Patroklos Q&A/Discussion Thread

Violent Vodka

Pick Your Poison
3B W! 3B W! iWR K.A CE = 117 / 1.o meter

3B W! 3B W! iWR K.A 3K.K 66A+B = 108

3B W! 3B W! iWR K.A 3K.K 1bBE 3B = 113 / .5 meter

3B W! 3B W! iWR K.A 3K.K 1bBE CE = 128 / 1.5 meter

3B W! 3B W! iWR K.A 3K.K (tech trap: all->) 1A 236K = 141 -- 236K catches all but the back tech trip.

The 3K.K after the WR K.A only connects if you are perpendicular to the wall. If you hit the wall at any sort of angle, a CE or a 236K after doing the WR attack is your best option.

You're also able to do WR A+B, but there isn't much useful stuff you can do after because for whatever reason, the second hit of his 236bBE whiffs.


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@Soul Swinging/sweeping mids (3Bs, 3As, 2As, etc.). Not stabs, not highs, not kicks, not lows. Sometimes evades throws due to moving his hurtbox back but not always.

It has to be used preemptively most of the time since the GI window doesn't start 'til 5f (if this data is correct) so, either use a high or stab or low or kick (some moves of which are very powerful counters) or, just be patient, wait, and then duck when you see the animation for a full punish.


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Block and punish.
Step to the side it doesn't cover (if your character can do that- I believe this was happening to me against Pyrrha unless I'm thinking of some other horizontal move.)
Stay out of range. (If 1K hits at tip Pat really can't do anything despite being +.)

If you get hit it depends on what they do after (it's a pretty standard disadvantage situation).
66B, you step and punish.
BB, some characters can AA him out of it. Or you can step since Pat doesn't have step catching BB like his sister.
AA/1K, you duck and punish. I can't remember if you can backdash out of these too, I think you can.
JG and GI are always options. CE if you have the i-frames and speed.

If you get overwhelmed by 1K pressure, either you're getting really unlucky guessing the mixup, or you're not paying attention to their patterns.


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I dunno if this is the place to ask but...

What do you peeps think of the match-up between Pat and Pyrrha/Oprah?