Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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Whaaaaat. They actually used Dance of the Oracle from SoulCalbur V in the trailer? With crystal ball imagery? Yes, SoulCalibur V is still going to happen.
If they're really going to do SCV again down the line, then they better not write 2/3 of the female roster out like they did last time. (Even though I know they will, since they already foreshadowed Sophitia's fatal Soul Edge shard...)

But hey, at least this puts the whole "Is Viola Amy or not" thing to rest.


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Kinda shocked to see Amy first, though. I guess they had to excite us somehow, keep us guessing. I'm super hyped if the implication that she's going to get a Soul Chronicle is true, because I do want to know what Azwel has in store for her, and how it relates to Viola. They can't tease that hard and not deliver.


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I hope she will come with a stage.
I kinda doubt it, personally. They would have shown the stage in the trailer if this was true. Seems she's sharing the forest stage, which is befitting, as Viola and Raphael also shared a forest stage (albeit slightly different variations) in SoulCalibur V. I'd have liked to have seen Dumas's Mansion as a stage, alas...

It's not an implication it's confirmed
Confirmed how? Did Okubo say it? 2B also had story elements in her trailer, and she didn't get one. I want to believe, it seems too much sense for her to have one, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high to be disappointed in the long run when she gets nothing.

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awww...….Amy instead of Cass?? that means I have to wait even LONGER for Cass?? :(

but Amy does look cool, and I guess it does confirm her connection to Viola?

at least her costume will provide a good outfit for my CAS character - an "aristocratic" European style dress. hopefully it won't have clipping issues with certain weapons like Ivy's swords.

and Amy's fighting style does look cool. just wish she were right handed instead so my CAS could use that style, too. oh well.

but I still wish Cass was revealed instead. I spent all this time waiting for this EVO


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Part of SOULCALIBUR VI's Season Pass as DLC #3
  • DLC#3 is out alongside a game update on February 19
  • Available seperate from the Season Pass for 600 Yen (Around $5 USD roughly)
  • Contains 67 Character Creation Additions
  • 17 Battle Themes from SOUL EDGE is included
  • 11 Battle Themes from the original SOULCALIBUR is included.
Fuck, why did they have to bring back that Lost Swords shit? Male characters get a cool suit of armor while the female characters get this?


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Heh, well at least Project Soul doesn't try to hide it. Damn, they're like the exhibitionists of the gaming world as of late.

Glad for Amy though!