SC Controversial Topics and General Shitposting Thread


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So, somebody painted this pumpkin like a giant eyeball and left it in the office. It reminds me of Soul Edge's eye.
And on that note, it leaves me wondering where the rest of Soul Edge is...
Perhaps Nightmare stopped by for a job interview? ;)
Happy almost Halloween, y'allz!


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Why is most of the create a character stuff missing? I cannot recreate most of my old characters now.

Yeah. Around 300 items are missing from SCV. It does take time to port them, I'm sure, but it is a disappointingly large number.
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So that's the real reason why people prefer Hwang instead of Yun Seong...
I don't know if I can post the image, I'll waiting for mods give me permission, sorry.

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Random thoughts: Capcom has been copying a lot from Namco characters recently, Menat/Viola, Ed/Steve Fox, Falke/Ivy. Wonder who's next? lol


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In hindsight, axing SC3's job system in later games' CaS might've been a good call, especially for SC6.

Unless DLC will remedy that, Soul of Groh would've been the most ubiquitous style (Thief had Yun-seong, Ninja had Setsuka and Assassin had, for some reason, Aeon) had it stuck around. At least Soul of Azwel would stay put in the Sage job.