SC Controversial Topics and General Shitposting Thread

Rusted Blade

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I see it more as a bewildered and confused look on his face. Makes it look like he's completely baffled by what Sophitia is saying.
Or at least caught off guard. But then guard is no good against her grapple. Bwahahaha! Anyway, I think he should be at least a little worried about the prospect. Having watched Sophitia pull that move for decades, I believe I can safely say that is not the way face-sitting should be approached--not even with the world's most robust dental insurance do you want to take her up on that offer. All things considered, Siegfried's fear-induced dilated pupils, pale complexion, and concerned expression are all context appropriate.


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@Sectus Looks like that edit went viral the moment I shared it on twitter. People are actually revisiting the story mode now L000000000L

Now I wish I tweeted it. That would have given my twitter some use besides auto-tweeting video uploads.

And yeah, people keep thinking these edits are real. I made an edit implying Ivy is naked in the story mode, and people started asking if that's real too. Maybe Namco should take a hint. If they want people to play the story mode, they need to make it super raunchy.
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As he’s dying from liver failure he quickly goes in CaS and changes his avatar to Nightmare’s style with SE equipped. Due to representing him on 8WR, this somehow creates a paradox that fixes his liver, yet he is now malfested and best kept away from prickly blond Greek brats and albino dominatrixes.


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So on 4chan a topic of conversation is about what type of characters we would like to see in future games.




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The more I see Amy's helicopter CE, the more worried I am that Cass is going to use her ass-ets for her CE. Anything but that please. Last thing I need is to get hit by that four times a game by a Cass player in the Ivy costume or the Arcane Knight costume. Being kicked by ass is embarrassing, especially when it breaks MY armor.