detail on the original.
- Scale patterned Feathers of Strength around the waist recreate the waist detail from the original.

Again, the same problem as Hwang in that the closest style in the game has some distinctly female animations.

Design notes:
- Yun-seong has spiky hair, like Hwang, but it isn't as tall as the latter's. I used Natsu's 1P hair on my Female Hwang design, so to keep the parallel of the understated alternative, I used Natsu's 2P hair in this design.
- You might not be able to see it, but there's a soft pattern on the Honor Boots.

There isn't even a decently good moveset approximation in SC5 for this poor guy. I just went with whichever style had a weapon that looked closest to a scythe.

Design notes:
- I couldn't figure out a convincing way to recreate his SC3 1P, so I decided to shoot for his also-badass SC4 2P.
- A gold patterned apple recreate's Zas' left eye.
- You can't really see it, but an ornate crescent moon tattoo lies just to the side of his left eye.
- One zipper sticker set at an angle was used to recreate the crossed chains from the torso of the original. A gold Bolt special equipment helps it remain faithful to the original.

Design notes:
- Tiger pauldrons; two raccon tails on either shoulder; the short, torn cape; and two dark wings stickers comprise this attempt to recreate the fur shawl from Rock's SC3 1P.
- A scale patterned Holster recreates the torso chains from the original.


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Tonight, two joke 3Ps and an "original recreation."

Design notes:
- really tried to go for a typical Native American color palette; lots of light tan, red, and black

Ivy is British, is well endowed, dresses skimpy, and often thinks other people "are in need of some discipline." What better role for her to play than the legendary nanny of London?

Design notes:
- The object in her off-hand is supposed to be a mini umbrella, composed of a cone and an arrow. Unfortunately, a full size umbrella isn't possible; the cone is limited in maximum size.

Admittedly, this design suits regular Patroklos better.

Design notes:
- The backwards cap is composed of a Chinese Hat an a pair of Rabbit Ears at the back.