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Broken Destiny's story mode is super non-canon. One of the first pieces of text you see in the mode even goes out of its way to inform you it's all non-canon:
Well, the express disclaimer not withstanding, I don't see how Broken Destiny works any differently in this respect than does SCIV--or indeed any main entry Soulcalibur game before SCV: they all had character-specific scenario's that were mutually exclusive to one-another in terms of self-consistency and no single one of which was the 'canon' narrative by the time the next game rolled around. And some of them were quite silly / obviously tongue-in-cheek in the story they told Broken Destiny clearly takes place after SCIV, but I don't see how it makes any more or less sense than its predecessors. Indeed, insofar as a character introduced in it (Dampierre) goes on to be a rostered character in the following game, clearly it shares some continuity. (To the extent there was sucha thing prior to SCV and SCVI).
It would be interesting if it were canon, as that means it would be official that Dampierre, Cassandra, and Hilde teamed up to steal Edge Master's beard.
Me, upon pressing play on that video: "Please let this not involve a merkin."
Since you mention Pyrrha, there's something that I've been wanting to post for weeks, but...
Heaven's Rider fits more with Cassandra than Pyrrha.
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reminds me this
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As for Pyrrha, Angel's Embrace matches her shy personality.
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I don't meant to sounds contrarian here, but I strongly disagree with both of those assessments. With regard to SCIV's butt-attack critical finisher (and similarly with Cassie's other attack in IV were she turns around and throws herself ass-first at the enemy) I think there is a reason those moves were considered goofy and ill-suited to that particular character, who previously had a moveset that was (at least when compared against her Soulcal compatriots) previously pretty grounded and reflective of some more more realistic (again, realism being a relative term in SC) close-quarters techniques.

I really hope that they very much go in the complete opposite direction with Cassandra and make her moveset more consistent with her SCII & SCIII moveset and strip out those goofy butt-assault maneuvers, which never suited her--I certainly don't want them to add more from Pyrrha's stockpile of moves from her lame baby-deer-learning-to-walk style of combat. Similarly, I'd say Angel's Embrace is a move of Cassandra's that at the precise opposite end of the spectrum of gritty quasi-realism (smashing down on the temporal lobes with sword hilt and shield) from Pyrrha's hesitant / doesn't really want to be fighting moveset.
I always thought Broken Destiny was literally SCIV for the PSP loooool
To some extent it is. Minus one stage, all of the arenas are remakes of the SCIV stages, but with twists on the layout or time of day/lighting conditions, or other tweaks that make it clear that the games don't precisely overlap. Similarly the rosters are almost identical (with the exceptions of guests and BD's new original character, Dampierre). It's pretty much the same game in terms of similar (but often not exactly identical) assets, but uses it's own scenarios.
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Heaven's Rider - :SC: :LH:

Speaking of Pyrrha, do we know if any of the new moves for Pyrrha, Xiba, and the other newbie replacement characters got added to anyone in SC6? I know Amy apparently got some moves from Viola, but I'm curious if there are more.
Amy mainly from what I can tell got a lot of Viola's kicks (4 at least), some moves with the roses filling as the orb.
Groh I believe shares like a single kick with ZWEI? He also has a move quite similar to Amy's 44K I think.
I think Leixa got some moves from Hwang? Don't really recall but if its the case he's likely to get them back I think? (If he returns)
Pyrrha and and her variant are both generally speaking familiar to SC6 Sophitia.

Amy randomly got ZWEIs A+B animation in one of her stance moves
She got that move in Soulcalibur III AE!
On a slightly irrelevant note I wish she had her old 4KK from AE as well, I just really liked that version of it.
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If you're talking steam charts then yes. But it was so for quite a while. Still - will be trying to play a bit after they give us Cass regardless
Honestly, that was bound to happen, in any event. SCVI isn't exactly busting with content or polish and was never going to set the world on fire. But it doesn't need to: it only needs to sell a certain amount to turn a profit for Namco--and hopefully attain an install base significant enough to make multiple season passes possible, since Namco, like many publishers right now, is going to want to get its consumers comfortable with ongoing DLC support int he form of multiple seasons for its fighters, since this a way to make the genre profitable for them again. They are probably willing to roll the dice and live with mediocre returns (possibly even losses) on some season pass content for their leading franchises in this area in order to establish that trend/overcome initial consumer reluctance to the model of buying a game in more chunks, to let them bypass the $60 price tag that has proved unfeasible under current development costs.

