Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

Soul Knight

[10] Knight
High-res Amy art.

is there a site that has the high-res official portraits for all of the characters?


[14] Master
This is why I’m so outspoken when it comes to that type of fan...

It's a god damn joke man, I'm literally just having fun with the term because it makes it look like there's waifu rivalry between the two. I really shouldn't have to explain this, I'm just glad that DanteSC3 saw it for what it is.


[14] Master
Okay I can get it’s a joke and lolis are loved. I meant no offense. I don’t really hate her but the fan base can be rather disturbing. GameFAQs already has one dude calling her hot for one.

Now if Cassandra still has the freaking hearts...


[12] Conqueror
One other thought I just had since Arcade Mode was mentioned: I’m curious if like Tira, Amy and Cassie may show up as opponents.
Tira can so I would assume the others can too :)

Though I haven't seen 2B yet. Can't remember if I've seen Geralt but I'm pretty sure I have?

In general I wish Arcade had more to it :( Feels like they dropped the ball there. Even the Versus screen looks weirdly unfinished.


[04] Fighter
So I just got the new update, went into Arcade Mode aaand... no weapon select...

Is it REALLY that hard to add the feature to every f*cking mode? Arcade's all I play -_-

You can select a weapon by hovering the cursor over a character then pressing square (i play on playstation, so you can use the equivalent if you play on xbox).