SDCC SoulCalibur Talk Summary

As most of you probably know by now, the "BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Fighting Games 2016" panel has recently taken place at San Diego Comic-Con. There was no stream for this event, but thanks to Twitter we have some information about what was discussed. Below you can see the tweets from a twitter user who was present at the event.

I currently have no other details from this panel, but if you were present at the event, then feel free to post in the comments and I will add it to the OP. The takeaway is that if you want a new SoulCalibur, then you should make sure to spam the SoulCalibur Facebook group to express your interest.

SoulCalibur Facebook:
Michael Stabile


Wow. They hold a panel to offer jack shit? Cool.
yeah, I do feel it was kinda weird for them to even bring up SC in the panel if there was gonna be no news, lol. well, we might as well express our interests as much as we can, I guess.
maybe we can get a petition or signature list or something going, for easy access and easy sharing?

Thanks for the mention Namco
Bamco: Why yes we love all of our fighting game franchises, like Tekken and *squints at smudged writing on hand* Soup Calendar
Of course i want a new Soul Calibur, My True and Ultimate Waifu Aka Ivy is waiting for me.

But i've better things to do than spamming, and i don't like facebook either, i prefer Twitter, but HELL YES, i want a new SC, better be taking elements mainly from SC1 and SC2 aka the best SC games imo.
They want us to spam SoulCalibur to show interest? I guess the past couple of years of fans demanding a new game after an incomplete SCV and two failed free-to-play games weren't good enough reasons. At this point, I'm starting to get sick of them as a company. I've never seen a company lead its fans on the idea of receiving news about something they care about, only to give them nothing. That's disrespectful imo.
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It really bothers me that--if these tweets are to be believed--they didn't even know the name of their official SoulCalibur twitter account.
I should have known better than to believe anything substantial would come out of it! They're going full on Tekken 7 right now so we won't have anything until next year at best!

And how are we supposed to spam the SoulCalibur facebook account?! You can't write on their page and you can't send them PM either. And right now, they're focusing the comments on the characters poll.

Though since Daishi put a petition online to get fans asking for SCV, I suppose SCVI is going to happen if they're asking us again to express ourselves.

I sent tweets on @hoshino_calibur anyway. Better than nothing I guess.