Soul Calibur V Assets from San Diego Comic-Con!

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By Jaxel on Jul 21, 2011 at 12:16 AM
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    In preparation for the upcoming Namco Fighting Games Panel at the San Diego Comic Con (the countdown on the front of 8WR is currently counting down till the panel); Namco has released some new assets and character artwork which confirm Ivy, as well as a stage without ringouts.

    The most stunning of all this is that the male character silhouette that Daishi leaked to us last week is not Raphael, which I'm sure most of us assumed, but is instead a new character named "Zwei" (German for "two"). He also appears to be holding his sword in a "tonfa-like" fashion.

    sc5_pub_2d_ivy1-copy.jpg sc5_pub_2d_natsu1-copy.jpg sc5_pub_2d_zwei1b-copy.jpg sc5_pub_hss_ivy1_001-copy.jpg sc5_pub_hss_natsu1_001-copy.jpg sc5_pub_hss_zwei1_001b-copy.jpg
    patroklos-critical-edge.jpg patroklos-critical-edge-2.jpg patroklos-critical-edge-3.jpg sc5_pub_ss_ivy1_002.jpg
    sc5_pub_ss_ivy1_010.jpg sc5_pub_ss_ivy1_011.jpg sc5_pub_ss_ivy1_siegfried1_001.jpg sc5_pub_ss_natsu1_005.jpg
    sc5_pub_ss_natsu1_007.jpg sc5_pub_ss_natsu1_pyrrha1_002.jpg sc5_pub_ss_natsu1_pyrrha1_003.jpg sc5_pub_ss_zwei1_001.jpg
    sc5_pub_ss_zwei1_003.jpg sc5_pub_ss_zwei1_004.jpg sc5_pub_ss_zwei1_patroklos1_001.jpg sc5_pub_ss_zwei1_siegfried1_001.jpg
    sc5_pub_ss_zwei1_siegfried1_002.jpg sc5_pub_stg_arena_002.jpg sc5_pub_stg_field_001.jpg

    [source: Veg's Corner]
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jaxel, Jul 21, 2011.

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