Raphael... Scarecrow or Vampire?

Discussion in 'Raphael' started by Mage, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Mage I'll make you submit!

    What's up 8WR. I saw Raphael's SCV design today and thought.. god, he looks like a halloween costume..

    I didn't really like it; but I know most of you like it. What about ideas for a 2P costume?
  1. sheppard

    sheppard [09] Warrior

    He looks awesome, that's what I think. He has some unique aura again like SC2 Raph.
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  2. sephalump

    sephalump Video games kill people

    Yeah I love Raphael and Nightmare's new designs. Fuck I'm gonna have a lot of trouble decidinga main.
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  3. He's a Scrampireow
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  4. Habast

    Habast [12] Conqueror

    It'll take a bit of getting used to, but I prefer it to the Alucard look.
  5. CFW

    CFW [13] Hero

    I like his hat he looks cool, I'm maining him just because of that hat.
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    Uhhh...pimpish? Hat may look a bit Vampire Hunter D'ish but it's all good.
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  6. Signia

    Signia [13] Hero

    purple color edit with cain joke weapon A Pimp Named Slickback incoming
  7. Engared

    Engared [10] Knight

    He looks like a Witchhunter. YEAH TWO MAINS CONFIRMED WOOOOOO!
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  8. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    I dig the new look. Stylish, posh, and sometimes a tad bit over-the-top. But, that's how I like Raphael.
  9. Reave

    Reave [13] Hero

    I have never liked his design prior to this and now i must say im sad to announce i am officially a Rapheal fan.......still wont play him though.

    Thats subject to change though with the edition of the Brave Edge system. I can't wait to see how it works out for him.

    I hope his 2p outfit looks like a classy french noble with a red and gold theme
  10. Fatal_Exodus

    Fatal_Exodus [13] Hero

    Vampire Musketeer Child Investigator. Because he's looking for Amy.
  11. Norik

    Norik [14] Master

    Dark Khill
    The 2D art looks awesome, as always. And the 3D model looks extremely horrible, as always. Way to go! I think his colors are too bright, but he looks good overall.

    I'm wondering why he is in the new characters row. Is it to make Amy's alter ego even more obvious?
  12. CFW

    CFW [13] Hero

    because there is no new characters row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. IdleMind


    I need more ridiculous theories shattered please. I haven't had enough vindication yet.

    On the real though, liking Raphs new Pilgim/Witchunter/Vampire Hunter D look. Way better than combover Raph.
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  14. suuusuuu

    suuusuuu [08] Mercenary

    why does he have that thing flowing out of his legs? what is that, smoke? is he a ghost now? his irises seem to be white now in some screens.
  15. sheppard

    sheppard [09] Warrior

    He doesn't have that in 3d.
  16. Fatal_Exodus

    Fatal_Exodus [13] Hero

    I bet that smoke thing is the same as his red wispy stuff in SCIV.
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  17. sheppard

    sheppard [09] Warrior

    I hope he will have his "dodge" stance back from SC3.
  18. Heniek

    Heniek [09] Warrior

    Yes, yes, bring us the A+K_B+K evades :D
    Was one of most fun things about him in the Third

    As to the design - it's much less overdone than in previous SC... but what's with the hat?
    Seriously - They could give him two Six-Shooters as well...

    Hm... come to think of it - that would be pretty neat

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