Meanwhile, the hardcore will continue to compete and play the game consistently, same as they did with SCIV and SCV, despite the considerable misgivings those games engendered in a significant portion of the fanbase. All of which is not to say that sales of the base game will stall to nothing just yet--I'm guessing that the game is already profitable (a fair guess in that it was clearly developed on a budget and has apparently done better in terms of sales than SCV at the same point in time after release), and all factors considered, sales will probably persists at around their current level for another 6-9 months.

Or put otherwise: I wouldn't expect steam figures to be particularly high now and it doesn't mean SCVI is "dead": we're probably past the peak traffic days of this game already, that is true, but it's roughly consistent with the expected lifecycle of a game like this, especially given the profile of the franchise at present. Of course, any developer-publisher would prefer to have a runaway hit, but Namco probably doesn't mind if the game is already being forgotten by the blue ocean market/casual players, so long as they sell X number of units in the final analysis, and move their consumers a couple steps closer to being less bitchy about having to by the next game in even more installments.


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This babble about SC6's current playerbase made me curious about the current playerbase for every notable fighting game on Steam:
  • Brawlhalla: 6,841 (Free-to-play title)
  • Mortal Kombat 11: 2,378
  • Tekken 7: 2,160
  • DOA Xtreme Venus Vacation: 1,339 (Free-to-play title)
  • Mortal Kombat 10: 1,040
  • SF5: 833
  • DB FighterZ: 470
  • Injustice 2: 252
  • KOF13: 171
  • Mortal Kombat 9: 169
  • DOA6: 145 (Free-to-play title)
  • SC6: 139
  • GG Revelator: 117
  • BlazBlue Centralfiction: 105
  • USF4: 103
  • Injustice: 92
  • KOF14: 76
  • Under Night: 72
  • Skull Girls: 50
  • BlazBlue Cross Tag: 50
  • DOA5: 40 (Free-to-play title)
  • KOF2002: 39
  • KOF98: 19
  • KOF97: 12
  • MvC Infinite: 5
  • SFxT: 4
  • Last Blade 2: 1
  • SNK Heroines: 0
So yeah, current numbers for SC6 aren't that great. It's a shame as SC6's first day numbers were extremely good, but it might be an indication that a lot of people got the game for its singleplayer content. (Alternate version of the list based on 24-hour peaks)

... And yeah, I know, Venus Vacation isn't exactly a fighting game, but I added it for the heck of it as it showed up when I searched for DOA.

Edit: I might be slightly addicted to numbers, so here are more! These are the playerbase numbers for the same fighting games for the month they got released (it's common for games to have their playerbase dwindle over time, but a few games had their concurrent playerbase rise over time, which I added a note for).
  • DB FighterZ: 44,234
  • Mortal Kombat 11: 27,301
  • Tekken 7: 18,766
  • SC6: 14,486
  • SF5: 13,807
  • Brawlhalla: 7,389 (peaked at 16,452 some months ago) (Free-to-play title)
  • DOA Xtreme Venus Vacation: 7,140 (Free-to-play title)
  • Mortal Kombat 9: 5,178
  • Mortal Kombat 10: 3,649
  • MvC Infinite: 3,592
  • Skullgirls: 2,503 (peaked at 3,513 months later)
  • BlazBlue Cross Tag: 2,746
  • DOA5: 2,738 (Free-to-play title)
  • DOA6: 2,095 (Free-to-play title)
  • Injustice 2: 1,851
  • Injustice: 1,348 (peaked at 5,685 one year after launch)
  • SFxT: 1,287
  • KOF14: 1,060 (peaked at 1,173 one year after launch)
  • KOF13: 1,053
  • BlazBlue Centralfiction: 1,031
  • GG Revelator: 982 (peaked at 1,302 months later)
  • Under Night: 854
  • USF4: 821 (peaked at 5,472 two years after launch)
  • KOF98: 607
  • KOF2002: 525
  • KOF97: 75
  • SNK Heroines: 37
  • Last Blade 2: 30
SC6 looks a lot more positive in this list as this suggests SC6 is the 4th most successful fighting game on Steam based on launch numbers.
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