Soul Calibur V Assets from San Diego Comic-Con!

In preparation for the upcoming Namco Fighting Games Panel at the San Diego Comic Con (the countdown on the front of 8WR is currently counting down till the panel); Namco has released some new assets and character artwork which confirm Ivy, as well as a stage without ringouts.

The most stunning of all this is that the male character silhouette that Daishi leaked to us last week is not Raphael, which I'm sure most of us assumed, but is instead a new character named "Zwei" (German for "two"). He also appears to be holding his sword in a "tonfa-like" fashion.

sc5_pub_2d_ivy1-copy.jpg sc5_pub_2d_natsu1-copy.jpg sc5_pub_2d_zwei1b-copy.jpg sc5_pub_hss_ivy1_001-copy.jpg sc5_pub_hss_natsu1_001-copy.jpg sc5_pub_hss_zwei1_001b-copy.jpg
patroklos-critical-edge.jpg patroklos-critical-edge-2.jpg patroklos-critical-edge-3.jpg sc5_pub_ss_ivy1_002.jpg
sc5_pub_ss_ivy1_010.jpg sc5_pub_ss_ivy1_011.jpg sc5_pub_ss_ivy1_siegfried1_001.jpg sc5_pub_ss_natsu1_005.jpg
sc5_pub_ss_natsu1_007.jpg sc5_pub_ss_natsu1_pyrrha1_002.jpg sc5_pub_ss_natsu1_pyrrha1_003.jpg sc5_pub_ss_zwei1_001.jpg
sc5_pub_ss_zwei1_003.jpg sc5_pub_ss_zwei1_004.jpg sc5_pub_ss_zwei1_patroklos1_001.jpg sc5_pub_ss_zwei1_siegfried1_001.jpg
sc5_pub_ss_zwei1_siegfried1_002.jpg sc5_pub_stg_arena_002.jpg sc5_pub_stg_field_001.jpg

[source: Veg's Corner]
Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod

Owner and Operator of 8WAYRUN
Pretty much everything about this announcement is fine to me.

Ivy managed to get classed up without removing the sex appeal completely.

Zwei looks interesting from the in game shots (Though the tonfa grip in his model pose is kinda lame)

New-Taki looks fine in game.

The arena stage is pretty awesome.

The only thing that worries me is the 'endless' stage. I really, really hate that kind of design in a game like SC. ;/
I was indifferent to the girl, but I'm really not feeling Zwei's design as of right now. I have no idea what he is supposed to represent. His sword looks like it has three handles, so I think this is as close as we're going to get to a bastard sword character. I do like Ivy's classy slut getup, though. More stage variety is always a good thing in my opinion. I can't wait to see everything in action.
I am happy with what has been revealed, and am intrigued by this new Zwei character. Maybe he will be revealed to be a member of Schwarzind? Only time will tell!

Cool stuff, Namco.
OHHHHMYGOD, Ivy. She looks hawt. Love the new 1P. Though, I don't like the weird general suit-like collar desend around her boobs.. But it's nice. I love the design for the fabric covering her previous cut.
On a less-important note, this is really cool stuff. I do hope the field becomes a stage, and that Zwei and the chickadee look cool.
Wow! The stage wit the moon light looks to b da FIRST no wall/ringout stage. Im loving my generation of gaming thus far!

Zwei fights under a full moon, has a moon tattoo, and wolf crests. His name is "two". If this guy has a werewolf form I will crack the fuck up. Vampires, zombies, golems, and now werewolves. If he is a werewolf, his design starts to make a hell of a lot of sense.
He even has a wolf head medallion on his belt​
Hilde/Wolfkrone peeps have items with wolves and ish on them, but his hair makes me think you all may be right
Ivy's new costume is decent, though I was really hoping she was going to be the boss... guess that leaves Sophitia or ... maybe Taki as possible newly possessed by Soul Edge.

As for Taklet (Natsu is it?), not at all impressed. What do we have in those shots, Assassin's Revenge, Fan Dance, and jumping B, all perfect rips from SCIII/IV Taki. I'm really hoping I'm right in that Taki is getting a major overhaul to her style and thus Taklet has taken up the now obsolete moves...

Zwei seems like a good addition to the franchise. Perhaps a bit too modern in design, doesn't quite fit in perfectly.
We have talking swords, fire wielding weapons, and whatever the hell Ast is, but you think that'd be too much?
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